Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tushar Kapoor films

Tushar Kapoor films.

Tushar Kapoor
Tushar Kapoor, the son of the successful bollywood star Jeetender, had shown his acting capability over the years. He did well in the first film Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai opposite Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena Kapoor played the role of a researcher on Indian culture in the film. Tushar Kapoor ha an affair with her and due to his shyness could not say it to her. At the end of the film his grandfather helped him to place his feelings before Kareena Kapoor and they were married. The songs in the film including “mujhe kuch kehna hai” and “is pyar ko kya naam doon” became big hits.

Tushar Kapoor
Tushar Kapoor also acted in comedy films like Golmaal. In Golmaal he was accompanied by other actors like Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, etc. The film involved all the four friends getting shelter in the house of Paresh Rawal who was blind. All the four friends loved the same girl. Tushar Kapoor was dumb in the film and the girl ultimately married him considering his incapability.

Tushar Kapoor also acted in action films like Shootout at Lokhandwala where he belonged to the same underworld gang where Vivek Oberoy was the leader. All of them showed courage in facing the police force of the respective jurisdiction. Ultimately the police under the leadership of Sanjay Dutt attacked them and Tushar Kapoor was killed along with all the members of the gang. The film was based on real-life story.

Tushar Kapoor
Tushar Kapoor had palyed notable roles over the years including the one in the film One Two Three along with Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal.

The viewers expect him to continue the good work in the years to come.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore

Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore.

rajesh khanna
Rajesh Khanna had been extremely popular in the 70s and most of his films stormed bollywood with their strong storyline and powerful music. His films with Sharmila Tagore had been very very successful.

His film Aradhana, in 1969 had been a big hit. It was directed by Shakti Samanta and he was given a double role. Sharmila Tagore was sublime in her performance in the film which involved tragic performance. The music composed by SD Burman in the film became successful. Kishore Kumar’s song “mere sapno ki rani”, “roop tera mastana” became superhit. Also Rafi’s song “gunguna rahi hai bhawar” became hit.

rajesh khanna
The film Amar Prem, directed by Shakti Samanta was also successful. It was the hindi version of Uttam Kumar’s Bengali film Nishi Padda, where Sabitri Chatterji played the role which was played by Sharmila Tagore in Amar Prem. The film was related to tawafis and their life and it was shown that many of them led such a form life because of circumstances. The songs in the film were composed by RD Burman and they were extremely successful.

Sharmila Tagore
Some of the songs lint her film like “kuch to log kahenge”, “chingari koi bharke” have not lost their flavour and popularity even today.

The other successful films include Daag and Safar. Safar was the hindi version of the Bengali film Chalachal where Arundhuti Debi played the role that Sharmila Tagore in the hindi version. Rajesh Khanna was a painter in the film and was loved by Sharmila Tagore. The music in the film composed by Kalyanji Anadji became extremely successful. Songs like “zindagi ka safar” sung by KK became super hit. It was ably directed by Asit Sen.

Sharmila Tagore
They also acted in the film Avishkar which was off-beat film.

The films and the songs should be restored for the next generation.

Review of Chamku.

Review of Chamku.

Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra had been launched together in the film Chamku. Priyanka Chopra had acted in many big budget films this year including God Tussi Great Ho and Love Story 2050. This film is also going to create interest in the minds of viewers who have admired the performances of Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra in the past.

The story was related to Bobby Deol whose family members had been brutally killed and who was brought up by the naxalite members of the state of Bihar. He was later picked up under Governmental program jointly made by RAW and IB.

He was taught the art of killing people. He was trained and he did the operations successfully. His life became related to killing and involved with big operations.

All of a sudden Priyanka Chopra came in her life and she changed his life. He learnt the fact besides violence there is another way of life which involves peace, love and tranquility.

Bobby Deol did very well in the film. He was known for his action roles in the past. He had replicated his earlier performances. Priyanka Chopra also performed very well in the film.

The only concern in the film is that the high amount of violence may not address all the section of the viewers. The music was composed by Monty Sharma who had given reasonable tunes.

Although the film may not have the masala to end up becoming a big blockbuster but it will do reasonable business and bring profits.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rafi and Biswajeet

Rafi and Biswajeet.

Rafi had sung very melodious songs for romantic actor Biswajeet. Rafi’s songs in the film Mere Sanam including “pukarta chala hoon mai”, “hue hai tumpe asshiq hum”, “humdum mere maan bhi jaao”, composed by OP Nayyar became evergreen hit in the mid-60s. Asha Parekh acted opposite Biswajeet and the film also became successful along with the songs.

