Monday, November 21, 2011

Pallabi, Mukherjee, Raju Middya and others rocked Mithun Chakravarty's Dadagiri program in Zee Bangla.

Raju Middya.

Pallabi Mukherjee, Raju Middya and others rocked Mithun Chakravarty’s Dadagiri program in Zee Bangla.

Pallabi Mukherjee, Raju Middya, Apurba Roy, Vicky, Partho, Sangeet Tiwary, Qais Khan, Abu Henna Ronnie, Palash Adhikari, Fatik Purokayet, Sajal and others rocked Mithun Chakravarty’s Dadagiri Program in Zee Bangla Program on 19th November, 2011.
Pallabi Mukherjee showed her imitation of Koel Mallick when Mithun Chakravarty asked for it. Raju Middya showed his performance relating to Mahishashur Mordini strotyopath from South Indian Radio Station. He did an excellent job. He also mentioned the dialogue of Mithun Chakravarty “marbo ekhane lash porbe shoshane” in his mahishashur mordini strotyopath.

Sangeet Tiwary did a great job with his comedy performance. Although Mithun Chakravarty asked for performance from all the participants because they had created names of themselves in Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program, the main thrust was on quiz questions.

Very interesting questions were asked by Mithun Chakravarty especially in the googly round.

At the end of the show Vicky Partho got the highest number of points and won the contest. Mithun Chakravarty said that everyone did a great job but Vicky Partho were the best.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to style-queen Zeenat Aman.


Zeenat Aman.

Happy Birthday to style –queen Zeenat Aman.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to style – queen Zeenat Aman on 19th November, 2011. She had dominated bollywood films in the 70s.

She created attention with her successful performance in Dev Anand’s film Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Hare Rama Hare Krishna was released in the year 1971. She played the role of a girl who became addicted to drugs. She became a style icon during the period when European Hippies and other communities influenced fashion all over the world. She had acted opposite all the leading stars of bollywood films in the mid-70s. Her successful films opposite Big B included Don, Dostana, Lawaarish, etc. In Don, she had shown martial art and the ability to adapt herself in action films.

She was extremely successful in Raj Kapoor’s film Satyam Shivam Sundaram. She played the role of a village girl whose face got burned and disfigured. The film was related to the romantic relationship of Zeenat with Shashi Kapoor, who was an urbanized youth. Lata’s songs in the film including “satyam shivam sundaram” composed by Laxmikant Pyarellal require special mention. Zeenat gave able lips in the songs.

In the early 80s Feroz Khan gave a stylish image to Zeenat in the film Qurbani. She played the role of a hotel singer and stormed bollywood with her performance. Her lips in the songs “aap jaisa koi mere zindagi me aye”, “laila ho laila”, etc., in the film Qurbani created sensation. Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna also gave memorable performances in the film. The film ended up being blockbuster.

In the 80s she acted opposite other stars as well. Her film Abdullah opposite Sanjay Khan did great business. The songs of Abdullah composed by RD Burman like “maine pucha chaand se” sung by Mohammad Rafi also became super hit. Zeenat was also known for contributing in action films like Shalimaar opposite Dharmender, Don opposite Big B, Ram Balram opposite Dharmender. In all those films the roles required action stunts. Zeenat did show her martial art stunts in the film Don. Her roles are idolized and reworked by Priyanka Chopra in Don – the Chase Begins.

Zeenat gave good lips in qawallis as well. One example was in the film Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahi. It was released in 1977. She gave lips in Asha Bhosle’s song “hai agar dushman zamana” opposite Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor gave lips in Rafi’s portion with his own brilliance. Zeenat Aman left films in the mid -80s when she was at the summit of her career. Her films should be preserved.


Happy birthday to Meenakshi Sheshadri.

Meenakshi Sheshadri.

Happy birthday to Meenakhi Sheshadri.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Meenakshi Sheshadri on 16th November, 2011. She had been one of the leading actresses of bollywood films of the 80s. She entered the film industry at a time when there was serious competition amongst the actresses in bollywood. Jaya Prada and Sri Devi established themselves as lead actresses and new stars like Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla entered bollywood.

