Monday, April 30, 2012

Malibu Shark Attack had horror effect.

Malibu Shark Attack.
Chellan Simmons. Malibu Shark Attack was a 2009 film directed by David Lister. In the film Peta Wilson was the life-guard along with her boyfriend Warren Christie. Remi Broadway and Sonya Salomma were the other life-guards. Chelan Simmons reluctantly cleaned the beach after being caught in shop-lifting. She was proposed by Nicholas Cooper. A group of prehistoric goblin sharks devoured swimmers along the beach. All of a sudden Tsunami struck the beach. All the lifeguards evacuated the beach and stayed in the lifeguard hut. The shark struck them and Chelan suffered a large cut on her leg. Peta Wilson stitched it but the smell of the blood drew the other sharks towards the hut. Sonya was dragged out of the hut and killed by the goblin shark. Warren killed few of the sharks with his flare gun. There was huge struggle inside the lifeguard hut. Mungo and Jeffry came with a boat, but the gas in the boat was less and it ended before the people who were rescued could be taken to a safe area. At the end of the film all the sharks were killed. Chelan, Peta, Remi, Warren and Jeffery were saved. The film created absolute horror effect. The actors and actresses Chelan, Peta, Remi, Warren, Jeffery did a marvelous job. The film was made with a budget of $3,000, 000. The horror effect was done by excellent camera work. The film should be restored.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tania Kar, Disha Ganguly and others stormed Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program.

Disha Ganguly Actors and actresses of Zee Bangla Serial Kanakanjali like Tania Kar, Disha Ganguly and others stormed Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program on 27th April, 2012. Superstar Mithun Chakravarty dealt with the celebrities with style. All the artists of Bengali serials in Zee Bangla Channel had gained a lot of popularity. In that list the serial Kanakanjali keeps a mark. Disha Ganguly had played the role of the daughter of Dulal Lahiri, a friend of Arindam Ganguly. She appeared in other programs like Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 program and did well. Disha Ganguly had said that she lived in Tanzania in Africa. At the time of graduation she came to India. In Kolkata she ranked in Joint Entrance Exam for both Engineering and Medical but did not take those careers. She joined acting. Tania Kar played the role of the daughter in law of Arindam Ganguly and Aparajita Adda. She had done a good job. Being the daughter of a Minister she expressed her arrogance in the character very well till now. Even Rupam’s brother appeared in the Dadagiri Program. She had been shown to have affair with the character Jhimli, the sister of Shreya in the Zee Bangla Serial Kanakanjali. Mithun Chakravarty anchored the program in very good style with wit and variation.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jhulan Goswami, Rashmi Sharma, Anamika Sen and Dola Banerjee stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program.

Jhulan Goswami. Sportwomen Jhulan Goswami, Rashmi Sharma, Anamika Sen and Dola Banerjee stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program on 27th April, 2012. All of them were invited by the anchor June Malia. Jhulan Goswami had represented Indian national women’s cricket team. She had become the captain of the Indian cricket team from 1st February, 2009. She had played as an allrounder, and showed skills in batting, bowling and fielding. She was right arm medium fast bowler. She won the ICC Women’s player of the year award in 2007. She had guided the Indian team to first test series in against England in England. Rashmi Sharma was the first Bengali woman to cross the English Channel by swimming. She gave her interview before June Malia. She said that there were sessions when she had to swim 24 hours during the day. She was the first Indian woman to cross the English Channel three times. Dola Banerjee had represented India in archery. She ranked 13 in 2004 Summer Olympics in women’s individual archery. She told June Malia that she joined Baranagar Archery Club at an age of 9 years. From that time she practices made her eligible for international competitions. Anamika Sen had represented India in football. She talked about her background and how she got interested in the game. There were several rounds in the program. The credit of June Malia lies in a bringing the sportswoman to limelight by asking them about things which the common man does not know.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Superstar Prasenjit Chatterjee stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Arpita Chatterjee Prasenjit Chatterjee. Superstar Prasenjit Chatterjee stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkal Awesomesala Program on 25th April, 2012. He had been invited by Mir Afsar Ali in the program. He was asked about his new film. He said the new film Bikram Singha has an entertaining character. He had played double role in the film. One of the characters was Bikram Singha was a brave police officer. The other character that is Gupi is the character of a thief. He could do anything for money. He said the script demanded two separate looks which he had taken in the film. When Mir asked him how was the experience of coming back to masala films after doing off-beat films. In the recent past, Prasenjit Chatterjee acted in the films Moner Manush and Baishe Shraban. These films were off-beat in nature. But the audience had appreciated Prasenjit Chatterjee’s performance in these films. Prasenjit said that he ruled Bengali films for a long time. There was a time when he could not park his own car inside the different studios of Tollygunge. In the last 10 years, the scenario had changed. Lot of money had flowed into tollywood. Many technicians, companies, corporates and others are involved with Bengali films. It was the struggle of the actors of 1980s, which made the change today. He never required to prove anything against the new heroes like Dev or Jeet. He always wanted to come out of the comfort zone and do something new. That challenge had kept Prasenjit Chatterjee always busy. Everyone provided their best wishes to Prasenjit Chatterjee for his films in future.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy birthday to Moushumi Chatterji – the charming star from Bengal.