Rafi’s songs in the film night in London became extremely successful. The title song “oh my love” picturised on Biswajeet became super hit. LP composed the songs for the film and Mala Sinha acted opposite Biswajeet.

Rafi’ songs in the film Do Kaliyan picturised on Biswajeet were also popular. Ravi composed music of the songs and Mala Sinha acted opposite Biswajeet. Child artist Nitu Singh did a great job in the film along with Mehmood.

Rafi’s song “na jhatko zulf se pani” picturised on Biswajeet opposite Rajashree also became hit in the mid-60s. The song was composed by Ravi.

Biswajeet also got great songs in the film April Fool. Shankar Jaikishan composed the songs of the film including the song “april fool banaya” picturised on Biswajeet and Saira Banu. The film became very successful.

Besides Rafi had sung song for Biswajeet in the film Do Dil and other notable films. The songs and the films should be preserved.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Uttam Kumar in the 70s.

Uttam Kumar in the 70s.

Uttam Kumar the greatest superstar of Bengali cinema took up challenging roles in the 70s. He acted in the film Stree, where he played the role of a zamindar of the 18th century. He married his wife but still visited the place where baijees had performed mujras. Soumitra was appointed as a teacher and painter in his house but was killed at the end of the film, after he suspected about illegal relationship of him with his wife. He brought out the royal nature and cruelty of zamindars of that century.

He was sublime in the film Sanyasi Raja, where in the first part of the film he portrayed the character of Zamindar who loved music and attended mujras. In the second part of the film he played the role of an ascetic he had renounced the world inspite of being the prince of the princely estate. His wife considered him as an imposter but his subjects identified him as the raja. He gave excellent lips in Manna Dey’s songs in the films like “shashikanto tumi dekhchi”, “bhalobashar agun jalao”, etc.

Uttam Kumar was brilliant in the role of a doctor in the film Agnisshar. He played the role of a doctor during the colonial period where he had soft corner for the patriotic Indians. He diagnosed every section of patients and sometimes even treated them without getting any remuneration. He also played the role of a driver in the film Chodobeshi where he showed his comedy impulse.

Uttam Kumar even played villanish roles like the one in film Bagbandir Khela. Besides he acted in Shakti Samanta’s film Amanush and Anand Ashram which were made both in Bengali and hindi.

He played the role of mad professor in the film Nagar Darpane. He astonished the viewers with his effortless acting. Previously he was for his romantic performances. He got more respect and regard in the 70s for his versatile performances and proving himself as one man industry.

The films should be restored and preserved for the next generation as Uttam Kumar had remained alive in his memorable performances.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dilip Kumar in the 80s.

Dilip Kumar in the 80s.

Dilip Kumar had commanded respect in the bollywood industry for his capability of choosing quality roles during his span of 50 years of acting. In the 80s he did a great job in the film Shakti, where he played the role of a responsible police officer who was loyal to his uniform.

His son was kidnapped at his youth and he was compelled to release the members of smuggling gang led by Amrish Puri. He told them to kill his son but he never released the member. The call was tapped and the child ran away from the place. The child grew up to become Big B who showed his anger against his father and joined the smugglers.

Dilip Kumar had to shoot Big B at the end of the film as he was not ready to surrender himself before the police. The different emotions including personality, the softness of character towards Rakhee, the wife of Dilip Kumar and loyalty to the police department had been outstanding and Dilip Kumar was awarded the best actor award by Filmfare again for his classic performance in the film.

His other film Mashaal where he played the role of a newspaper journalist was outstanding as well. He reformed Anil Kapoor who was brought up in the streets and made him a journalist. But Amrish Puri had ruined his life by killing his wife Wahida Rehman. She died in pain at the streets when there was no one to give her a lift to the hospital. Dilip Kumar’s expression with the dialogue “koi hai” is still remembered by viewers across the country.

Dilip Kumar was brilliant in his role in Subhash Ghai’s Karma, where he used criminals like Anil Kapoor, Nasiruddin Shah and Jackie Shroff to face the terrorists led by Anupam Kher. All of them helped him to track them and fight against them. Dilip Kuar lost his family and forgot the pains after taking up the noble mission.

There is no second actor in the film industry who could choose his roles the way in which Dilip Kumar had done over the years. All the films should be restored and preserved.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Review of God Tussi Great Ho.

Review of God Tussi Great Ho.