She started her career in Subhash Ghai’s film Hero. Meenakshi acted opposite Jackie Shroff in the film who also started his career with the film Hero. After that Meenakshi acted opposite all the leading actors of bollywood films. She was very successful in the film Meri Jung opposite Anil Kapoor. In that film Anil Kapoor being a lawyer contested against Amrish Puri in a keenly contested case.

Meenakshi was successful opposite Big B in the film Shahenshah. Big B played the role of a police officer who did his duty during the day and attached criminals at night with the name of Shahenshah. Meenakshi gave able lips in the song “jane do jane do mujhe jana hai”. Meenakshi acted in successful of Raj Kumar Santoshi one after the other.

She was at her best in the film Damini. In that film she had seen a girl being raped. When she went and gave her testimony before the court about the happening she was considered to be an insane person. But she did not care about the allegation and testified before the court about the happening. Sunny Deol and Rishi Kapoor also did extremely well in the film opposite her. Meenakshi could have won a national award for the brilliant performance in the film, had Dimple Kapadia not won it for Rudaali.

Sunny Deol and Meenakshi formed a deadly combination especially in the films of Raj Kumar Santoshi. Their other hit films included Ghayal and Ghatak which did fantastic business. In Ghayal Meenakshi played the role of a dare devil character, the journalist who did not fear to write the truth related to a corrupted businessman played by Amrish Puri. Sunny Deol was falsely implicated in a case and fled from the jail to kill Amrish Puri. Meenakshi also acted opposite other actors like Vinod Khanna. Even in less known films like Joshiley, Meenakshi Sheshadri did extremely well opposite Anil Kapoor. She had very successful opposite all the leading stars of the 80s and 90s including Rishi Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Sunny Deol, Big B and others.

Meenakshi also acted in South Indian films and was successful there too. She left films at a time when she was very matured. The viewers expect her to make a comeback in character roles in future.

Mir brought Dipanwita Kundu, Ghantu and others in Zee Bangla Mirakkel program on Children's day.

Mir brought Dipanwita Kundu, Ghantu and others in Zee Bangla Mirakkel program on Children’s day.

Mir Afsar Ali brought Dipanwita Kundu, Ghantu and others in Zee Bangla Mirakkel program on Children’s day on 14th November, 2011. Dipanwita Kundu had remained a star dancer in Zee Bangla Channel. She had shown her excellence in different dance programs in Zee Bangla Channel.

Fatik Purokayet (Maduli) performed well in the program once again. After his performance was over, Mir as usual sang the song “maduli, bhul gaya sab kuch, yaad nahi aab kuch, dil me hai sirf juli”. Dipanwita Kundu, Akshat and others danced while that song was being sung.

Vicky and Partho did extremely well in the same program. They had complimented each other in the program. Qais Khan, Sangeet Tiwary and Abu Henna Ronnie did excellently as usual. The great part of their performance lied in the innovation at every level.

It was a treat for the eyes for everyone to see the children dance in the program. More significantly the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was celebrated on 14th November, 2011.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Javed Ali, Babul Supriyo and others rocked Mithun Chakravarty's Dadagiri Program in Zee Bangla.

javed ali singer

Javed Ali

Javed Ali, Babul Supriyo and others rocked Mithun Chakravarty’s Dadagiri Program in Zee Bangla.

Mithun Chakravarty had brought celebrities previously also. He had been a sensation all around the program. Javed Ali sang the song “jash-ne-bahara” song from Jodha Akbar.

Babul Supriyo sang his song also. He mentioned that this year he had released a new music album with Alka Yagnik relating to Rabindrasangeet. Folk singer Swapan Basu said a lot of things about tusu and other folk songs that originated from folklore. He talked about the folk flavor of Purulia, a remote district of West Bengal.

javed ali singer
Singer Debojit Saha talked about bihu festival famous in Assam. He had been a sensation over the last few years. He sang one of his songs.