Moushumi Chatterjee Megha Chatterjee. The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Moushumi Chatterji on 26th April, 2012. Moushumi Chatterji, the Bengali actress acted both in Bengali and hindi films and showed her skills in both of them. She acted in the Bengali film Balika Badhu, where the film was based on child marriage and impressed the directors and producers with her performance. From that time she ventured in Bombay and tried her luck in bollywood industry. Her film Anurag opposite Vinod Mehra became super hit. She played the role of a blind girl and got appreciation of the crowd. The songs in the film became very successful including songs like “woh kya hai” sung by Rafi. SD Burman composed the music of the film. She acted in action films like Goutam Govinda. The film was related to the story of Shashi Kapoor, a police officer who came to the village and trained all the rustic villagers the manner of self-defense. Shatrughun Sinha was his own brother, which was disclosed at the end of the film. Moushumi Chatterji showed her humour in the respective role. Moushumi also acted in suspense-thrillers like Benaam, opposite Big B, where there the anxiety relating to the kidnapping of her son was at issue. She expressed her feelings very well in the film. She was brilliant in the film Manzil Manzil, opposite Big B. It was the remake of Mrinal Sen’s Bengali film Akash Kushum. Akash Kusum was based on the story relating to Soumitra Chatterji presenting a false story about himself before Aparna Sen with the help of his friend Shubendu Chatterji. In the hindi version also the story line was not changed. Moushumi Chatterji’s smile had a beauty of its own which she expressed in majority of films in style. While acting in a number of bollywood films, she stormed Bengali films with her performance in the super hit film Ogo Bodhu Sundari, opposite Bengali superstar Uttam Kumar. The film was released in 1980. The story was based on how Uttam Kumar, an academician brought a girl from the streets and taught her literature. Moushumi expressed the difficulty of forgetting her rustic language which she adopted from the environment she came from and learning the new language. The music given in the film by Bappi Lahiri became super hit. Songs like “ami ekjon shantoshisto”, “shudhu tumi nou obolakanto”, etc., sung by Kishore Kumar became super hit. It was incidentally the last film of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. Her comedy conception was used by Gulzar and other directors very successfully. Her film Angoor opposite Sanjeev Kumar showed her comedy skills. The film was based on Uttam Kumar’s film Bhranti Bilas and had similarity with Shakespeare’s play Comedy of Errors. Sanjeev Kumar played the double role in Angoor that was played by Uttam Kumar in the Bengali film Bhranti Bilas, while Moushumi Chatterji played the role of his wife which was played by Sabitri Chatterji in the Bengali film. The two brothers were identical twins and Moushumi Chatterji got confused with her own husband and his brother. Deven Verma played a double role along with Sanjeev Kumar as his servant. Her other successful films included Pati Patni Aur Woh, opposite Sanjeev Kumar, Ghayal, as the sister-in-all of Sunny Deol and many other films. Even she had acted in landmark Bengali films like Kori Diye Kinlam based on the epic novel of Bimal Mitra. The viewers expect Moushumi to contribute in character roles in bollywood films in future.

Saheb Chatterjee touched Satyajit Ray’s Oscar Award.

Eminent actor and singer Saheb Chatterjee came to Sudipa Mukherjee’s show Rannaghar on 24th April, 2012. The show was telecast in Zee Bangla Channel. When Sudipa Mukherjee asked him about his experience in working with Sandip Ray, the son of eminent director Satyajit Ray, he replied with a lot of old memories. He said that he used to go to Satyajit Ray’s house at a very early age. He was the first person to hold the Oscar Award won by Satyajit Ray other than the cleaners who used to clean the house. He acted in Sandip Ray’s film Gupi Bhagha Fire Elo. In that film he played the role of one of the children in the village where the magician Ajit Banerjee was staying. At the end of the film he could not be killed by the magician. The film was based on the story of Satyajit Ray and the role of Gupi and Bagha were played by Tapen Chatterjee and Robi Ghosh once again. Saheb Chatterjee sang Jagjit Singh’s song in the show including “ye daulat bhi lelo ye shaurat bhi lelo”. In the same show Sudipa Mukherjee showed the dish bhetki fish paturi with laupata (the leave of lau tree). Saheb Chatterjee appreciated the dish.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vikram Chatterjee stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Vikram Chatterjee stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program. Bengali film actor Vikram Chatterjee stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program on 23rd April, 2012. The program had been renamed as Zee Bangla Mirakkel Awesomesala program.
Vikram Chatterjee. He was a successful actor in Bengali TV serials. When Mir Afsar Ali asked Vikram as when did he gain popularity he said that the first Teleserial in Zee Bangla Channel titled Saat Pake Bandha had changed his fortunes. Everyone used to see the serial and he became a popular face. He acted in Bengali films for sometime. One of his successful films included Bedroom. But in that he did not get a lead role. His first film with a lead role is the film Elar Char Adhyay. The film had been made with the story of Rabindranath Tagore. The film had been directed by Bappaditya Banerjee. Vikram had said that he was glad to act opposite all the big actors and actresses in the film including Dipankar Dey, Paoli Dam, and others who were much senior than Vikram Chatterjee. In fact Vikram Chatterjee confessed that he learned a lot from all the actors and actresses. Besides, the story was based on Rabindranath Tagore’s literature of 1930. So the challenge of Bappaditya Banerjee was to recreate the world of Kolkata of 1930s. He did that in style. Vikram appreciated all the performers in the program including Fatik Purokayet (Maduli), Istiaq Nasir, and others. In the show Vicky played the character of Prasenjit Chatterjee and interacted with Palash Adhikari who played the character of Rabindranath Tagore. Both were excellent in their efforts.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Remembering Satyajit Ray on 23rd April, 2012.