Salman Khan has a steady box-office and generally his films rarely do average business. The film is directed by Rumy Jaffry and he had used established performers for the film including Big B and Priyanka Chopra.

The story of the film has similarity with the film Bruce Almighty. Salman Khan got frustrated with his life in the film and showed his frustration against god. God appeared before him in human form in the form of Big B. He gave his divined powers and asked him to take a big job.

Salman Khan used the powers in his acts and became successful. Priyanka Chopra, his friend in the film who worked in the same TV Channel in which Salman Khan was working also was amazed with the activities. But the success did not continue for ever and Salman Khan realized he was a human beings and his success also had limitations.

Sohail Khan had been used in the film for comedy sequences which he used against his brother. Salman Khan apprehended that Priyanka Chopra may get involved with his brother as he was smart and dashing in the film. Anupam Kher and Rajpal Yadav got important roles in the film. The music of the film was also not that catchy considering the success of the music of the films Singh is Kinng and Bacchna Ai Haseeno.

The film has good moments and dull moments as well. The story of the film does not have the substance to astonish any viewer. But the star cast and performance of Salman Khan, Big B and Priyanka Chopra can attract the audience. There is scope of the film doing reasonable business.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gulzar’s birthday.

Gulzar’s birthday.

Gulzar, the thoughtful director of bollywood film has his birthday on the 18th August every year. Viewers who admire thoughtful subjects in films remember Gulzar for his outstanding capability of story-telling in the realistic films he had directed over the years.

Just like the other thoughtful directors of the golden age like Bimal Roy, Gulzar had given lot of importance on casting. He had used Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bacchan in deaf and dumb role in the film Koushish, where the struggle of deaf and dumb people was exhibited. Both the performers were brilliant in their performances.

Gulzar had used Jeetender a reserve person and thoughtful teacher in the film Parichay, where Jaya Bacchan was the eldest sister who was stubborn towards the grandfather played by Pran. Gulzar used Sanjeev Kumar as the father of Jaya Bacchan who was suffering from illness and died leaving all the children at the mercy of God. All the characters in the film were sublime in their roles.

Gulzar also used Suchitra Sen the greatest actress of Bengali cinema in a dignified role in the film Aandhi which was based on the story of dominance of Indira Gandhi in Indian politics. Sanjeev Kumar was the husband in the film and understood her pains in the film and shared them with her even after staying separately.

Again Sharmila Tagore’s docile nature was used in the film Mausam both as a mother and the daughter to perfection by Gulzar. Sanjeev Kumar was the doctor in the film who came back from abroad and gave freedom to his daughter who was compelled to join kotha. Gulzar also used Uttam Kumar in the film Kitaab, as the guardian of master Raju who was the brother of his wife playedby Vidya Sinha. Uttam Kumar ensured that the child got good education and not spoilt in the cosmopolitan environment of city.

Gulzar was never passionate about popular actors and showed the courage of using Jeetender or Sanjeev Kumar or Uttam Kumar at a period when Amitabh Bacchan was dominating Indian films. Also his choice of actresses ranged from Jaya Bacchan to Sharmila Tagore to Suchitra Sen, and he used the dancing skills of Hema Malini in Kinaara and rural performance of Dimple Kapadia in Lekin. Besides his brilliant lyrics and thoughtful music adds another chapter in the list of brilliant films. It is not possible to mention the greatness of the legendary director in a small article. The viewers expect on the birthday of the genius director to continue his great work in the years to come.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Priyanka Chopra and bollywood films

Priyanka Chopra and bollywood films.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra had shown he spark in bollywood films over the years. When she started her career in the film Andaaz opposite Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutta she was known only as a glamorous actress.

But she acted well in the film Don in the role that was played by Zeenat Aman in the earlier version of the film Don. Her performance opposite Shahrukh Khan in the film was well appreciated. She joined the gang to take revenge against Don for killing her brother. She first won the confidence of Don and then tried to kill him. When she came to know the person was not original Don she changed her mind. She gave able lips in the song “raat hai khwab hai”.

Priyanka Chopra
She did well in the film Love Story 2050 which was based on fantasy. She acted her friend Herman Baweja. She lived in Bombay in 2050 where the city was filled with skyscrapers, monorails, etc. Her romantic performance is worth mentioning.

She did well in the film Krish opposite Hrithik Roshan. It was also based on fantasy. Hrithik got supernatural powers from aliens and he could do extraordinary things. There was struggle among other people to get his power. It was a sequel of the successful film Koi Mil Gaya.

