Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ishqiya will do good business.

Ishqiya will do good business.

Director Abhishek Chaubey had taken a risk in respect of directing a film involving three crooks. Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi had duped another crook. They had to leave the site and go and take shelter in some other person’s house.

They went and stayed in the house of a widow played by Vidya Balan. While staying with Vidya Balan, both Naseer and Arshad tried to impress her. The characteristics of Naseer and Arshad were not the same.

Naseeruddin Shah coloured his beard black to hide his age. But in terms of addressing his rivals, he never believed in surrendering before them if required. He was very straight forward and hardly compromised in situations which warranted such action. Arshad Warsi on the other hand used his wit to deal with situations.

Both had got impressed with Vidya Balan. Arshad Warsi and Naseeruddin Shah tried to create an impression before her in their own way. Both were rustic characters, so there was no show of decency from either of them. But Vidya Balan also understood their feelings.

Later on both realized that Vidya Balan was also a crook. The shooting done in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh require special mention. The performances of Naseeruddin Shah, Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi were excellent. From the last Vidya Balan had matured into a very powerful character actress. She left from where she ended in Paa. The music of Vishal Bharadwaj was equally impressive.

The film has all the elements required for impressing the crowds. If a good film like A Wednesday was appreciated by the audience, there is no reason why Ishqiya should not do well. The viewers should watch the film.

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