Remembering Satyajit Ray on 23rd April, 2012. Viewers of international films all across the world remember Oscar Winning Director Satyajit Ray on his death anniversary 23rd April, 2012. Ray was born on 2nd May, 1921, and critics feel it was the birth of legend of legends and probably one of the greatest talents the world has ever produced after Rabindranath Tagore. Ray showed his excellence in every different of film making including script writing, costumes, music direction, costume designing, etc. My father, Chitta Ranjan Chatterji, Ex-Chief Public Prosecutor, Bankshall Court, North, Calcutta, represented Sandip Ray, the son of Satyajit Ray, in a case relating to recovery of manuscripts from Uday Acharya, the brother of Nirmal Acharya, a renowned critic. When the manuscripts of Ray’s films were seized from Udai Acharya’s house and opened from sealed trunk it was seen that they were pictographic in nature. Script of the film Pather Panchali, Gonoshotru had illustrations at every part which showed the secret of Ray’s brilliant characterization in films. Probably some of the actors and actresses in Ray’s films rose to stardom through the images portrayed by Ray. Chabi Biswas mesmerized the film lovers with his dignified performance in the role of Bishambhar Roy in the film Jalsaghar. Charu Prakash Ghosh was unparallel in the role of Birinchibaba in the film Kapurush Mahapurush. Anil Chatterji was unparallel in the role of Post Master in the film Teen Kanya. Utpal Dutt gave his performance for his life in the character Maganlal Meghraj in the film Joy Baba Felunath. Similarly Om Puri and Smita Patil were sublime in their roles in the film Sadgati. Sanjeev Kumar entered the skin of the character played in the film Shatranj Ki Khiladi. Uttam Kumar could not have been replaced by any other actor in the film Nayak. Karuna Banerjee had made the role of mother of Apu immortal in the film Pather Panchali. Sharmila Tagore was outstanding in the film Debi. Tapen Chatterji and Robi Ghosh are still remembered by filmlovers through their character Goopi Bagha. All the Indian directors like Shyam Benegal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan ,had agreed that they learnt the art of story-telling from Ray’ films. Even the theme music of the legendary director had moved the directors all across the world. Audrey Hepburn, the Oscar winning actress while awarding the Oscar award for lifetime contribution of Ray, said in her speech that Ray’s direction had the soul of Apu in the Apu Trilogy march out from the village of West Bengal and explored India and expressed the struggle for existence of every middle-class individual of the country. Whenever classic literature of novelists and writers were used in films, Ray created his own dimension in those films, including the standard of excellence in the films Charulata and Ghare Baire which were based on the epic literature of Tagore. Films made by Ray from his own literature like Sonar Kella, Joy Baba Felunath, Agantuk, etc., were equally brilliant. The films of Ray should be preserved to disseminate the art of script writing, costume designing, theme music, camera work, neat direction, etc.
Satyajit Ray

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Manali Dey, Mimi Chakravarty, Sohini Sarkar and others stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program.

Sohini Sarkar Bengali actresses Manali Dey, Mimi Chakravarty, Sohini Sarkar and Disha Ganguly stormed Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 Program on 20th April, 2012. Anchor June Malia called all of them in the show. In answer to June’s question Disha Ganguly said that she had lived with her parents in Tanzania. Later she came to Kolkata. She got chance in Joint Entrance Examination both in medical and engineering. But instead of either of those careers she chose the career of acting. Presently she is playing an important role in Zee Bangla Serial Kanakanjali. Sohini Sarkar said that during her youth he stole a fruit from neighbour’s tree. Her mother gave the fruit back to the neighbour. She was brought up in North Bengal. Manali Dey had affair with Bengali singer Saptak. Saptak came in the show. He asked all the participants to sing songs. Everyone including Manali Dey, Sohini Sarkar, Mimi Chakravarty, Disha Ganguly sang the right song when they were asked to sing. In the third round, Sohini Sarkar was asked to play out the character of Sri Devi. She did it correctly. In the last round, Manali Dey answered maximum number of questions. She also answered all the correct answers in the Jackpot round. Manali Dey became Didi No. 1.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Somlata stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Somlata stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program. Bengali singer Somlata stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program on 18th April, 2012. Somlata had been very successful singer of present film Bengali films. The Program had been renamed with the title Zee Bangla Mirakkel Awesomesala Program.
Somlata The anchor of the program Mir asked Somlata to sing the song “tumi asbe bole tai”. The song was sung in the super hit Bengali film Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona. The song Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona was made with the title of popular Bengali song sung by Anjan Dutta few years back. The participants did well before Somlata. Paran Banerjee, one of the judges acted out a portion of the Shakespearean play Othello. He mentioned what would have been the dialogues of Othello if the play would have been in the language bangal, the language of East Bengal, presently Bangladesh. Fatik Purokayet (Maduli), Mana and other participants did well. Srilekha Mitra and Rajatavo Dutta also mentioned their comments as judges in the show. Somlata enjoyed the entire program.