Mithun Chakravarty asked the other participants also to sing songs. In the toss round he gave a number of hints to a question relating to a Bengali singer. The singer was Hemant Kumar. But they way the clues were given where it was mentioned that he had sung a song composed by RD Burman, everyone thought it was Kishore Kumar. It was also said that the singer had produced films, which both Hemant Kumar and Kishore Kumar had done.

At the end Mithun Chakravarty said the film in which RD Burman had composed song for Hemant Kumar was Hiralal Pannalal. There were many rounds in the program, like Pack Up Or Panga, Googly Round, Quick or Quack.

Mithun Chakravarty had anchored the program excellently. Singer Javed Ali had shown a lot of respect for actor Mithun Chakravarty in the program.

javed ali singer

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy birthday to romantic actrress Mala Sinha.

mala sinha actress
Mala Sinha.

Happy birthday to romantic actress Mala Sinha.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Mala Singh on 11th November, 2011. She had been a legendary actress of bollywood films and contributed in both bollywood films and Bengali films for more than 40 years.

In the 50s, Mala Sinha had acted in classic films like Parvarish, Phir Subah Hogi opposite Raj Kapoor. The music composer of Parvarish was Dattaram, while it was Khayyam for Phir Subah Hogi. These films became immortal for their unforgettable songs like “anshu bhari hai”, “woh subah kabhi to ayegi”, etc. Mala Sinha was sublime opposite Dev Anand in the film Love Marriage. The music of the film composed by Shankar Jaikishan was equally grand. The hit songs included “dheere dheere chal”, “kahan ja rahete”, etc.

mala sinha actress
Mala Sinha contributed well in Guru Dutt’s classic film Pyaasa. The romantic andaz displayed by Mala Sinha was very significant in the film in the songs “hum aapke aankho me”, sung by Rafi and Geeta Dutt. Guru Dutt loved Mala Sinha during college life, but failed to marry her. The realistic film received a lot of public appreciation. Mala Sinha continued her dream run in the 60s by performing in historical films like Jahanara opposite Bharat Bhushan. The film was a musical block buster. The songs “baad muddat key eh ghari aye”, “kisi ki yaad me”, etc., composed by Madan Mohan created history. The biggest achievement of Mala Sinha lies in sustaining in bollywood industry amidst high competition from other leading actresses like Nargis, Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Vaijayantimala, etc. Mala Sinha was brilliant in the film Gumrah opposite Ashok Kumar and Sunil Dutt. She displayed her personality very well in a triangular love story. The songs of the film composed by Ravi was brilliant including “chalo ek baar phir se” and :in hawawon mai” sung by Mahendra Kapoor.

Mala Sinha also acted with the next generation of actors like Rajender Kumar and Dharmender. Her successful films opposite Rajender Kumar included Dhool Ka Phool, Lalkar and Geet. Her successful films opposite Dharmender included Ankhen, Neela Akash, Jab Yaad Kisi Ki Aati Hai, etc. which did great business. She was sublime in her performance opposite Dharmender in the film Baharen Phir Bhi Ayegi. She did very well in films opposite Biswajeet like Night in London and Shammi Kapoor in Dil Tera Diwana.

mala sinha actress
Mala Sinha played a very long innings in Bengali films as well. Her successful films opposite Uttam Kumar included Khelaghar, Shaharer Itikatha, Bandhu, Putrabadhu, Saathihara, to name a few. She gave able lips in Geeta Dutt’s songs namely “nishi raat banka chaad”, “baashi bujhi ei sure aar dakbe na”, etc. Her other notable films include Dhuli opposite Prashanto Kumar, Abhaya Srikanto opposite Basanto Choudhury, etc.

She even featured in modern films in the 90s like Khel where she had played character roles opposite Madhuri Dixit. The viewers expect her to continue in character roles in films in future.

mala sinha actress

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy birthday to Kamal Hassan.

kamal hassan hindi actor
Kamal Hassan.

Happy birthday to Kamal Hassan.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to versatile actor Kamal Hassan on 7th November, 2011. He had been a versatile figure both in bollywood films and South Indian cinema.

