Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iti Mrinalini had been a commercial venture of Aparna Sen.

Iti Mrinalini had been a commercial venture of Aparna Sen.

Director Aparna Sen made the film Iti Mrinalini both in hindi and Bengali and it had been a commercial venture considering her previous works like Parama or 36 Chowrangee Lane, etc. The film had been produced by Srikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni. The music had been composed by Debojyoti Misra.

In the film, Mrinalini an aged actress wrote a suicide note. She tried to commit suicide in the same way in which she had always thought in terms of entering a stage and coming out of the stage. Before taking the pills she tried to destroy whatever memories were available, including her photographs, letters, correspondences, etc.

But while going through the relics, the different memories haunted her, and she looked back at the history. But once Ajaan started in the morning, she changed her mind and took her dog for walk. The idea of committing suicide changed and she tore up the suicide note. In this film, Konkona Sen Sharma played the role of the daughter of Aparna Sen.

The other actors and actresses in the film included Priyangshu Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor, Locket Chatterjee, Suzanne Bernert, Koushik Sen, Ananya Chatterjee, Rita Koiral and others. Konkona Sen Sharma had done a great job as usual.

The thing has to be seen is how the viewers receive the film. The content and story are outlined in the footsteps of parallel cinema. But the director herself will also be pleased if the masses react well in respect of the film.

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