Priyanka Chopra
She is expected to continue her good work in the film God Tussi Great Ho opposite Salman Khan and Champku opposite Boby Deol. The viewers expect her to continue her good form and develop her performance.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Uttam Kumar and bollywood actresses.

Uttam Kumar and bollywood actresses.

Uttam Kumar, the greatest superstar of Bengali films also acted in landmark bollywood films. His first film Choti Si Mulakat, opposite Vaijayantimala was based on the Bengali film Agni Pariksha where Suchitra Sen played Vaijayantimala’s role. She was married to Uttam Kumar at an early age and the marriage was not accepted by the society. After a long period of time Uttam Kumar met her and she again got attached with Uttam Kumar and hesitated whether to marry him or not. At the end of the film the fact was unfolded that Uttam Kumar was the same person who was married to her at her early age. The music of Shankar Jaikishan was very impressive including songs of Rafi like “choti si mulakat”.

Uttam Kumar acted opposite Vidya Sinha in the film Kitaab which was directed by Gulzar. Vidya Sinha had a very small brother played by aster Raju who was sent to the city for better education. He got spoiled due to bad influence of other local children. Uttam Kumar acted as the guardian of Master Raju and even persuaded Vidya Sinha to be responsible to the young brother. Dina Pathak played the role of the mother of Master Raju who lived in the village and delegated the responsibility of giving god education of Master Raju to Uttam Kumar in the city.

Uttam Kumar acted in the film Dooriyan opposite Sharmila Tagore. In that film also Uttam Kumar had differences with his wife and both got separated with a child each. The neighbours and friends of Uttam Kumar and Sharmila Tagore convinced them that the differences of husband and wife affect the children at large who need both the father and mother. The film ended with the unification of Uttam Kumar and Sharmila Tagore. The songs in the film “zindagi zindagi, mere ghar ana zindagi”, “zindagi me jab tumhare gham nahi the” composed by Jaidev and sung by Bhupinder Singh impressed the thoughtful viewers.

Uttam Kumar also acted opposite Sharmila Tagore in the film Amanush and Anand Ashram. Both the films were directed by Shakti Samanta. In Amanush Uttam Kumar was a rich person who was falsely implicated by Utpal Dutta in a case that led to misunderstanding with Sharmila which was solved eventually. In Anand Ashram Sharmila , the wife of a doctor played by Uttam Kumar while giving birth to his son played by Rakesh Roshan. The film involved the relationship of Uttam Kumar with his father Ashok Kumar who did not accept his wife and Uttam Kumar left his house. The father and son were united at the end of the film. Uttam Kumar kept his mark opposite successful bollywood actresses in the films he had done and the films should be restored for their strong story-base and powerful acting

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sri Devi’s success in Bollywood Arena.

Sri Devi’s success in Bollywood Arena.

Sri Devi had been one of the few South Indian Actresses who had showed their skills both at their regional film arena and also bollywood arena and reached the highest level in films. She had acted almost opposite all the leading actors of bollywood films and got critical acclamation for her performances.

She was successful in the film Himmatwala, opposite Jeetender, where both their dance performances were appreciated by the viewers. Her performance in the film Jaanbaaz is worth mentioning. She was forcibly given drugs by the suppliers played by Shakti Kapoor and others and it led to her death. Feroz Khan, her husband and police officer in the film took revenge at the end of the film. Although Dimple Kapadia and Anil Kapoor had also done well in the film, Sri Devi’s role caught the attention of the viewers.

She also did well in the film Akhree Rasta opposite Big B. Big B played double role in the film. The father in the film was married to Jaya Prada. Jaya Prada was killed by Sadashiv Amrapurkar and Big B was falsely charged and send to prison. His son Big B became a police officer and was involved with Sri Devi. The struggle of the father to take revenge against the security arrangements provided by the son was the central attraction of the film.

Sri Devi had good comedy skills and she exhibited it in the film Mr. India opposite Anil Kapoor. She worked in a publication industry and stayed in Anil Kapoor’s house as tenant. Anil Kapoor took the responsibility of looking after many orphan children. He got a device by which he could be invisible. He used it to kill Amrish Puri who had been involved in destructive arrangements. Sri Devi was irritated with the mischievous children but later loved them.

Her other successful films include Chandni opposite Rishi Kapoor, Chaalbaaz opposite Rajnikant and Sunny Deol, Sadma opposite Kamal Hassan. For around 15 years she played important roles before Madhuri Dixit dominated bollywood films. Today is her birthday, and her viewers expect her to make a comeback and contribute in character roles.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Review of Bachna Aye Hasino.