In the early 80s, his film Ek Duje Ke Liye stormed bollywood. It was a teenage love story where Kamal Hassan and Rati Agnihotri reached their performance to huge number of Indians. Kamal Hassan also showed his exceptional dancing skills in songs like “hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye”. The music was composed by LP and the music astonished the viewers. He followed it up with his brilliant performance in the film Saagar.

kamal hassan hindi actor
In Saagar, Ramesh Sippy experimented with a triangular love story with Kamal Hassan, Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia. The songs of the film composed by RD Burman became super hit. Some of them included “o maria”, “chehera ho”, “saagar kinare”, “jane do na”, etc. Kamal Hassan brought tears in the eyes of his audience through his sacrificing performance as died at the end of the film to save Rishi Kapoor. Besides he also exhibited his acrobatic skills in the film. The film did brilliant business due to power pact performance of Kamal Hassan, Dimple Kapadia and Rishi Kapoor.

From that time onwards he acted in different types of films, both having commercial significance and also art value. He acted in the film Geraftaar opposite Big B and Rajnikant. The viewers remember his comedy film Chachi 420. He received a number of national awards for best actor in the last 30 years. He had remained an all-time superstar in South Indian film industry.

kamal hassan hindi actorKamal Hassan used all the legendary actors of bollywood in the film Chachi 420 as a director and emerged victorious. Om Puri, Paresh Rawal, Amrish Puri, Tabu were balanced by the brilliant performance of Kamal Hassan himself who played the role of lady Chachi. He took a brilliant make up and created a hilarious script and Om Puri, Amrish Puri, did their best to make the film super hit. He had proved his worth in every department of film making, whether acting or direction.

kamal hassan hindi actor
In 2009 also Kamal Hassan came up with ten roles in the film Dasaavatharam. He had acted opposite Asin, Mallika Sherawat and others. He played ten different characters and all the roles were played with different dimensions. Besides he had played many daunting characters in Tamil films and bollywood films like the one in the film Hindustani. Kamal Hassan, received Padmashree, but that had not been a right recognition of his success.

The viewers expect him to show the dynamism in future too as they still know that Kamal Hassan still has a lot of acting left in him.

kamal hassan hindi actor

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jagannath Bose and Urmimala Bose glorified Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Jagannath Basu, Urmimala Basu.

Jagannath Basu and Urmimala Basu glorified Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Radio artist Jagannath Bose and Urmimala Bose had glorified Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program on 8th November, 2011. Both of them had been announcers, hosts, actors and actresses of plays and srutinatak in All India Radio, Kolkata for more than 40 years.

Mir Afsar Ali, the host of the program Mirakkel asked Jagannath Bose how was it possible for him to everyday conduct radio programs in All India Radio Kolkata between 5 am to 7 am, even on Sundays. He had to wake up so early all around the year. He asked Jagannath Bose and Urmimala Bose to do a small strutinatak before the audience. They did it in style.

Paran Banerjee also sang a song composed in the early 40s, to show the culture of Bengal during pre-independence period. The performers did their best before Jagannath Bose, Urmimala Bose, Srilekha Mitra, Rajatavo Dutta and Paran Banerjee.

Fatik Purokayet was excellent in his performance. Urmimala Bose said that he was her distant relative and had the occasion of tasting a mutton dish cooked by Fatik Purokayet. Mir always called him Maduli and was amazed at his other talent which was not known to anyone.

Vicky and Partho also did well. Sangeet Tiwari and Qais Khan were elegant in their jokes. Qais Khan never gave great expressions, but in a cool manner delivered intelligent jokes.

The star of the show was again Apurbo Roy. This time he played the role of a politician. He said a lawyer left his profession and became a politician. When he was asked that what was the reason for such change of profession, the lawyer answered that he was required to tell more lies as politician so changed the profession. Abu Henna Ronnie also did well.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy birthday to Tabu.

tabu hindi actress


Happy birthday to Tabu on 4th November.

All the viewers of bollywood films had wished happy birthday to Tabu on the 4th of November, 2011. Although these days Tabu is not in the news to the extent she used to be few years back, she still enjoys popularity from bollywood audience.

