Monday, December 27, 2010

Manisha Koirala appeared in Sourav Ganguly's Dadagiri.

Manisha Koirala appeared in Sourav Ganguly’s Dadagiri.

Sweet bollywood star of the 90s, Manisha Koirala appeared in Sourav Ganguly’s program Dadagiri, shown in Zee TV, on 25th December, 2010. That was the Christmas surprise that Sourav Ganguly had given the audience. Manisha spoke in English and hindi and Ganguly translated the Bengali version to her in English.

The quiz program having different rounds like straight drive round, slog over round, bapi bari jaa round, googly round, etc., had mainly questions related to the film career of Manisha Koirala. She had a great background being the daughter of the Prime Minister of Nepal. Incidentally her family was the royal family. The viewers of Bengal saw her the first time after marriage. She got married this year only.

She disclosed before Sourav Ganguly and the audience that the entry into bollywood films was quite smooth for her, without struggle. She studied in Benaras and stayed in India before joining films. She struggled to maintain the stardom once she attained it after the success of Saudagar, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Khamoshi, etc.

Manisha Koirala shared her experience about working with director Maniratnam who tried to change her image from a soft spoken girl to a terrorist in the film Dil Se. When asked about the superiority of Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan, she said that Sharukh Khan was crowd puller, but Amir Khan was more versatile, who experimented with his roles.

When asked about the present trend of films, she said there is a tendency among directors to make films on social dramas involving mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, etc., unlike the films that used to be made during her times, that is the 90s. She had been very humble in her conversation and carried the sweet smile that she displayed in majority of her films like Lajja, 1942 A lovestory, etc. Souav Ganguly should be appreciated for handling stars with dignity and politeness. His program continuing for the last few months had been absolute success.

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