Review of Bachna Aye Hasino.

Bachna Aye Hasino is the second film of Ranbir Kapoor, the grandson of showman Raj Kapoor and son of romantic star Rishi Kapoor. His first film Sawaariya brought him recognition. His acting skills are tested in this film.

Ranbir Kapoor had acted opposite three actresses Deepika Padukone, Minisha Lamba and Bipasha Basu in the film. It has been produced under the Yash Raj Banner. Whenever sons or daughters had made entry into films the viewers had compared them to their parents and tried to being in resemblance.

In the case of Ranbir Kapoor, he did not try to imitate his father or grandfather and created his own style of acting. He had done well in the songs “khuda jane” and gave lips in his own style. He had traveled from the age of 17 years to 30 years and met the three girls in the film.

Bipasha Basu was a glamour-girl from Mumbai, Minisha Lamba was a girl from Punjab and Deepika Padukone was an NRI from Australia. All the actresses had done well in their respective roles in the film. The film showed what Ranbir Kapoor had learned from his experiences and his involvement with the three girls.

Just like other films produced by Yash Raj Banner, the exotic locations and catchy music will draw viewers into the theatres. The music is composed by Vishal- Shekahr and they had done a brilliant job. The film is directed by Sidharth Anand who had also shown his skills in the art.

Many singers had sung songs in the film including Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chawhan, Sumit Kumar and others.

On the whole, the film has the elements of success. But Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone has to show they acting skills in the other films that are going to be released later to create they stardom in a competitive market.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do modern actors have the right to defame veteran stars?

Do modern actors have the right to defame veteran stars?

It has a trend that the style of performance of veteran actors and actresses are replicated in popular films in the last few years. The films also get success out of them. But sometimes the depiction of the veteran stars reaches defamatory level which leads to controversy.

For example Farah Khan’s film Om Shanti Om had the title song “om shanti om” where lot of veteran stars had performed along with Shahrukh Khan. It was a healthy exercise. But there was a scene where Manoj Kumar was shown entering an auditorium. He was asked for his ID proof. He showed his driving license. The photograph in the document showed that he had hidden his face by putting his fingers on his face which was done to show his acting style.

The guard could not recognize him as Manoj Kumar and did not allow him to enter the auditorium. Manoj Kumar had taken exception about it and filed suit in Bombay High Court to edit that part of the film as it was offensive. The Bombay High Court had given judgement in his favour and mentioned that scene should be edited whenever the film is shown anywhere.

Previously Shahrukh Khan had apologized to Manoj Kumar saying that he did not want to mean anything offensive. But these scenes in many films disgrace the veteran actors and actresses who had shaped bollywood films over the years.

For example Raj Kapoor’s films had created a market for Indian films in Russia and bollywood films had benefited out of them. Manoj Kumar had acted in many patriotic films like Upkaar, Purab Aur Paschim, Roti Kapra Aur Makaan, Kranti, etc. He is still respected by viewers of different ages.

The new actors like Shahrukh Khan had received many awards for best performance in India and abroad and gained popularity all over the world. They are expected to brighten the picture of bollywood before International audience instead of defaming the veteran performers who had wide contribution for Indian films.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rafi and Johnny Walker.

Rafi and Johnny Walker.

Rafi had a huge contribution in the success of Johnny Walker, the elegant comedian of the 50s and 60s. Most of the songs sung by Rafi for Johnny Walker were hits and caught public attention. Rafi even imitated the style of dialogue delivery of Johnny Walker.

The songs in the film CID, composed by OP Nayyar, including “ai dil mushkil jeena yahan”, picturised on Johnny Walker were melodious. The song in the film Mr. and Mrs. 55, composed by OP Nayyar and picturised on Johnny Walker, including “jane kahan mera jigar gaya ji” became extremely popular. The song was as popular as some of the songs of Rafi picturised on the hero of the film Guru Dutt.

Johnny Walker became an indispensable part of the films of Guru Dutt and used to get important roles in the films of Guru Dutt. In the film Pyaasa, Rafi’s song “tel malish” picturised on Johnny Walker became landmark hit. SD Burman, the composer of the song modified his style of composition to suit the song of Rafi in the film.

In Dilip Kumar’s Madhumati, Rafi’s song for Johnny Walker titled “jangal me mor nacha kisi ne na dekha” became super hit. Salil Choudhury, the brilliant composer composed the songs of the film and received the filmfare award for the best composer in that year. The song “mai bombai ka babu” from the film Naya Daur was also successful. OP Nayyar’s composition for Rafi suited the style of acting of Johnny Walker and impressed the viewers.