When she entered films, within very short period of time she was recognized by the directors of parallel films and realistic films and experimented with her in dynamic roles. Gulzar gave her a challenging role in the film Machis. It was related to the story on terrorism existing in Punjab in the 90s. Tabu represented a member of a family who was affected by such terrorism. Her performance stand out among other notable performances of Om Puri and Chandrachud Singh in the same film.

tabu hindi actress
She played a challenging role in the film Tarqeeb. The film was related to suspense of her death. She was killed and Nana Patekar did an impressive investigation to unearth the truth as to her killing. The first part of the film showed Tabu’s struggle in maintaining her family and her fight against poverty. The early part her relevance in respect of finding the motive of killing her in the film.

She played the role of a strict police officer in the film Kohram with Nana Patekar. Nana Patekar took the disguise of a journalist to unearth the identity of Big B in the film who was alleged to have been involved with criminal activities. At the end of the film both Big B and Nana Patekar co-operated with each other in their fight against Danny and his men who were really involved with anti-national activities.

Tabu was very impressive in her respective role in the film Hu Tu Tu. She also changed her image by performing in serio-comic performance in the film Bibi No.1, where she played the role of the wife of Anil Kapoor who helped Karishma Kapoor to bring peace in her family after her husband Salman Khan got involved in extra-marital affair with Sushmita Sen.

tabu hindi actress
Tabu had acted in off-beat films like Chandni Bar and received critics acclamation for her performance in those types of films. She also acted in Mira Nair’s Hollywood film Namesake. Last year she played a notable role in the film Cheeni Kum with Big B where she depicted the character of a middle-aged lady who entered into an affair with an old man.

She is probably one of the Hyderabadi actresses, who had done well both in bollywood films as well as South Indian films. Even more than that her performance in the comedy film Hera Pheri, where she acted opposite Sunil Shetty had no similarity with the role of village girl in Virasat where she acted opposite Anil Kapoor. She had showed her range of acting over the last 15 years and other than Dimple Kapadia there are no actresses of contemporary period who has equal potential as that of Tabu. Although she had acted in Telegu films in 2008 like Pandurangadu, she had not played any important role in any bollywood film in 2009. In 2010, she acted in the film Toh Baat Pakki, but that film did mediocre business.

tabu hindi actress
2012 has two films in store for her which shall be going to be released. One is Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai opposite Salman Khan and Govinda. The other is Life of Pi. Her admirers expect her to make a strong comeback in bollywood films and contribute in both commercial and off-beat films.

tabu hindi actress

Mika Singh rocked Star Ya Rockstar program on Zee TV Channel.

mika singh hindi singer

Mika Singh rocked Star Ya Rockstar program on Zee TV Channel.

Brilliant singer Mika Singh had rocked Star Ya Rockstar program on Zee TV Channel held on 5th November, 2011. He came as a guest judge along with the main judges Anu Malik and Alisha Chinoy. He sang his successful songs like “jhinka chika jhinka chika”.

On that day all the participants sang the song dedicated to their idols. Ragini Khalla sang the song “hawa hawai” dedicated to her idol Sri Devi who danced on the song sequence in the film Mr. India. Anu Malik and Alisha Chinoy gave good comments to Ragini Khalla.

mika singh hindi singer
Kapil Sharma sang the song of his idol Sukhwinder Singh. But he forgot the lyrics of the song in between. Anu Malik said it is cardinal sin on the part of a performer to forget the lyrics. But even then he gave good marks. There was small exchange of words between Mika Singh and Anu Malik. Mika Singh said if Anu Malik thought Michael Jackson was his idol why was he not singing a song of Michael Jackson.

Sachin Pilgaonkar sang the song “o tum kya jaano” sung by RD Burman in the film Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin. He said RD Burman was his idol. Mansi Parekh sang the song “maiya maiya” from the film Guru composed by AR Rehman and said that AR Rehman was her idol.

