Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vidya Balan gave the year’s best performance in the film Dirty Picture.

Vidya Balan

In 2011, Vidya Balan reserved her best performance for the film Dirty Picture. Every actor in the film including Naseeruddin Shah, Imran Hashmi, Tushar Kapoor and others gave brilliant performance, but as the role of Silk Smitha was depicted by Vidya Balan, her performance stood out amongst everyone’s performance. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor produced the film while Milan Luthria directed it.

When the film was released there was no expectation of the film matching the success of Bodyguard or Ra One, but the effort of Vidya Balan and other required appreciation. The audience accepted the film as it has already done business worth 40 crores and still going very strong in different parts of India. It got the 5th biggest opening in 2011.

Vishal Shekhar had composed music for the film. The song “ooh lala ooh lala” sung by Bappi Lahiri and Shreya Ghoshal became super hit. The story of Silk Smitha had been played by Vidya Balan. She acted opposite Naseeruddin Shah, who was a renowned actor in the film.

But he exploited her. She loved Tushar Kapoor, the brother of Naseeruddin Shah. He also did not have the guts to marry her. At the end of the film Imran Hashmi, the director who hated her for her erotic performances, fell in love with her.

By the time, he brought her mother to see her, she already consumed sleeping pills and killed herself. She was very bold and daring to accept the role of Silk Smitha. She amazed everyone with her excellent performance. Viewers should watch the film.

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