Happy birthday to Mamta Kulkarni.

Mamta Kulkarni The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Mamta Kulkarni on 20th April, 2012. She played very significant roles in the films of 90s. She was given prominent roles in successful bollywood films during that period. Rakesh Roshan gave a significant role to Mamta Kulkarni in the film Karan Arjun. She was the wife of Salman Khan in the film. Both Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan were shown to have two lives. In their first lives they were tortured and killed by Amrish Puri. In their second life they were born at other places but came to Rajasthan to stop the illegal activities of Amrish Puri and his men. Mamta Kulkarni and Kajol contributed with their respective roles along with Rakhee, who had the prominent part in the film. Although the film was related to superstitious beliefs, Rakesh Roshan succeeded in entertaining the audience and the film ended up being big hit. Mamta Kulkarni was cast opposite Salman Khan in the film Karan Arjun, while Kajol was cast opposite Shahrukh Khan. Mamta Kulkarni got the role of her lifetime in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film China Gate. She was the relative of Om Puri who called him up to rescue the villagers from the rule of dacoits in the region. Om Puri was a retired major, who left the armed forces after one of their missions failed. Om Puri called all his friends who worked in the last mission, including Amrish Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Danny, Tinu Anand, Jagdeep , etc., and formed a team to combat the dacoits. Mamta Kulkarni kept the retired military officers in her house and provided them food and amenities during their stay. The dacoits created pressure so that Mamta Kulkarni would have asked the military officers led by Om Puri to go way. She did not do so. The police office in that jurisdiction Paresh Rawal conspired with the dacoits and betrayed the military officers. But ultimately the military officers under the leadership of Om Puri succeeded in killing the dacoits and bringing peace within the village. The film was off-beat in nature and Mamta Kulkarni showed her acting skills in the film. Her other successful films also included Krantiveer, where she acted opposite Atul Agnihotri. Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia had the main roles in the action film, but Mamta Kulkarni showed her frustration after she came to know about her father being involved in the gang of lawbreakers who were responsible for riots and other destructive activities. The film was related to corruption existing in society which included the police officers, judges, the executive and politicians. After the late-90s all of sudden Mamta Kulkarni left bollywood films. Viewer remember her both in glamourous and non-glamourous roles. Now that she had attained age, she can contribute in character roles. The viewers expect her to make a comeback in recent bollywood films and entertain the viewers once again just like the way she entertained the viewers in the films of the 90s.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Housefull 2 had done business more than 100 crores.

Housefull 2. Bollywood film Housefull 2 had done business of more than 100 crores within the 1st week of release. 2012 is a very successful year for bollywood. Already Agneepath an Kahaani had done business more than 100 crores in the first part of the year. Housefull 2 is the third film which had done excellent business. The film had been produced by Sajid Nadiawala and been directed by Sajid Khan. It had been a multi-starrer film with Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Asin, Shreyas Talpade and Ritesh Deshmukh contributing in their own way. Music had been composed by Sajid Wajid. In the film Mithun Chakravarty played the role of a dacoit JD. He surrendered before Boman Irani but after completing his sentence for jail lived a different life in London. His son Shreyas Talpade was already married to the daughter of Boman Irani at childhood. But as Shreyas Talpade loved Zarine Khan he had to plan things with Shreyas Talpade, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. Randhir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor wanted to get their daughters married to a rich person. All came and stayed in Mithun’s house. There was huge confusion, drama and comedy involved in the film. At the end of the film Shreyas Talpade got married to Padamshee, Akshay Kumar got married to Asin, John Abraham got married to Jacqueline Fernandez and Ritesh Deshmukh got married to Zarine Khan. The character actors in the film were amazing including Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Mithun Chakravarty, Johny Lever, Boman Irani and Chunkey Pandey. All the actors and actresses were excellent. Viewers had enjoyed every part of the film. Among the songs “papa to band bajaye” and “anarkali disco chali” had become very popular. The first one was sung by Neeraj Sridhar, Sachin Pandit, Pinto and the second one was sung by Mamta Sharma and Sukhwinder Singh. It is great that in the first four months of the year already bollywood had got three blockbusters.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Remembering Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar Jaikishan and Rafi on the birthday of Hasrat Jaipuri.

