Monday, February 1, 2010

Starscreen awards do not prove excellence.

Starscreen awards do not prove excellence.

Starscreen awards were given in 2010. Although some good awards were given for the performance of films in 2010, Some of the other categories surprised the viewers.

Raj Kumar Hirani received the best director award for his film The Three Idiots. The film did business of more than 100 crores and the best director award was justified. The Three Idiots was also adjudged the as best film.

But to everyone’s surprise AR Rehman received the award for the best composer for the music of the film Delhi 6. The film’s music was very ordinary compared to the music of the films Saathiya or Roza, etc. On the other hand Pritam having nominations in three films did not receive any award. In fact the film Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani did great business due to the brilliant music of Pritam. It is very strange that Sonu Nigam did not receive a nomination for the best singer inspite of singing brilliantly the song “zubi zubi” in The Three Idiots. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan received the best singer award. Shantonu Moitra did not receive even a nomination for his music in the film The Three Idiots. Kavita Seth also won the best female singer award surpassing Shreya Ghoshal to everyone’s surprise.

Amitabh Bacchan and Vidya Balan won the best actor and actress award for the film Paa. These days Big B wins awards due to only his brand name. It is very sad. Ranbir Kapoor did not win best actor award inspite of giving versatile performances in the films Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. Salman Khan was not there is the nomination also inspite of Wanted doing a business of more than 70 crores. Vidya Balan is a very natural actress. But in respect of her box-office, she is neither a competitor of Priyanka Chopra, nor Katrina Kaif, nor Kareena Kapoor. These days it has been a fashion that the moment an actress acts in a film with Big B or Abhishek Bacchan, she automatically wins an award.

Starscreen thinks that Shahrukh Khan requires an award even if he does not perform in any particular film. None of his films were released this year. Yet he won the award for the Jodi of the decade with Kajol. Similarly Big B and Abhishek Bacchan won the award for the best Jodi. These days it has been a fashion to give best awards to two male performers. Raj Kapoor Nargis, or Dilip Kumar Vaijayantimala would have fainted to see the best Jodi award. Boman Irani’s award for best villain for The Three Idiots is well justified. Also Omi Vaidya’s award for the best comedian is well justified.

Rishi Kapoor’s award for the best supporting actor in the film Luck By Chance is well justified. At the same time Sharman Joshi and R Madhavan should have an award in some category for their best performance in the film The Three Idiots. Neither the awards proven any level of excellence, nor the awards show popularity. Kareena Kapoor won the award the most popular actress for her performance in the film The Three Idiots. Katrina Kaif won the best entertainer award.

If filmfare also follows the same trend it will be a very sad precedent. The awards do not mean anything when stalwarts like Om Puri or Naseeruddin Shah are neither nominated nor receive anything, the hit films like Wake Up Sid, or Wanted, or Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani are left behind.

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Pooja said...

Hi, I totally agree with u. Awards was not the way they should have been. Salman should at least been nominated, Katrina or Kareena shudhave gotten Best actress award, AB and his baby got best jodi that was worst of start screen as they didnt deserve tht award at all, it shud have gone to Shahid Priyanka or Katrina Ranbir. And jodi of decade too were not fairly given. They only thing good abt those stupid awards were performance of Shahid, Salman Katrina. Other than tht whole awards were biased, bad and boring. It was also stupid of them to Show Kareena in Shahid's performance and Ash in Salman's performance specially in Salman's as Katirna was also sitting there to watch Salman's performance but they didnt show her even once. Thats not fair at all.