The other songs of Rafi which became successful include “gareeb janke”, from the film Chu Mantar, where Johnny Walker played the leading role. Even the songs in the film Chaudavi Ka Chaand, composed by Ravi became extremely successful. Johnny Walker’s song “mera yaar bana hai dulha” became extremely successful.

Johnny Walker was probably the only comedian who had given lips in so many hit songs of Rafi, even considering Manna Dey’s songs for Mehmood. The list of films where Rafi had sung for Johny Walker can go on.

The songs and the films should be restored and preserved.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sanjay Dutt’s comedy films.

Sanjay Dutt’s comedy films.

Sanjay Dutt in his early part of life established himself as an action hero. His most successful films included action films like Sadak, Vastav, etc. But during the long career he got a scope of performing in comedy films where he had shown his comedy skills. In Ek Aur Ek Gyarah, he acted with Govinda and showed his comedy skills. The film involved instances where their funny act had appealed before their hosts including the military officer played by Jackie Shroff. Both Govinda and Sanjay Dutt encountered criminals like Ashish Vidyarthi in the film with their comedy style.

The same combination did well in the film Haseena Maan Jayegi. They performed opposite Karishma Kapoor and Pooja Batra, the daughters of Anupam Kher. They film revolved aournd the story of themselves getting into affair with the actresses and taking the recourse of falsehood to convince the inlaws. The same comedy impulse of Sanjay Dutt was exploited in the film Shaadi No. 1 and Dhamaal.

He got the greatest success in the role of Munna Bhai MBBS. He never had any medical degree. But he got admitted in medical college where Boman Irani was the Prinicipal. He used his underworld influence (help of Arshad Warshi) to compel professors to help hi in the exams.

He helped patients suffering from cancer and serious illness and brought smile in their faces by providing them confidence in his own way. The doctors got irritated with him. He loved the daughter of the Prinicipal. He was expelled from the medical college at the end of the film, but by that time he won the hearts of all the staff the medical college and hospital.

He performed even better in the film Lge Raho Munnabhai. He got the advice of Gandhiji in his sub-conscious mind to use the recourse of truth, non-violence, etc. He artificially portrayed himself as the Professor before Vidya Balan and the old persons of the Old Age Home named Second Innings.

He used Gandhigiri to stop Boman Irani from throwing all the old men from the home. It took a long time to convince boman Irani. At the end of the film when his daughter’s (Diya Mirza’s) marriage got cancelled as his inlaws knew she was manglik, Sanjay’s persuasion had led to Abhishek Bacchan accepting Diya Mirza as his wife. Sanjay Dutt’s Gandhigiri worked and he got the courage of letting Vidya Balan know that he was not the Professor.

The viewers expect Sanjay Dutt to continue his good work in the years to come.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mani Ratnam’s films.

Mani Ratnam’s films.

Mani Ratnam had created a separate identity for himself as a director in his films. His film Roja stormed bollywood in the early 1990s. Both the leading performers Arvind Swamy and Madhu were very impressive in the film.

Arvind Swamy was given an assignment in Kashmir after he married Madhu. He was kidnapped by Pankaj Kapoor and his men so that they could create pressure on the government to release the terrorist leader. Pankaj Kapoor explained to Arvind Swamy the reasons for their hostility towards the Indian Government.

Madhu left no stones unturned to compel the government to release the terrorist leader at the cost of Arvind Swamy. The music composed by AR Rehman was brilliant by every standard. The songs “roja janeman”, “rukmini rukmini”, “dil hai chota sa”, were extremely successful. The film had impressed every section of the society and had been a landmark in Indian films.

His other film Bombay was also impressive. The actors Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala did very well in their respective roles. They belonged to separate religions and married each other and settled in Bombay. Their inlaws who did not approve the marriage at the beginning were moulded within passage of time.

But riot broke at that place and Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala lost their relatives in the struggle. The music of the film was great including the landmark song sung by Hariharan titled “tuhi re”. Mani Ratnam had translated the story in the Indian context very well.

The other film Dil Se also addressed the viewers of India about the unrest of North-eastern part of India. Shahrukh Khan had an affair with Manisha Koirala and came to know about their operation. Shahrukh Khan married Preeti Zinta but when he came to know about Manisha’s intention of being involved in suicide-squad, he sacrificed his life to stop the operation. The films of Mani Ratnam are known for strong casting, powerful music and good script. He is expected to continue his good work in future.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Salman Khan and leading actresses of bollywood.

