Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sudipa Mukherjee had been excellent in Rannaghar in Zee TV Bangla.

Sudipa Mukherjee, Rannaghar, Zee Bangla.

Sudipa Mukherjee had been excellent in Rannaghar in Zee TV Bangla.

Sudipa Mukherjee had been excellent in Rannaghar in Zee TV Bangla. She had shown the art of cooking excellent dishes in the Zee Bangla channel on all the week days at 5 pm.

Firstly her rannaghar , that is the kitchen is excellent, having brilliant cooking devices including microwave, cooker, gas, etc. Secondly she had been successful in inviting famous cooks from Bangladesh who had shown delicacies like Bhapa Ilish, Mourala tak, bhetki paturi, etc.

On Janmashtami, she brought a guest who taught how to cook Taler Bara, a dish cooked from the fruit taal, which is famous in bengal, which was also liked by Lord Krishna. That was the reason, why people had cooked that dish during Janmashtami years after years.

In the second week of August, she dedicated her show to the different serial actresses and named the show Nayika Sangbad. She called up the heroines of the serials Erao Shatru, Agniparikkha, Saat Pake Bandha etc. The actresses came and prepared brilliant dishes themselves.

Bidisha Choudhury of Erao Shatru cooked Mutton Nihari, which is a delicacy based on boiled mutton. She just provided onions, potato, carrots, and used butter to cook the mutton with lesser amount of spices. These dishes are prescribed by the doctors to patients who develop weaknesses. She did a great job and explained the manner of cooking the food as well.

Sudipa Mukherjee called up Anupam Roy, the singer of the song “amake amar moto thakte dao” to come and cook a dish for Rannaghar. He also did a great job and also sang songs during the program.

Sudipa Mukherjee’s manner of explanation of the dishes is excellent, and she shows the ingredients and the entire process of cooking twice in her show. Her dishes range from Ilish Bhapa, to La Bhetki, Chocolate Cookies to Mutton Dopiaza. She brought a cook from California who had showed the dish La Bhetki.

The viewers had become spellbound with the excellent performance of Sudipa Mukherjee. They wish the cookery show should create further wonders in Zee Bangla in the days to come.

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