Raj Kapoor, Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar Jaikishan 15th April is celebrated as the birthday of great poet and lyricist Hasrat Jaipuri. Renowned poet and lyricist Hasrat Jaipuri was born on 15th April, 1922 as Iqbal Hussain. In 1940, Hasrat Jaipuri came from Jaipur to Mumbai. Prithiviraj Kapoor heard him in a mushaira and recommended him to Raj Kapoor when he was making the film Barsaat. The epic combination of Hasrat Jaipuri and Shankar Jaikishan started from Barsaat. The first 2 songs written by him became super hit namely “jiya beqarar hai” and “chor gaye balam”. The pen of Hasrat Jaipuri glorified RK Films and other bollywood films for the next 30 years. Rafi, SJ and Hasrat Jaipuri was an equally brilliant combination like Shailendra, SJ and Rafi. Hasrat’s song sung by Rafi titled “teri teri pyari pyari surat ko” in Rajender Kumar’s film Sasural became super hit. In Shammi Kapoor’s Junglee almost all the songs sung by Rafi became immortal hits. In that list, Hasrat’s song “ehsaan tera hoga mujhpar” touched the souls of music lovers all across India. The song was sung by Rafi and Lata and both the versions were very melodious. Hasrat’s lyrics for Rafi “tum mujhe yu bhula na paoge” became super hit in the late 60s. It was composed by SJ for Shammi Kapoor in the film Pagla Kahin Ka. Hasrat’s song “ajahu na aye balma” in the film Saanjh Aur Sawera was a sensational song. Rafi exhibited his classical andaz and tune of Shankar Jaikishan was excellent by every musical yardstick. Hasrat Jaipuri received the filmfare award for the best lyricist for Rafi’s song “baharon phool barsao” in Rajender Kumar’s film Suraj. Rafi’s other songs written by Hasrat Jaipuri and composed by SJ included “unke khayal aye to” in Raj Kumar’s Lal Pathar, “badan pe sitare lapete hue” in Shammi Kapoor’s Prince, “awaaz deke hume tum bulayo” in Shammi Kapoor’s Professor, “aji ruuth kar ab” in Rajender Kumar’s Aarzoo, “dekha hai teri aankho me pyar hi pyar beshumar” in Dharmender’s Pyar Hi Pyar, “dhire dhire chal chand gagan me” in Dev Anand’s Love Marriage, “rukh se zara naqab uthalo” in Jeetender’s Mere Huzoor, “teri zulfon ne judai to nahi maangi thi” in Dev Anand’s Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, “kaun hai jo sapno me aya” in Rajender Kumar’s Jhuk Gaya Aasman, etc. Hasrat Jaipuri contributed in Raj Kapoor’s blockbusters like Awaara, Shree 420, Jis Desh Me Ganga Behti Hai, Sangam, etc, Rajender Kumar’s blockbusters like Ayee Milan Ki Bela, Dil Ek Mandir, Humrahi, Sasural, Zindagi, etc, Shammi Kapoor’s hit films Janwar, Brahmchari, Raj Kumar, Andaz, etc., Joy Mukherjee’s Love In Tokyo, Biswajeet’s April Fool, Uttam Kumar’s Choti Si Mulakat, to name a few. Raj Kapoor’s greatest hit film in his illustrious career remained Sangam. In the film Hasrat Jaipuri’s words “yeh mera prempatra par kar” sung by Rafi and picturised on Rajender Kumar had remained immortal. Hasrat Jaipuri wrote it for a girl named Radha. Raj Kapoor kept the name of Vaijayatimala Radha in the film Sangam. Rafi’s voice at the end of the film brought tears in the minds of the audience with the words “kitum nazaar na hona” when Raj Kapoor and Vaijayantimala immersed the ashes of Rajender Kumar in Prayag Sangam at the end of the film. Hasrat Jaipuri died in 1999. One article is too small to highlight the works of the legends Hasrat Jaipuri, SJ and Rafi. In fact Hasrat Jaipuri worked with other composers of the golden age as well. But the songs written by Hasrat Jaipuri for Rafi which were composed by Shankar Jaikishan still stand out as the most romantic masterpieces in the history of bollywood cinema.

Happy birthday to Arshad Warsi.