Salman Khan and leading actresses of bollywood

Salman Khan

Salman Khan had acted with a number of leading actresses of bollywood in the last 20 years. He started his career with the film Maine Pyar Kiya, where Bhagyashree had impressed the viewers. He acted opposite Madhuri Dixit in the film Saajan, and the combination was accepted by the viewers. The songs in the film including “dekha hai pehli baar”, “mai shayar hoon” became extremely popular in the 90s.

In the 90s, Salman Khan acted opposite most of the powerful performers of bollywood and kept his mark. His film Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, opposite Madhuri Dixit became extremely successful. He performed opposite Karishma Kapoor in the film Hum Saath Saath Hai which was also successful.

Salman Khan

His film Auzaar, opposite Shilpa Shetty became hit. Sanjay Kapoor was the other actor in the film who also did well. He played his romantic role in the film Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hotha Hai vewry well opposite Twinkle Khanna. The songs in the film like “pehli pehli baar”, “o jana” became big hits.

With the changing times Salman Khan acted opposite new actresses like Aishwarya Rai in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The film did extremely well in the box-office. He did well in Bibi No. 1 opposite Karishma Kapoor and Sushmita Sen. The film was serio-comic in nature and attracted viewers’ attention.

Salmna Khan acted opposite Katrina Kaif in the film Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, where Sushmita Sen also played the leading role. He also acted opposite Priyanka Chopra in the film Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and Salaam ---ishq. These films were successful and amused the viewers.

Salman Khan

All the major actresses of bollywood films had a great contribution in the success of Salman Khan’s films. He is blessed with the luck of co-stars.In the years to come he is expected to more number of successful films the way he had done in the past.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

RD Burman in the mid-70s.

RD Burman in the mid-70s.

RD Burman did many experiments in bollywood music in the mid-70s. On one hand he had given melodious numbers like “yeh dosti hum nahi torenge”, from the film Sholay, where the song was sung by Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar, picturised on Big B and Dharmender, on the other hand he had Arabic tunes like “mehebooba” which was sung by himself.

At the same time he gave off-beat tunes in Gulzar’s film Aandhi, where Lata and Kishore’s songs “is more se jaate hai”, “tere bina zindagi me shikwa”, etc, picturised on Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen became extremely successful. In the commercial films, RD Burman gave hit tunes like “hawa ke saath saath” sung by Asha and Kishore in Seeta Aur Geeta, picturised on Hema Malini and Sanjeev Kumar.

On the other hand in Gulzar’s film Kinaara, RD Burman provided classical tunes like “naam gum jayega”, “meethe bol bole”, “ek hi khwa kai baar” sung by Bhupinder Singh and Lata Mangeshkar, and picturised on Jeetender, Dharmender and Hema Malini.

RD Burman gave superhit tunes in Rishi Kapoor’s film Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahi. Kishore’s song “baachna ai haseeno”, “mil gaya”, and Rafi’s song “hum kishi se kum nahi”, “kya hua tera wada”, “chand mera dil” stormed bollywood in the late 70s.

RD Burman’s tunes in the film Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai, became super hit. The songs like “hoga tumse pyara kaun”, “zamane ko dikhana hai”, picturised on Rishi Kapoor became extremely successful. Shailendra Singh’s voice was also used to perfection in some of the songs.

RD Burman was sublime in the film Deewar, with songs like “kehdoon tumhe” sung by Kishore, which were picturised on Shashi Kapoor. Also the songs of the film Shaan, like “pyaar karne wale” sung by Asha, “janu meri jaan” sung by Kishore and Rafi became super hit.

RD Burman swayed bollywood music with his innovative tunes in the mid-70s. The modern composers have been inspired by his tunes. The songs and the films should be preserved.

Mallika Sherawat in the recent years.

Mallika Sherawat In The Recent Years

Mallika Sherawat
Reema Lamba, better known as Mallika Sherawat made her onscreen appearance in the music video titled Lak Tunno and then switched over to films. In 2003, she acted in the film Khwahish.

But she attracted the attention of the viewers with her performance in the film Murder, which was an adaptation of the film Unfaithful. The film was written by Mahesh Bhatt, directed by Anurag Basu, with Anu Malik providing hit songs.

Mallika Sherawat
In the film Murder, Mallika was a married girl, who got involved with another person played by Imraan Hashmi. Eventually Imraan Hashmi was killed and Mallika was accused for the murder of the person. But actually it was her husband who had killed Imraan Hashmi. The song “kaho na kaho” which was inspired from the Amr Diab’s song “tamaly maak” became very popular.

