Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ajoy Kar's Bardidi amazed the viewers.

Ajoy Kar’s Bardidi amazed the viewers.

Ajoy Kar used to be considered the Genius of Camerawork. He had used his imagination and innovation in crime-thrillers like Jighansha, social dramas like Shyamali, eternal romantic stories like Saptapadi.

Bardidi was the classic literature of Sarat Chandra Chatterji, one of the most respected writers of the country. Uttam Kumar was the model of Ajoy Kar and perhaps his range of acting was best used by the legendary director. In Bardidi, Uttam Kumar was the son of Pahari Sanyal, an eminent lawyer and zamindar of Pabna district in Bengal.

Uttam Kumar did MA and was told by his friends that he should stand on his own feet. He left his parent’s house and looked for a job. He got a job of tutor of girl in Chabi Biswas’s house. Chabi Biswas’s daughter Sandharani was widow, who lost her husband came back to paternal house and fulfilled the responsibilities there. Everyone called her as bardidi, meaning the elder sister.

Uttam Kumar got engrossed in studies hardly cared about the little girl’s tution. But Sandharani gave Uttam Kumar food three times a day and also provided him a separate room to continue his own studies. After 4 months, Sandharani came to know about Uttam Kumar’s act of hardly teaching anything to the girl and told his to leave the house.

Uttam Kumar left the house and met with an accident and got hospitalized. Sandharani came to see him in the hospital. Chabi Biswas contacted his father Pahari Sanyal and took him back to Pabna. After 5 years both Chabi Biswas and Pahari Sanyal died. Uttam Kumar married Dipti Roy and left the task of managing the zamindari to his clerk played by Dhiraj Bhattacharya.

Sandharani’s elder brother got married and his wife never like Sandharani’s control over the joint family. She returned back to her deceased husband’s house. But due to non-payment of rent to the zamindar the land was auctioned and sold.

Uttam Kumar came to know about it and called up bardidi (Sandharani) while she was returning back to her paternal house. Uttam Kumar drove on horseback to let Sandharani know about the fact that the land had been returned back. Uttam Kumar was very ill and died on the spot. Sarat Chandra Chatterji’s portrayal of village life in Bengal and the odds faced by young widow in the 30s and 40s had well depicted by Ajoy Kar. Uttam Kumar, Chabi Biswas and Sandharani were brilliant in their respective roles. The film did excellent business. It should be revived to show the excellence of classic films of the 50s.

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