Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 3 idiots will beat Ghajini's record.

The 3 idiots will beat Ghajini’s record.

Raj Kumar Hirani’s film The 3 idiots will break Ghajini’s record. Amir Khan’s Ghajini did the best business in December, 2008, earning more than Rs 200 crores. The 3 idiots being released exactly one year later, on 25th December, 2009, had earned Rs 30 crores within first 3 days, so has the indication of breaking Ghajini’s record.

Amir Khan took the moto of acting in less number of films but better films like Dilip Kumar. His philosophy is working to a big extent. The type of anxiousness exhibited by Amir Khan in The 3 idiots had amazed the viewers. On the first day of engineering class when Boman Irani was showing astronaut’s pen, he asked him why they not use pencils. The astronaut’s pen used to be given to the greatest engineer cum scientist. Ultimately Boman Irani gave it to Amir Khan.

The scene where Amir Khan took Sharman Joshi’s paralyzed father to Hospital and treated him, the viewers related themselves with Amir Khan. Besides Amir Khan did a cameo during the birth of the child of Kareena Kapoor’s sister. He used the local devices to generate electricity and used vacuum cleaner to convert into pump.

Sharman Joshi was brilliant in the scene where Boman Irani wanted him to be witness against Amir Khan and leave the institution. He cried and then jumped from 2nd floor to commit suicide. N. Raghaman was brilliant in the scene where he convinced his father Pariksheet Sahani about his talent relating to wild-life photography. He became a wild-life photographer even after completing engineering.

Kareena Kapoor was brilliant in the scene where she gave the keys of the locker room of the institution to the 3 idiots as against the interest of her father Boman Irani. The performance of each and every actor in the 3 idiots was no natural, that the viewers became spellbound. The songs like “all is well”, “zubi zubi”, etc., were impressive and picturized well.

Filmmakers should took lesson from The 3 idiots and make realistic films which touch the soul, as against larger than life images like Blue which are resulting in waste of money.


Anonymous said...

yea this movie is really good i watched it before and today i just finshed watching it and whoever wrote that review about the movie they had one mistake. it said that one guy jumped from the 2nd story it was really the 3rd story because i just watched it and in onepart he says he jumped from the 3rd story.

Souvik-indrajalik said...

The film had done business of more than Rs 200 crores.
Souvik Chatterji.