Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sri Devi’s success in Bollywood Arena.

Sri Devi’s success in Bollywood Arena.

Sri Devi had been one of the few South Indian Actresses who had showed their skills both at their regional film arena and also bollywood arena and reached the highest level in films. She had acted almost opposite all the leading actors of bollywood films and got critical acclamation for her performances.

She was successful in the film Himmatwala, opposite Jeetender, where both their dance performances were appreciated by the viewers. Her performance in the film Jaanbaaz is worth mentioning. She was forcibly given drugs by the suppliers played by Shakti Kapoor and others and it led to her death. Feroz Khan, her husband and police officer in the film took revenge at the end of the film. Although Dimple Kapadia and Anil Kapoor had also done well in the film, Sri Devi’s role caught the attention of the viewers.

She also did well in the film Akhree Rasta opposite Big B. Big B played double role in the film. The father in the film was married to Jaya Prada. Jaya Prada was killed by Sadashiv Amrapurkar and Big B was falsely charged and send to prison. His son Big B became a police officer and was involved with Sri Devi. The struggle of the father to take revenge against the security arrangements provided by the son was the central attraction of the film.

Sri Devi had good comedy skills and she exhibited it in the film Mr. India opposite Anil Kapoor. She worked in a publication industry and stayed in Anil Kapoor’s house as tenant. Anil Kapoor took the responsibility of looking after many orphan children. He got a device by which he could be invisible. He used it to kill Amrish Puri who had been involved in destructive arrangements. Sri Devi was irritated with the mischievous children but later loved them.

Her other successful films include Chandni opposite Rishi Kapoor, Chaalbaaz opposite Rajnikant and Sunny Deol, Sadma opposite Kamal Hassan. For around 15 years she played important roles before Madhuri Dixit dominated bollywood films. Today is her birthday, and her viewers expect her to make a comeback and contribute in character roles.

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