Arshad Warsi The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Arshad Warsi on 19th April, 2012. During the last few years he had featured in one successful bollywood film out of every four films released during that period. In 2011, Arshad Warsi was successful in the film Double Dhamaal. He acted alongside Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh, Javed Jaffery and others. Although the film did not do great business, his performance was appreciated by the audience. His greatest recognition came in the role of circuit in the film Munnabhai MBBS and Lageraho Munnabhai. In both of these films he had played the role of the assistant of Sanjay Dutt and used his gundas to evict tenants and other persons when they were paid for doing so. Both the films were serio-comic in nature and in that respect Arshad Warsi’s comedy conception entertained the viewers. In Munnabhai MBBS he used his muscle power to help Sanjay Dutt for giving exam on medical science and also for treating patients. In Lageraho Munnabhai, he compelled the academicians to give answers to Vidya Balan on questions related to Mahatma Gandhi on behalf of Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt knew nothing about the questions but due to the help of the academicians proved before Vidya Balan that he was a learned Professor. Arshad Warsi’s lips in the songs “lage raho munnabhai”, and “munnabhai mbbs” in both these films require special mention. Arshad Warsi had been great asset to the bollywood industry for his comedy skills especially due to the fact that in the last few years the only type of films which did steady business includes comedy films. His performance in the film Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, with Sanjay Dutt and Isha Koppikar requires special mention. While Sanjay Dutt was an orthopedic surgeon in the film Arshad Warsi was an actor. He made an excellent submission in an artificial courtroom where the divorce of Salman Khan with Sushmita Sen was organized to impress Katrina Kaif. His comparison of Salman’s relationship with Sushmita Sen with a car whose break had failed and which dashed with every object on the road made everyone laugh. His lips in the song “saajan” along with Isha Koppikar, was equally impressive. Similarly he had done a great job in the film Salaam Namaste with Saif Ali Khan in the role of a lawyer. Whenever Saif Ali Khan required legal assistance during fight against Preeti Zinta he took the help of Arshad Warsi and he gave a witty answer. His performance in the film Dhamaal was equally brilliant. He was one of the four friends including Ritesh Deshmukh, Javed Jaffery and other who went to Goa to get treasure. They were stopped at every point by Sanjay Dutt, the police officer who also went to Goa for the treasure. At the end of the film the money had to be given for the cause of orphan children. In 2010, he had already showed his metal in the film Ishqiya, with Vidya Balan and Naseeruddin Shah and the film You, me and ghost. Ishqiya had got both commercial success and critical acclamation. Arshad Warsi had started his own production and is committed to do well there too. Arshad Warsi was sublime in many films including Golmaal and Golmaal Returns and viewers expect the ever-smiling talented actor to continue his brilliant work in future also.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rachana Banerjee, Anik Dutta and others stormed Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program.

Rachana Banerjee Celebrities Rachana Banerjee, Anik Dutta, Abhishek Chatterjee, and others stormed Mithun Chakravarty’s Zee Bangla Dadagiri Program on 12th April, 2012. All these celebrities were big admirers of Mithun Chakravarty. In fact Anik Dutta the Bengali director, had become famous after his Bengali film Bhuter Bhabishyot had become super hit this year. Superstar Mithun Chakravarty asked him what was special about ghosts that he had made a film with the subject of ghosts when he had the option of making films with living human beings. In reply Anik Dutta said that his subject matter was to make people laugh. In Kolkata as the promoters are building new establishments by destroying the old, dilapidated houses, the ghosts are also not finding a place to stay in. The film actually talks about that. Mithun Chakravarty showed a clipping of film Bobby and asked about the director of the film. Obviously the right answer Raj Kapoor was mentioned. Mithun Chakravarty told Rachana Banerjee that she had acted in many telegu films, so what was Hyderabad famous for. She said it was famous for Pearls. Films of Abhishek Chatterjee was also shown. Rachana Banerjee asked if Mithun Chakravarty was driving in a car, and he was confronted with a beautiful girl, an old woman and a helpful friend whom would he given the lift. Mithun said that he would have given the key of the car to the friend and asked him to reach the old woman to her house. He would have walked with the beautiful lady. Everyone laughed at the answer of Mithun Chakravarty. Mithun Chakravarty anchored the program in style.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy birthday to Golden Hero Jeetender.

