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Nana Patekar – the trend-breaking actor of bollywood.

Nana Patekar – the trend-breaking actor of bollywood.

Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar had created the image of a trend-breaker in the films he had performed till now. He created an own way of mannerism which in most cases represented the anti-establishment trend. In Prahaar, he played the role of a military officer who had trained a number of young trainees in his camp. He very extensively showed the training program, which was probably shown in details for the first time in the history of bollywood.

When his trainee, returned back to his house after being handicapped, he came to know that a number of anti-socials were disturbing him and after his death came to stay in Dimple Kapadia’s house as a paying guest and faced the law breakers.

Nana Patekar
He found that the members of the society feared the anti-socials and to drive the fear out of their mind he fought against them in military style. But the Court considered Nana as a mad person who started taking the liability of all the citizens on his own shoulders. The film was an of-beat film without unnecessary music and raised a number of questions in the minds of viewers.

In Parinda, he played the role of an underworld don, who worked with Jackie, and when Anil Kapoor, the brother of Jackie got involved with unlawful activities, Jackie killed him. He had a long history for becoming a lawbreaker in the society. Suresh Watkar’s song “tumse milke” picturised on Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit became very big hit.

Nana Patekar
In Ghulam Mustafa, he worked under an underworld leader, but had his own human values. He was used by the politicians for winning elections and other purposes, while doing so he caused harm to an honest hindu family. He stayed in their house for the period that was required to regain their earlier status. He had always shown very aggressive nature of performance including the role he had played in the film Yaswant.

Nana had also contributed in crime thillers like Tarkieb, where he acted as the investigator who unearthed the truth about Tabu’s murder. Besides in Vadd, he acted in a peculiar role where he suspected his wife for having extra-marital relations with other people and went on killing the persons whom he suspected to be involved in these acts. He made acting look very simple even in complex roles like the one he played in Krantiveer, but with his aggression he had raised voice about the evil practices in society. Viewers expect even more dynamic performances from him in the films in future.

By: CR Chatterji.


Unknown said...

Nana also had shown his comedy skills in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. Even in Welcome he had done well as the brother of Katrina Kaif who loved Akshay.He makes acting look very easy.
CR Chatterji.

Anonymous said...

he is one of the finest actors in the bollywood. I admire his acting.