On 6th November, 2011, there was elimination. Manish Paul was eliminated. Everyone was sad because as an anchor Manish Paul had shown his sense of humour and he was a very witty person.

mika singh hindi singer

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy birthday to Anu Malik.

anu malik hindi singer
Anu Malik, Salman Khan, Kailash Kher.

Happy birthday to Anu Malik.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Anu Malik on 2nd November, 2011. Anu Malik had created his own identity in the field of music composition in bollywood films. He had given hit songs one after the other in the last 10 years. From the time of Baazigar, Anu Malik showed his versatility in making tunes. He was instrumental in many hit films of Salman Khan.

He composed tunes from all the leading singers of bollywood from 1990s till today which includes Sonu Nigam, Kumar Shanu, Udit Narayan to Alka Yagnik, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan and others. His music had catered to the tastes of different sections of viewers and listeners. If his songs in Salman Khan’s film Biwi No. 1 like “chunari chunari” had folk andaz, then the songs in Salman Khan’s film Janeman had western flavor.

anu malik hindi singer
He is a big admirer of Sonu Nigam and while participating in the Indian Idol program as a judge he admitted that Sonu Nigam is the best singer of the country. He had given a number of memorable tunes to Sonu Nigam in his illustrious career. In Border, his song “sandese ate hai” and “hume jab se muhobbat ho gayi hai” picturised on Akshay Khanna and sung by Sonu Nigam, received critics acclamation. In Refugee, he gave he very melodious songs like “mere humsafar mere humsafar”, “panchi nadiya pawan ke jhoke”, etc. which were picturised on Abhishek Bacchan and sung by Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam’s memorable performance created a different impact on the minds of the viewers of the film.

Even in Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai, Anu Malik’s composition for Sonu Nigam titled “rabba mere rabba” became superduper hit. Jeetender’s son Tushar Kapoor started his career with the film and Sonu Nigam’s song had given a tremendous break. Anu Malik’s composition for Sonu Nigam in the film Mai Hoon Na, attracted the attention the viewers. The film became hit and the songs were successful. Similarly Anu Malik’s composition of Sonu Nigam’s song “no entry” in the film No Entry picturised on Salman Khan became very very successful.
The combination of Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam had given a number of successful songs of different flavours for the last 10 years and the filmlovers expect the combination to continue their good work and as Sonu Nigam is the role model of new singers in India, he has a lot of responsibility in terms of continuing his brilliant performances.

anu malik hindi singer
In 2011, Anu Malik had been extremely busy with reality shows. He adjudicated the final rounds of Zee TV Saregamapa Little Champs where Azmat Hussain became the Champion in September, 2011. Presently along with Alisha Chinoy he is adjudicated Star Ya Rockstar Program in Zee TV. He had been a great mentor and trend setter. The listeners expect Anu Malik to continue the great work that he started long time back.

anu malik hindi singer

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rachana Banerjee brought celebrities Sudipta Chakraborty, Deboleena Dutta and others in Didi No. 1 in Zee Bangla Channel.

Sudipta Chakraborty.

Rachana Banerjee brought celebrities Sudipta Chakaraborty, Deboleena Dutta and others in Didi No. 1.

Rachana Banerjee brought celebrities Sudipta Chakraborty, Somlata Chakraborty, Deboleena Dutta, Usushi Chakraborty and Ujjaini Mukherjee in the program Didi No. 1 in Zee Bangla Program on 4th November, 2011.

Sudipta Chakraborty is the daughter of actor Biplab Ketan. She shared her experience in acting with Rachana Banerjee. Somlata Chakraborty is a successful singer. Deboleena Dutta is an established actress of Bengali films and serials. In the first round, all the celebrities were asked to eat biscuits that were tied to strings. Ujjaini Mukherjee said that she had learned classical singing from Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty and other singers.

In the second round Biswajeet Chakraborty came to sing songs. He said he was also influenced by the theatre of Biplab Ketan titled Manik Sangbad which had character Marybaba. Sudipta Chakraborty sang the song “o tota pakhire” which was originally sung by Nirmala Misra very well.

