Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mir Afsar Ali had been brilliant in Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6 in Zee Bangla.

Mir Afsar Ali had been brilliant in Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6 in Zee Bangla.

Comedy King Mir Afsar Ali had been brilliant in Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6 in Zee Bangla held at 9.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He was born in a conservative Bengali muslim family.

On a rainy evening in 1994, when he was on his way home from college, he read a six-day old newspaper in which the clothes from laundry were rapped. He saw that auditions were required for radio- jockeys. He became radio jockey and became famous for speaking in Hello Kolkata on Radio Mirchi.

In DD Bangla, he started his career as news reader on Khas Khabar. He did excellent work in Hao Mao Khao and Beta Betir Battle.

He has extraordinary skills of imitating film personalities like Ashok Kumar, Dev Anand, Mithun Chakravarty, Ranjit Mullick and others. In Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6, the three judges who adjudicate the performances of participants in the laughter show include Paran Banerjee, Rajatavo Dutta and Sreelekha Mitra. Sometimes Kharaj Mukherjee also adjudicates the performances as judge.

Mir Afsar Ali is ably assisted by a group of orchestra who contribute in the comedy show. The performers had come from West Bengal and Bangladesh and had done great job till date. Some of the performers include Shakila, Sangeet, and others. There are performers who do puppet show, ventriloquism, also perform together, one being the microphone, as such.

Mir Afsar Ali had talked about a great performer of Monkey games, named Yasin. He used to come and show different games with a male and female monkey. The audience used to appreciate them, but hardly paid the talented man. He left the monkeys in the nearby forests, who later came to him as such as they could not stay without Yasin. Mir brought tears in the eyes of the audience with the real life experience.

Just by changing the background of the screen, sometimes he takes the visitors to Lords Cricket Ground in London, or Eiffel Tower in Paris, sometimes the forests in Africa. The judges provide tips to improve the comedy performances.

The viewers expect Mir Afsal Ali to continue the great work that he is doing and do even better.

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