Thursday, August 18, 2011

Debashis had been excellent in Radhuni in Aakash Bangla.

Debashis had been excellent in Radhuni in Aakash Bangla.

Debashis, the excellent cook had been brilliant in the program Radhuni held in Aakash Bangla held every week day at 6 pm. He had been aided by Bengali actress Mallika Majumdar every day.

During end of the July, Debashis celebrated “Ilish week”, the week when all the dishes were dedicated to the famous fish Hilsa. The fish had been considered the king of fishes both in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Debashis himself had shown a number of dishes, while he had invited many contestants to cook different dishes, which were marked by Debashis. He cooked brilliant dishes like Ilish Bhapa. Bhapa Ilish had been always cooked with Mustard Powder which is called “sarshe bata” in Bengali.

On one of the days Debashis cooked the dish “Ilish Pora”. He prepared the fish on Banana Leaf. He had heated the hilsa fish by putting it inside the banana leaf and the leaf burned giving good taste. On one of the days he cooked the dish “ilish paturi”. That dish also required banana leaf, as the hilsa fish was rapped in banana leaf.

The contestants also cooked different types of dishes related to hilsa. They served the hilsa fish with cooked rice. The better cooks were given higher marks and went to quarter final, semi final. The title song in the program “bhalo bhalo ranna, sob sikhe ninna” had remained very catchy.

The viewers wish their best to Debashis and Mallika to continue the show and teach good dishes to every viewers.

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