Somlata Chakraborty sang the Rabindrasangeet “jagorone jay bibhabori”. Deboleena Dutta showed dance performance in the song “sik ki biwi moti”. Ujjaini Mukherjee sang the Bengali version of the song “yaar bina chain kahan re”.

In the 3rd round Deboleena Dutta did the acting of Tuntun. Usushi Chakraborty did the acting of Rekha in the film Umrao Jaan.

At the end of the show Somlata Chakraborty became Didi No. 1. Rachana Banerjee anchored the program very well.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy birthday to dashing star Esha Deol.

esha deol hindi actress
Esha Deol.

Happy birthday to dashing star Esha Deol.

The viewers wish happy birthday to dashing star Esha Deol on 2nd November, 2011. She studied in Mithibai college in Mumbai. She was good soccer player and also learned Bharatnatyam and Orissi dance. 2011 is a special year for Esha Deol. She is acting in the film Tell Me O Khuda which had been released on 27th October and Chai Garam which is going to be released in 2011 itself. In Tell Me O Khuda Dharmender, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna acted opposite her.

The other film Chai Garam will be released in December, 2011. Govinda, Sunil Shetty and Celina Jaitley had acted opposite her in the film. The film had been directed by Aditya Dutt.

Esha Deol started her career with the film Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche. But within 2004 she got big hits like Dhoom. The film did excellent business and Esha Deol never looked back after that.

esha deol hindi actress
She played her part very well in the film LOC Cargill. She did a great job in the film Kaal opposite other established stars like John Abraham, Ajay Devgan, Vivek Oberoi and Lara Dutta. It was a suspense thriller, with Ajay Devgan playing the role of ghost to perfection.

She played her role very well in the film Yuva. There also she acted opposite other big stars like Abhishek Bacchan, Ajay Devgan, Vivek Oberoi. In No Entry she played a cameo role opposite Salman Khan. She was the wife of Salman Khan, who had extra-marital affairs and went on telling lies after lies. At the end of the film Salman Khan’s lies were unfolded and that worsened the cause of his friends Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan. No Entry was the biggest hit film of 2005.

She continued acting in other comedy films like Shaadi No. 1 opposite Sanjay Dutt, Fardeen Khan, Zayed Khan and others. In 2007 her films Darling and Cash were very impressive. In 2008, her film One Two Three opposite Tushar Kapoor and Sunil Shetty did well. Her comedy timing was well appreciated by the viewers.

In 2010, she was busy with the films Kaanch –the broken glass, and Ghost Ghost Na Raha. Ghosh Ghosh Na Raha had not been released and remained a future project. Being the daughter of superstars Dharmender and Hema Malini, there is still a lot of expectation from Esha Deol. Viewers expect that she will do even better in future.

esha deol hindi actress

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy birthday to Superstar Shahrukh Khan.

shahrukh khan hindi actor
Shahrukh Khan

Happy birthday to superstar Shahrukh Khan.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to superstar Shahrukh Khan on 2nd November, 2011. He was the ruler of bollywood industry in the 90s. Right from Baazigar, Shahrukh Khan gave blockbusters one after the other. After Amitabh Bacchan, he is the next superstar, whose screen presence had carried through many big budget films.

2011 had been a great year for Shahrukh Khan. He had produced the costliest film in Indian history Ra One. The film in the first week had already done business of more than 50 crores. Although the film had not broken the record of Salman Khan’s film Bodyguard this year which had done business of 150 crores, the film had created a new trend, and Shahrukh Khan’s excellent acting, stunts and enthusiasm had been praised a lot by the viewers.

shahrukh khan hindi actor
Shahrukh Khan had a grand combination with Director Karan Johar, and most of the films directed by him ended up being super hit. The notable films include Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, etc. Shahrukh Khan also gave able lips in hit songs of these films including “kuch kuch hota hai”, “suraj hua madhyam”, etc. In 2010, their grand combination gave another hit titled My Name is Khan. Shahrukh Khan played the lead role in the film and did a great job opposite Kajol.

shahrukh khan hindi actor
Shahrukh Khan also succeeded in negative roles. The greatest example includes Darr. There he played a negative character opposite Sunny Deol and Juhi Chawla. On one hand he gave good lips in the songs “tu mere samne”, on the other hand his attack on Juhi Chawla made the viewers understand that he could act in any type of films. He received filmfare award for the negative category as well. He was played a challenging role in Mani Ratnam’s film Dil Se. The film was related to terrorism in North East India and Shahrukh Khan died with Manisha Koirala in the film.