Jeetender The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Jeetender, the golden hero of the 60s on 7th April, 2012. He has been considered as one of the most consistent actors who had steady box-office in the 60s, 70s and 80s. In the early 60s, he started his career with the success in the film Geet Gaya Pattharone, opposite Rajashree. Bollywood industry was flooded with actors at that time including Showman Raj Kapoor, Tragedy King Dilip Kumar and the other matinee idols like Rajender Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Bharat Bhushan and others. He had to face very strong competition to stay in the competition at that time. Within a short period of time his dancing skills were cultivated by the directors and his films started making profits. His film Farz in 1967, opposite Babita, became super hit. The songs composed by LP and sung by Rafi created storms, including “mast baharon ka mai ashiq”, “baar baar din yeh aye”, etc. Besides, Jeetender’s dance performance in most of the songs entertained the viewers to a big extent. From that time onwards, Jeetender had a great combination with LP, Rafi and Anand Bakshi. All the songs of the film Humjoli, Jeegri Dost and Banphool became superhit. Prominent songs included “mere desh me”, “dhal gaya din”, etc. Initially critics called Jeetender jumping jack, but his dancing skills followed by his acting skills made him a ruler in the 70s and 80s. He was blessed with romantic songs of Rafi and the composition of many brilliant composers of 60s and 70s. The songs of his film Mere Huzoor were equally romantic. Jeetender had to balance the stylish acting andaz of actor Raj Kumar and brilliant performance of Mala Sinha in the film Mere Huzoor. The film was a commercial and critical success. Jeetender with his dancing skills was sublime in the film Ek Nari Ek Brahmchari where Shankar Jaikishan. All the songs in the films were super hit including “tu nari mai brahmchari”sung by Rafi and Manna Dey. He was equally brilliant in the film Waarish. Rafi’s songs in the film were brilliant including “ek bechara pyar ka maara”. He was successful in the film Kathputli as well. In 70s, he was probably the only romantic actor other than Rishi Kapoor, he survived the period relating to action films, when Big B, Vinod Khanna, Shatrughu Sinha and others gave hit action films one after the other. The hit films of Jeetender in the 70s include Karwan, Nagin, which continued in the 80s with the success of films like Asha opposite Reena Roy. Jeetender also played a crucial in off-beat films of Gulzar like Parichay, Khushbu and Kinara where the intellectual audience had appreciated him. He gave very elegant lips in brilliant songs of Bhupinder Singh like “naam gum jayega”, “meethe bol bole”, etc. He transformed himself from an excited, energetic, youth to a reserve personality in Parichay, Khusbu and Kinara. Jeetender’s in the 80s had compelled producers to launch him opposite young actresses like Sri Devi and Jaya Prada who were much younger than him in films like Himmatwala or Dharm Adhikari. After the launching of his son Tushar Kapoor in modern films, he had reduced acting in contemporary films. But the viewers expect him to still continue in modern films in character roles just like before.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Manoj Kumar was excellent in the film Hariyali Aur Raasta.

Mala Sinha, Manoj Kumar, Hariyali Aur Raasta Actor Manoj Kumar and Mala Sinha were excellent in the film Hariyali Aur Raasta. The film was released in 1962. It was directed by Vijay Bhatt and Produced by Shankarbhai Bhatt. The film ended up being the 4th biggest hit film in the year 1962. In the film Manmohan Krishan was given the charge of maintaining the estate of his friend who died. He brought up his daughter Mala Sinha and his friend’s son Manoj Kumar. In the childhood itself the marriage of Manoj Kumar was fixed with Sashikala, the friend of Manoj Kumar’s father. When both Manoj Kumar and Mala Sinha grew they fell in love with each other. But due to the word given by Manmohan Krishan he got Manoj Kumar married to Shashikala. Their marriage failed. Shashikala was an upstart woman who was involved with only clubs, societies and never cared for her child. At the end of the film when the child ran towards a cliff, Shashikala fell down from a hill and died. Manoj Kumar accepted Mala Sinha as wife at the end of the film. Apart from powerful performances from the character artists like Manmohan Krishan, Om Prakash the greatest asset of the film was the excellent music composed by Shankar Jaikishan. All the songs in the film became smash hits like “ibteda-e-ishq me hum”, “ye hariyali aur ye raasta”, “laakh tare aasman me” sung by Mukesh aur Lata, “kho gaya hai mera pyar” sung by Mahendra Kapoor, to name a few. Half of the business of the films in the 60s was done due to the brilliance of Shankar Jaikishan who had always been unsung and unwept. They really did magic in the 50s and 60s. The film should be preserved for the good story, powerful acting and excellent and immortal music.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy birthday to Jaya Prada.

Jaya Prada. The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Jaya Prada on 3rd April, 2012. Jaya Prada was considered as one of the most gifted actresses of bollywood films of the 80s. She shook the Indian audience with her dancing skills in the film Shankaravaranam. In the late 70s her film Sargam opposite Rishi Kapoor became superhit with a brilliant story and excellent songs. She played the role of a deaf and dumb girl who had immense dancing callibre which was unearthed by Rishi Kapoor in the film. The film created sensation in both in North India and South India. The music composed by LP was brilliant by every musical standard and Lata and Rafi were sublime in the songs “dafliwale dafli baja”, “koel boli”, “ramjiki nikli sawari”, etc. In an age of action pact films of Big B, Vinod Khanna, Sargam being a romantic film with Rishi Kapoor and Jaya Prada did excellent business. From that time Jaya Prada became the no. 1 bollywood actress and acted opposite all the leading stars of bollywood. Her other superhit films include Sharabi, opposite Big B, Akhree Rasta opposite Big B, Kamchor opposite Rakesh Roshan, to name a few. She acted in a number of films opposite Jeetender as well and all of those films were successful. At that time she got stiff competition from Sri Devi, another South Indian actress who had both acting talent and dancing talent. The films where both of them acted together, the viewers were confused to choose between the two. In Akhree Rasta Jaya Prada did equally well like Sri Devi. In the 90s, also Jay Prada’s films especially opposite Big B did good business, like Indrajeet or Aaj Ka Arjun. In those films while Big B concentrated on action sequences, Jaya Prada played the romantic part to perfection. With the emergence of new actresses in bollywood films in the 90s like Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, Jaya Prada faded away from the bollywood industry. She joined politics and had been the parliamentarian for more than a decade. Besides she had played important roles in tamil films and other South Indian films over the years. A number of cinema halls in Mysore and Bangalore were named after her. In 2010, she had been expelled from the Samajwadi Party by Mulayam Singh Yadav along with other primary members. That can give her some time to devote in bollywood films as well. The viewers expect her to make a comeback in bollywood films in character roles as many of them feel that she still has a lot of acting left in her.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Agent Vinod had been a great project of Saif Ali Khan but not undertood by majority of people.

