Sunday, December 13, 2009

Teen Murti had memories of Tapan Sinha.

Teen Murti had memories of Tapan Sinha.

Teen Murti had memories of Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner director Tapan Sinha’s pleasant memories. Tapan Sinha’s story, screenplay and music had been given expression by director Raja Sen in the film Teen Murti.

In the film, Manoj Mitra, Dipankar Dey and Ranjit Mallick at their old age opened a tea stall. Manoj Mitra was a retired ex-station master, Ranjit Mullick was a retired professor, while Dipankar Dey was a senior official who had once worked in the corporate sector. They opened the tea-stall to give a new meaning to their own lives.

Their fight against the social barriers inspire the other generation full of worries including the lives of Joy and Paoli. Paoli had depression for her resentments in romantic life. Manoj Mitra had differences with his wife played by Sabitri Chatterji, that did not stand in the way for going ahead with the project of the tea stall. The bigger reason was to keep themselves busy with some work after the busy life had changed its course.

While the tea stall was opened, the three veterans faced a lot of resistance from the local hooligans. One of such characters was played by Subhashish Mukherjee, a local mastan. The unity between the three vetarans could not allow the hooliganism of Subhashish to outweigh the project of the tea stall. The performances of Ranjit Mullick, Dipankar Dey and Manoj Mitra were excellent. Sabitri Chatterji was one of the most versatile actresses of Bengali films and professional theatre. So nothing new is mentioned if her acting efforts are appreciated.

The new actors and actresses like Paolomi and Joy did well. Even the character artists Papiya Sen and Kanchana Mitra did a good job. The film did not have a commercial masala of entertainment.

But viewers should watch the film to appreciate the efforts of Tapan Sinha in delivering a practical story which is related to an eternal truth that everyone are supposed to be old at some point of time and fight life at that old age with dignity.

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