Friday, December 9, 2011

Lake Placid 2 had few more surprises than Lake Placid 1.

John Schneider.

The Hollywood film Lake Placid 2 had few more surprises than Lake Placid 1. Director David Flores directed the film. It was released in 2007.

In the film, the story continued from it ended in Lake Placid 1. The story of crocodiles became a folklore in the town. A new sheriff played by John Schnieder arrived in the town. A researcher was plucked from the boat when his colleague was present in the same boat.

A member of the Fish and Wildlife Department, played by Sarah Lafleur, came to do the investigation. She had very strange relationship with John Schneider. They went to the lake in a boat to investigate the disturbance. They found a severed head. They stopped at the house a crazy old woman played by Chloris Leachman. She did not aid the investigation.

On their way back to the town they were confronted by a twenty feet long crocodile. They swam to the shore. A seaplane flew overhead with Struthers and his ally Joe Holt. The team was attacked by the crocodile. They found that Chloris Leachman had been the root of all the problems. She had been feeding the crocodiles with hormone enhancing meat. It was prohibited by the Government. The team came to know that there were four giant crocodiles and out of them two had mated leaving two giant eggs. One of the friends of Sheriff’s son had destroyed the eggs of one of the crocodiles and was killed by the crocodile. His son and his friend and girlfriend climbed a tree in fear of the crocodile. The friend fell down from the tree and got killed by the crocodile. Sheriff John Schneider saved the son and his girlfriend by firing the crocodile by a grenade gun.

Struthers was a useless character. His African servant Joe Holt slept in a tent and during struggle against the crocodile to save his master he got killed. Struthers got killed after he too fell from the branch of a tree and the crocodile ate him up. Sheriff John Schneider left the son and the girl friend in Chloris Leachman’s house. She was so wicked that she almost pushed the girl into the lake when the Sheriff’s son pushed Chloris and the crocodile ate her up.

The photography in the film was not of same class as that of Lake Placid 1. The shooting had been done in Bulgaria. The fear factor was not has high too like the first part. Even then the film had entertained the children all across the world and did mediocre business. The performance of John Schneider, Sarah Lafleur, Struthers, Joe Holt, Chloris Leachman had been excellent. John Schneider maintained style, elegance and bravery while playing the role of Sheriff. Joe Holt showed his acrobatic skills while confronting with the crocodile. The film should be preserved and restored.

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