Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saheb Chatterjee touched Satyajit Ray’s Oscar Award.

Eminent actor and singer Saheb Chatterjee came to Sudipa Mukherjee’s show Rannaghar on 24th April, 2012. The show was telecast in Zee Bangla Channel. When Sudipa Mukherjee asked him about his experience in working with Sandip Ray, the son of eminent director Satyajit Ray, he replied with a lot of old memories. He said that he used to go to Satyajit Ray’s house at a very early age. He was the first person to hold the Oscar Award won by Satyajit Ray other than the cleaners who used to clean the house. He acted in Sandip Ray’s film Gupi Bhagha Fire Elo. In that film he played the role of one of the children in the village where the magician Ajit Banerjee was staying. At the end of the film he could not be killed by the magician. The film was based on the story of Satyajit Ray and the role of Gupi and Bagha were played by Tapen Chatterjee and Robi Ghosh once again. Saheb Chatterjee sang Jagjit Singh’s song in the show including “ye daulat bhi lelo ye shaurat bhi lelo”. In the same show Sudipa Mukherjee showed the dish bhetki fish paturi with laupata (the leave of lau tree). Saheb Chatterjee appreciated the dish.

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