Kareena Kapoor, Agent Vinod. Saif Ali Khan took a risk in making a suspense thriller of the kind of Agent Vinod. The film was made with a budget more than 60 crores. But the Indian viewers could not understand the complicated plot. It had been directed by Sriram Raghavan. It had been produced by Saif Ali Khan and Dinesh Vijan. Pritam composed the music of the film. In the film it had been shown that Saif Ali Khan was Agent Vinod. He was interrogated by Shahbaz Khan, an ISI official in a Taliban Camp in Afghanistan. Saif Ali and Ravi Kissan fought out their way and escaped from the Talibans and returned with a girl Maryam Zakaria. Saif Ali went to Moscow and then Morocco. He met Kareena Kapoor who was a British Pakistani who worked for ISI. He came to know about 242 a detonator for nuclear service. Adil Hussain killed Kareena Kapoor in New Delhi. Saif Ali Khan got the bomb and took it in a helicopter to diffuse it but never know the password. Dying Kareena Kapoor told Saif Ali to try the name of Kazan’s (Prem Chopra)’s camel. Saif Ali Khan succeeded in detonating the bomb. Dhritiman Chatterjee was found the person and the brain behind the attack. A suicide bomber Arif Zakaria was send who killed Dhritiman Chatterjee. At the end of the film it was shown that Saif Ali Khan had gone for a new mission. The direction was good. The performance of Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Dhritiman Chatterjee was excellent. But the plot was so complicated that the ordinary cinelovers hardly understood the film. The song “pungi” sung by Mika Singh, Amitabh Bhattacharya became popular. The film is destined to do mediocre business. Viewers should watch it.

Happy birthday to Ajay Devgan.

Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Golmaal 3. The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Ajay Devgan on 2nd April, 2012. He had contributed a lot in bollywood films in the last 20 years. He started his career with the superhit film Phool Aur Kaante. As his father Veeru Devgan had a great background of training actors for action sequences and Ajay Devgan started his career with the latent quality of an action hero. The action sequences in Phool Aur Kaante were excellent. Also the music of the film became hit with songs like “premi pagal awara”, “tumko milne ko dil karta hai”, etc., sung by Kumar Shanu and Alka Yagnik, which were picturized on Ajay Devgan and Madhu. The other successful films of Ajay Devgan include Ishq, Dilwale, Pyar To Hona Hi Tha, etc. In Ishq, he acted with Amir Khan, Juhi Chawla and Kajol, and contributed well in the comedy sequences of the film. The film was based on the story of affairs between rich and poor people and the fathers of Juhi Chawla and Ajay Devgan never wanted to get their children married to poor people. The music of the film was very successful with songs like “ishq hua”, “humko tumse pyar hai”, etc. Ajay Devgan also acted in very serious films like Raincoat opposite Aishwarya Rai, which was directed by Rituporno Ghosh, Zakhm, Gangaajal , etc. He had created an identity of a reserve actor and that image helped him in getting landmark roles for the last 10 years. His other successful films include Golmaal and Golmaal Returns. In both Golmaal and Golmaal Returns Ajay Devgan acted with other comedians like Arshad Warsi and Tushaar Kapoor and maintained the rhythm of the film. Tushar Kapoor played the role of a deaf and dumb character in the film and at the end of the film got the job, the girl for marriage, as against the interests of his other friends. Ajay Devgan married successful actress Kajol and both had acted together in a number of films like Pyar To Hona Hi Tha, Ishq, You, Me and Hum, etc., most of which were successful. Even Ajay Devgan’s role of a ghost in the film Kaal opposite Lara Dutta, John Abraham and others were well appreciated by viewers. His performance in patriotic roles like that of Shahid Bhagat Singh also requires special mention. His film All the best did brilliant business in 2010. Although the credit for the success of the comedy film goes collectively to the effort of Sanjay Dutt, Fardeen Khan, Bipasha Basu and others, but Ajay Devgan’s anticipation of viewers accepting comedy stories require appreciation. In the following year also he had acted in the comedy film Atithi Tum Kab Jayoge with Konkona Sen Sharma and Paresh Rawal. He also acted in other challenging films like Aakrosh with Bipasha Basu and Akshay Khanna, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, to name a few. 2011 had been a successful year. Ajay Devgan’s Singham had done business more than 100 crores and ranked among the 5 big hits of the year. In action films he had shown his skills over the years. The expectation from Ajay Devgan had just grew and grew. The viewers expect Ajay Devgan to continue his good work both as an actor and also producer, director in the years to come.