Mallika acted also in the film Myth, opposite Jackie Chan. With hit films like pyar ke Side Effects, Aap Ka Suroor and Welcome, she had proved her acting capability and directors started casting her in strong roles in addition to item numbers. In Welcome she had acted opposite senior actors like Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar and hit pair of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif.

Mallika Sherawat
In 2008, her film Ugly Aur Pagli, opposite Ranvir Shorey, had been released. Ranvir shorey, an engineering student entered into an affair with Mallika. The story relating to the ill-tempered Mallika and the slavery of Ranvir had just been directed as a comedy film where the viewers can enjoy their interaction and witty moments.

Mallika Sherawat
Her other film Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam is also going to be released soon in 2008. with aggressive performances in the last few years, the viewers expect that Mallika Sherawat will show her variation in acting in the years to come.

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Uttam Kumar and Madhabi Mukherjee

Uttam Kumar and Madhabi Mukherjee

Uttam Kumar had acted almost all the leading actresses of Bengali films in the 50s, 60s and 70s. His films opposite Suchitra Sen, Supriya Debi, Arundhuti Debi, Sabitri Chatterji became evergreen hits in those days. Even the films opposite Madhabi Mukherjee became extremely successful.

The films Shonkhobela had stormed Bengali films in 1966. Uttam Kumar was a successful industrialist who married Madhabi Mukherjee and had a small son. But his ambitions had led to getting addicted with alcohol and involved in parties.

Madhabi Mukherjee could not stand the life of Uttam Kumar and stayed separately with her son. The son got extremely sick and was cured by Doctor played by Bosonto Choudhury. Bosonto Choudhury reformed Uttam Kumar and advised him to take care of his family. Manna Dey sung the songs “ami agantuk ami barta dilam” and “ke pratham kache esechi” for Uttam Kumar. The songs composed by Sudhin Dasgupta including “aaj mon cheyeche” sung by Lata Mangeshkar became superhit.

Both of them played their roles well in the comedy film Choddobeshi. Uttam Kumar was a Professor of Botany who concealed his identity and went to Allahabad as the driver of Bikash Roy the sister’s husband of Madhabi. He concealed his identity till the end of the film and asked Subhendu Chatterji to pretend as the Professor. The identity was disclosed at the end of the film after creating anxiety in the minds of Bikash Roy, Anubha Gupta and others. The songs in the film sung by Manna Dey like “ami kon pathe je choli”, “bachao ke acho” composed by Sudhin Dasgupta became super hit. The film was remade in hindi with the tile Chupke Chupke, where Dharmender played the role of Uttam Kumar and Sharmila Tagore played the role of Madhabi.

Their film Agnissar was also successful. Uttam Kumar played the role of a doctor during colonial rule who had helped many freedom fighters and lived a life based on string principles. Madhabi was his wife who died due to sickness. Uttam Kumar treated many patients free of cost and died at the end of the film after creating fame among people all across the country. The films should be restored and preserved for the new generation.

Review of Singh is Kinng.

Review of Singh is King

 katrina kaif

Singh is Kinng is a romantic comedy film directed by Anees Bazmee. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif had provided many hit films in the past and are given important roles in the film. With hit films like Namaste London, Welcome, etc., and other successful films viewers expect a lot when Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif act together in any bollywood film.

Akshay Kumar played the role of Happy Singh who was kind, had a good soul and helped others. But due to certain circumstances whenever he wanted to really help others he failed in one aspect or the other.

He was told to go to Australia to bring Lucky Singh (Sonu Sood) who had become king of Australia. He was told that he created a bad image for the Punjabis by his own acts and and as such was required to be brought back.

Singh is King

He went to Australia and met his friend Om Puri who helped him in the foreign land as a Punjabi. He had an affair with Katrina Kaif who played the role of Sonia who was a law student. She was ill-tempered and lost her cool whenever she met criminals. But she was fun loving girl and good from heart.

Their affair resulted in accidental marriage also. But the film revealed the ultimate climax relating Akshay’s effort in bringing Lucky Singh to India.

The music composed by Pritam was excellent and the locations were new and charming. The supporting actors and actresses including Neha Dhupia, Javed Jaffery, Kiron Kher, all had done well in their respective roles.

Akshay Kumar

The film has all the ingredients of becoming successful. The film is expected to be one of the most successful films of the year 2008.