Shahrukh Khan has the record of bagging 7 filmfare awards for best actor, which is the second best record after Dilip Kumar who had won it 8 times. Shahrukh Khan, better known as King Khan, had acted in the films of almost all the leading directors of the country, including Amol Palekar’s Paheli with Rani Mukherjee. Besides he had acted opposite different actresses like Kajol in the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Preeti Zinta in the film Veer Zara, Anushka Sharma in the film Rab Ne Bana Di Jori, to name a few.

shahrukh khan hindi actorShahrukh Khan opened own production house titled Dreams Unlimited with Juhi Chawla, and the films produced by such combination like Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani also did good business. Shahrukh Khan had ruled the industry for more than 15 years. Shahrukh Khan is also known for high level of energy. He had sponsored the Kolkata Knight Riders IPl team which had been captained by Sourav Ganguly. Although the team had performed is a disastrous manner, Shahrukh Khan had always encouraged his players.

The viewers are waiting for his next film Don 2 which is going to be released very soon and expect him to continue the great work and entertain everyone. As Don –the Chase begins amazed the viewers, everyone is expecting even a better show in Don 2. Already the trailors of Don 2 had been shown in the multiplexes during the interval of the film Ra One.

shahrukh khan hindi actor

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy birthday to Aishwarya Rai.

aishwarya rai hindi actress
Happy birthday to Aiswarya Rai.

All the viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Aishwarya Rai on the 1st November, 2011. She had been a sensation in Indian films for the last 15 years and had created a name in Hollywood films.

She is the first actress in Indian films whose wax statue has been built in Madam Tussadd’s museum in London. This Kareena Kapoor’s wax statue was made in Madam Tussadd’s museum. Even after her marriage with Abhishek Bacchan her popularity had increased and acting potential had got wider recognition.

aishwarya rai hindi actress
The two important films that she had acted in 2008 including Jodha Akbar and Sarkar Raj had been appreciated by the audience. Her glamour had been beyond any shadow of doubt over the last 15 years which had just increased with time.

Her illustrious career had been associated with all the leading stars of bollywood films over the past 10 years. Her notable films include Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan, Taal with Akshay Khanna and Anil Kapoor, Josh with Shahrukh Khan and Chandrachud Singh, Dhoom 2 with Hrithik Roshan, Guru with Abhishek Bacchan, to name a few.

aishwarya rai hindi actress
At the same time she had worked with leading directors of bollywood including Ram Gopal Verma, Subhash Ghai, Mani Ratnam and others. The music in her films had always being successful.

The hit songs in which she had given lips include “ishq bina kya jeena” from the film Taal, “hum dil de chuke sanam” from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, “aisi nazar se na dekha” from the film Bunty Aur Babli, “ajooba hai” from the film Jeans, “dhoom machale” from the film Dhoom 2, etc.

She had also given lips in the songs sung by all the leading singers of bollywood films including Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shreya Ghoshal, Alisha Chinoy, Sunidhi Chauhan and others. Her adaptability with the new singers had resulted in maintaining her stardom with change in the music and arrival of new directors, composers, singers, producers, etc. Her performance in Hollywood films like Pride and Prejudice had shown her intonation, diction and acting capability to the international audience. She is a great Indian ambassador.

aishwarya rai hindi actress
In 2010, her film Action Replay opposite Akshay Kumar and Ravan opposite Abhishek Bacchan did not do adequate business. But her performance opposite Hrithik Roshan in the film Guzaarish had been appreciated by the critics. The viewers and admirers expect her to continue her good work and even do well in mythological films like the role of Seeta in near future.

aishwarya rai hindi actress