Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dilip Kumar in the 80s.

Dilip Kumar in the 80s.

Dilip Kumar had commanded respect in the bollywood industry for his capability of choosing quality roles during his span of 50 years of acting. In the 80s he did a great job in the film Shakti, where he played the role of a responsible police officer who was loyal to his uniform.

His son was kidnapped at his youth and he was compelled to release the members of smuggling gang led by Amrish Puri. He told them to kill his son but he never released the member. The call was tapped and the child ran away from the place. The child grew up to become Big B who showed his anger against his father and joined the smugglers.

Dilip Kumar had to shoot Big B at the end of the film as he was not ready to surrender himself before the police. The different emotions including personality, the softness of character towards Rakhee, the wife of Dilip Kumar and loyalty to the police department had been outstanding and Dilip Kumar was awarded the best actor award by Filmfare again for his classic performance in the film.

His other film Mashaal where he played the role of a newspaper journalist was outstanding as well. He reformed Anil Kapoor who was brought up in the streets and made him a journalist. But Amrish Puri had ruined his life by killing his wife Wahida Rehman. She died in pain at the streets when there was no one to give her a lift to the hospital. Dilip Kumar’s expression with the dialogue “koi hai” is still remembered by viewers across the country.

Dilip Kumar was brilliant in his role in Subhash Ghai’s Karma, where he used criminals like Anil Kapoor, Nasiruddin Shah and Jackie Shroff to face the terrorists led by Anupam Kher. All of them helped him to track them and fight against them. Dilip Kuar lost his family and forgot the pains after taking up the noble mission.

There is no second actor in the film industry who could choose his roles the way in which Dilip Kumar had done over the years. All the films should be restored and preserved.

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