Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kumar Shanu said Sonu Nigam has ladies voice.

Kumar Shanu said Sonu Nigam has ladies voice.

In a recent interview given in Bengali newspaper Anandabazar Patrika on 26th December, 2009, Kumar Shanu had said a lot of things. He said most of the deliberations will be found in a book which he recently wrote.

When he was asked that why he is hardly found in latest bollywood films, inspite of ruling bollywood films from 89 to 95, he said that a number of lobbies influence music, and he may not be part of them.

He mentioned that music was at its zenith in the 90s when Nadeem Shravan had composed tunes for him in films like Phool Aur Kante. Most of the films became super hit due to the music. He said that at the moment Indian films are filled with westernized compositions and hence the soft romantic numbers that existed during Shanu’s time is disappearing.

He did not agree about the fact that just because Kishore Kumar died in the late 80s, he got break and gave hits after hits. He said that Abhijeet, Amit Kumar, Vinod Rathore, Sudesh Bhosle everyone were in the race but he made it to the top by his sheer brilliance. He did not give any positive comment about Sonu Nigam saying that the tone quality of his voice is not good but praised Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal.

As far as his lessening of domination in bollywood films, he said nobody ruled bollywood music for indefinite period. He said that Mohammad Rafi did not get songs after the 70s and got a heart attack due to that. He said that Kishore Kumar featured in less number of songs before the 70s.

He talked about a present film that he was working on relating to the life of young boys of Goregaon who earned their living by boot polish. He also talked about his business that he is running in Dubai.

As far as his comments on Sonu Nigam are concerned, it is difficult to ignore his success in bollywood music inspite of Kumar Shanu’s comments. The audience is going to judge the relevance of Shanu’s comments.


Sonu Niigaam said...

Thanks Souvik.
Actually I don't hold it against Sanuda as I can't forget the days when I used to listen to him and admire his voice and wanted to sound as good as him. Am talking about 89-95. So in an indirect way, he's like my Guru and inspiration. He can say whatever, its ok with me.
Many years back he was stuck in a major problem and at his behest, I intervened and solved the issue. I think I should forget that too now since I can see he has already forgotten that!
We all have our individuals journeys and destinies and will-power to work hard. I have my own way looking at life and that's why my career has been different to any other past or present singer. I am always gonna be this intense in my effort to my craft. But all that said and done, I can't deny Kumar Sanuji's impact on my music and am thankful to him eternally for his brilliance.
Keep up the good work Souvik.
Sonu Niigaam

Souvik Chatterji said...

It is my privilege that you, respected Sonuji, had read my articles. Please provide your opinion on the article I had written about you as one of the successors of Rafi Gharana which was also published in

The members of Rafi Forum had criticised me with every possible language on earth because for them Rafi is God.

But as far as my musical senses tell me, you had tried to retain the Rafi flavour while blending your own independant singing style as well.

There is lot of expectation from you, Sir.

Warm regards to you, wish you the best for even more versatile performances for the future.

Souvik Chatterji.