Wednesday, February 10, 2010

13B should have done better business.

13 B should have done better business.

The film 13B should have done better business than what it had done. R. Madhavan played the leading role in the film. During the last few years horror films did not do great business. The same thing happened with 13B

In this film R. Madhavan took a home loan and bought a flat in the premises number 13B. His wife became pregnant within short period of time. But strange things started happening in the flat. The electrician met with a shock. There was problem with the Television. The serial that was shown in the TV enchanted the family members including Poonam Dhillon.

R, Madhavan came to know that the family that lived in the same house before had been killed by a mysterious killer. The girl of that family was a news reader. The brother of Sachin Kherekar had an affair with news reader. When marriage was fixed in an arranged manner, the brother committed suicide. Sachin Kherekar could not tolerate the death and killed all the family members of the family of the news reader. There was one abnormal brother in the family. When he was seen breaking the TV, he was held responsible for the killing and imprisoned.

At the end of the film R. Madhavan asked Sachin Kherekar to reach flight tickets to his family members. He went over to the house in premises number 13B. He saw illusionary images in the TV where the news reader held him responsible for all the killings. He took a hammer but by the time he could kill the wife of R. Madhavan, R. Madhavan reached home and killed Sachin Kherekar with another hammer. The entire mystery was unearthed at the end of the film.

Dhritiman Chatterji played the role of a blind neighbour in the film, who walked with his pet dog. His spooky appearance was used in the film to create horror images. R. Madhavan used to fear him. At the end of the film, it was found that Dhritiman Chatterji was a harmless person. The film should have done well in the box-office considering the innovative story. But these days viewers had made it a habit to only accept comedy films. It is very unfair on the part of good directors to get negative responses whenever they come up with creative ideas. 13B should be watched by everyone.

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