Friday, February 8, 2008

Shahrukh Khan – the greatest superstar of bollywood films.

Shahrukh Khan – the greatest superstar of bollywood films.

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan
is probably one of the greatest superstars that bollywood have ever produced. He is very popular in India and abroad and over the years had brought smiles in the faces of producers and directors, by giving hits one after the other.

He made a great impression in the minds of the filmlovers in the GP Sippy film Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, opposite Juhi Chawla in the early part of his career. Then he was sublime in Baazigar, Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge, opposite Kajol. In Karan Arjun, directed by Rakesh Roshan, he played the role of Rakhee and brother of Salman Khan, who had re-incarnation and in their new lives, took revenge against Amrish Puri, for killing their relatives. Although the subject matter of the film involved fantasy, but due to strong music composed by Rajesh Roshan and good action sequences and powerful performance of Shahrukh and Salman, it became a superhit film.

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan’s popularity grew with time and he was sublime in cross-border films like Veer Zara, where he, being an Indian fell in love with Preeti Zinta, who was a Pakistani, and was ultimately freed from prison in Pakistan after his case was reopened by the lawyer played by Rani Mukherjee. The film had tunes of late Madanmohan where Lata, Sonu Nigam and others had sung melodious songs.

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan had acted in the remake of films of Big B, and there too, his performance had led to the success of the films, like Don. Don was a hit film of megastar Amitabh Bacchan, in 1978, when he acted as an underworld don, who was replaced by an innocent person and came to know about the entire gang who was led by Om Shiv Puri. The same film was remade with strong action sequences and modern camera effects and Shahrukh Khan’s brilliance with support from Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor had led to success. The film had good songs like “raat hai”, “khaike pan banaraswala”.

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan’s films released last year including Chakde de India, Om Shanti Om, had also been successful. In Om shanti om, he was sublime opposite new actress Dipika Parukone, and in the title song “om shanti om” had invited almost all the notable actors and actresses of bollywood to dance. He replaced Big B in the TV show KBC, and his popularity had led to creation of his wax statue at Madam Tussadds museum in London. The audience expects more dynamic performances from him in future.

By: CR Chatterji.


Rumi said...

Shahrukh Khan has very good comedy impulse and he had shown it in the film Badshah and Duplicate.
Rumi Chatterji

Souvik Chatterji said...

Shahrukh Khan had worked on his body, like Salman Khan which is evident in the film Om Shanti Om. He performed the role of Hockey Coach in Chak De India very well.
Souvik Chatterji

Anonymous said...

ShahRukh Khan is the best Actor in Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and Lollywood!!!!

gurpreet said...

Shahrukh khan is the best actor in the bollywood. he was the king,he is the king,he will be the king

gurpreet said...

shahrukh is the best actor. he is the real king . he is the best actor king :)

Unknown said...

king khan is not only a good actor but also he has a lot of quality like ancoring and many more...his confidence ohhhh...godddddddddd......khan never going to stop his victory over the others(((amir khan))hmmm ha ha