Monday, April 30, 2012

Malibu Shark Attack had horror effect.

Malibu Shark Attack.
Chellan Simmons. Malibu Shark Attack was a 2009 film directed by David Lister. In the film Peta Wilson was the life-guard along with her boyfriend Warren Christie. Remi Broadway and Sonya Salomma were the other life-guards. Chelan Simmons reluctantly cleaned the beach after being caught in shop-lifting. She was proposed by Nicholas Cooper. A group of prehistoric goblin sharks devoured swimmers along the beach. All of a sudden Tsunami struck the beach. All the lifeguards evacuated the beach and stayed in the lifeguard hut. The shark struck them and Chelan suffered a large cut on her leg. Peta Wilson stitched it but the smell of the blood drew the other sharks towards the hut. Sonya was dragged out of the hut and killed by the goblin shark. Warren killed few of the sharks with his flare gun. There was huge struggle inside the lifeguard hut. Mungo and Jeffry came with a boat, but the gas in the boat was less and it ended before the people who were rescued could be taken to a safe area. At the end of the film all the sharks were killed. Chelan, Peta, Remi, Warren and Jeffery were saved. The film created absolute horror effect. The actors and actresses Chelan, Peta, Remi, Warren, Jeffery did a marvelous job. The film was made with a budget of $3,000, 000. The horror effect was done by excellent camera work. The film should be restored.

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