Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy birthday to Lara Dutta.

Happy birthday to Lara Dutta. The viewers of Bollywood films wish happy birthday to Lara Dutta on 16th April, 2014. April is the birthday month of Lara Dutta. Lara Dutta is perhaps one of the most underrated actress of bollywood films in recent years. She possessed same amount of talent like that of Priyanka Chopra, yet could not attain the level that Priyanka attained within the short time. During the month of her birthday, viewers wonder whether Housefull could have brought back the stardom of the attractive actress from 2011 onwards. She started her career with Priyanka and Akshay Kumar in Andaz and showed a lot of promise. But after doing great job in films like Bardasht opposite Bobby Deol, Zinda opposite Sanjay Dutt, Bombai Se Aya Mera Dost with Abhishek Bacchan, some way or the other lost focus. She was also not as lucky in respect of bagging important roles like Priyanka Chopra. She showed her standard of smartness and comedy instincts in films like No Entry and Partner. No Entry is probably one of the greatest hits of Lara Dutta till now. She balanced the comedy instincts of Anil Kapoor and did outcast Bipasha Basu, Celina Jaitley and Esha Deol in the film. Her lips in the main songs in the film were also appreciated. She was sublime in Partner opposite Salman Khan. Her lips in the songs “maria maria” and others did attract the viewers. Her acting was equally realistic. In 2009, she even showed her daring nature in accepting a role of village girl opposite Irfan Khan in the film Billu Barber. She acted hardly without any make up and brought out the innocence of a village girl in the film. Lara Dutta acted in the film Don 2 last year but that also did not make huge difference in her career. Besides she had acted with Katrina Kaif, the reigning queen of bollywood in the same film. But inspite of her performance opposite her in that film being appreciated by the viewers, Blue was considered the biggest flop of Akshay Kumar and bollywood films released in 2009. After huge amount money being spend in underwater shooting the viewers could not appreciate the great pains taken by the entire team of Blue. After she got married she had not been serious about films. Let us hope that Lara Dutta retains her popularity and provide stiff competition to Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif in future.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Biswajeet Chakravarty and his wife, Shubhadra, Manasi Sinha and others stormed Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar.

Biswajeet Chakravarty and his wife, Subhadra, Manasi and others stormed Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar. On Poila Boishaksh, 15th April, 2014, the first day of Bengali new year, Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee called the celebrity couples in the program Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar. The celebrities included Biswajeet Chakravarty and his wife, Subhadhra Chakravarty and her husband Firoz, Manasi Sinha and her husband Shankha Sinha, and others. There five different rounds of Zee Bangla Tumi Je Amar Program including Shubho Drishti, Saat Pake Bandha, Kal Ratri, Phool Sajja and Amar Sangi. In one of the rounds Biswajeet Chakravarty was asked the question which actor’s role would he had loved to play between Chabi Biswas, Kamal Mitra and others. He said he would have loved to play the character of Chabi Biswas. No other actor had played the role of father better than Chabi Biswas. In the Saat Pake Bandha round Shubhadra Chakravarty danced in the song number “samundar me nahake aur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho”. She danced with her husband Feroz. In the Kalratri round Feroz was asked about which Bengali dish he liked the most. Both Feroz and Shubhadra Chakravarty said it was Sorshebata Ilish. In the Kalratri round, Shankha Sinha was asked which of the cold drinks he liked the most. Both he and Manashi Sinha said it was nimbu pani. Her husband was not very fond of different types of juices. In the Foolsajja round, the celebrities were required to search an ornament from a bhoolbhulaiya. Palash Adhikari who played the role of the mother in law said that how come Shubhadra Chakravarty instead of selecting heroes as life partner selected Feroz? Fatik Purokayet told Biswajeet Chakravarty that once his wife said that there was a quarrel going on in the neighbourhood. His wife asked Biswajeet Chakravarty to solve the problem. He said he went to find solution. But the quarrel started from the time he intervened. Prasenjit Chatterjee and Rachana Banerjee anchored the program very well. As it was Poila Baishakh, the celebrities were given sweets as well.

Happy birthday to Hasrat Jaipuri.

Remembering Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar Jaikishan and Rafi on the birthday of Hasrat Jaipuri. 17th September is remembered as the death anniversary of eminent poet Hasrat Jaipuri. 15th April is celebrated as the birthday of great poet and lyricist Hasrat Jaipuri. Renowned poet and lyricist Hasrat Jaipuri was born on 15th April, 1922 as Iqbal Hussain. In 1940, Hasrat Jaipuri came from Jaipur to Mumbai. Prithiviraj Kapoor heard him in a mushaira and recommended him to Raj Kapoor when he was making the film Barsaat. The epic combination of Hasrat Jaipuri and Shankar Jaikishan started from Barsaat. The first 2 songs written by him became super hit namely “jiya beqarar hai” and “chor gaye balam”. The pen of Hasrat Jaipuri glorified RK Films and other bollywood films for the next 30 years. Rafi, SJ and Hasrat Jaipuri was an equally brilliant combination like Shailendra, SJ and Rafi. Hasrat’s song sung by Rafi titled “teri teri pyari pyari surat ko” in Rajender Kumar’s film Sasural became super hit. In Shammi Kapoor’s Junglee almost all the songs sung by Rafi became immortal hits. In that list, Hasrat’s song “ehsaan tera hoga mujhpar” touched the souls of music lovers all across India. The song was sung by Rafi and Lata and both the versions were very melodious. Hasrat’s lyrics for Rafi “tum mujhe yu bhula na paoge” became super hit in the late 60s. It was composed by SJ for Shammi Kapoor in the film Pagla Kahin Ka. Hasrat’s song “ajahu na aye balma” in the film Saanjh Aur Sawera was a sensational song. Rafi exhibited his classical andaz and tune of Shankar Jaikishan was excellent by every musical yardstick. Hasrat Jaipuri received the filmfare award for the best lyricist for Rafi’s song “baharon phool barsao” in Rajender Kumar’s film Suraj. Rafi’s other songs written by Hasrat Jaipuri and composed by SJ included “unke khayal aye to” in Raj Kumar’s Lal Pathar, “badan pe sitare lapete hue” in Shammi Kapoor’s Prince, “awaaz deke hume tum bulayo” in Shammi Kapoor’s Professor, “aji ruuth kar ab” in Rajender Kumar’s Aarzoo, “dekha hai teri aankho me pyar hi pyar beshumar” in Dharmender’s Pyar Hi Pyar, “dhire dhire chal chand gagan me” in Dev Anand’s Love Marriage, “rukh se zara naqab uthalo” in Jeetender’s Mere Huzoor, “teri zulfon ne judai to nahi maangi thi” in Dev Anand’s Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, “kaun hai jo sapno me aya” in Rajender Kumar’s Jhuk Gaya Aasman, etc. Hasrat Jaipuri contributed in Raj Kapoor’s blockbusters like Awaara, Shree 420, Jis Desh Me Ganga Behti Hai, Sangam, etc, Rajender Kumar’s blockbusters like Ayee Milan Ki Bela, Dil Ek Mandir, Humrahi, Sasural, Zindagi, etc, Shammi Kapoor’s hit films Janwar, Brahmchari, Raj Kumar, Andaz, etc., Joy Mukherjee’s Love In Tokyo, Biswajeet’s April Fool, Uttam Kumar’s Choti Si Mulakat, to name a few. Raj Kapoor’s greatest hit film in his illustrious career remained Sangam. In the film Hasrat Jaipuri’s words “yeh mera prempatra par kar” sung by Rafi and picturised on Rajender Kumar had remained immortal. Hasrat Jaipuri wrote it for a girl named Radha. Raj Kapoor kept the name of Vaijayatimala Radha in the film Sangam. Rafi’s voice at the end of the film brought tears in the minds of the audience with the words “kitum nazaar na hona” when Raj Kapoor and Vaijayantimala immersed the ashes of Rajender Kumar in Prayag Sangam at the end of the film. Hasrat Jaipuri died in 1999. One article is too small to highlight the works of the legends Hasrat Jaipuri, SJ and Rafi. In fact Hasrat Jaipuri worked with other composers of the golden age as well. But the songs written by Hasrat Jaipuri for Rafi which were composed by Shankar Jaikishan still stand out as the most romantic masterpieces in the history of bollywood cinema.