Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meenakshi – the elegant actress of bollywood.

Meenakshi – the elegant actress of bollywood.

Meenakhsi Sheshadri
Meenakhsi Sheshadri is one of the most elegant actresses of bollywood films of the 80s and 90s. She was well educated and the good conception of the roles had helped her to understand the characters she had played. In the early part of her career she created an impression in Subhash Ghai’s film Hero opposite Jackie Shroff. She also did well in Shaheshah, opposite Big B and gave good lips in the songs “jane do jane do’, etc. She tried to take revenge against Amrish Puri who killed her relatives, who was ultimately killed by Big B in Open Court. Although it was a male dominated film, Meenakshi had played her part very well.

Meenakhsi Sheshadri
In Ghayal, she played the role of a journalist who had exposed the misdeeds of Amrish Puri in her publication. She acted opposite Sunny Deol and supported him in his war against Amrish Puri and his force. In Damini, she witnessed the offense committed by members of in –laws on a woman servant who died in a hospital. As the event involved family prestige everyone asked her to keep silent about the deed. But she gave testimony before the police. After that her life was ruined. She got support from an honest lawyer played by Sunny and her husband Rishi Kapoor. The entire film hovers around the them of the obstacles that are faced by important witnesses before they can give evidence in courts of law. Her testimony in the court at the end of the film reflected the crude reality of our justice system which is based on proof beyond reasonable doubt which leads to criminals being acquitted.

She was a very good dancer and whenever she got a scope of exhibiting the skills she had done it. She acted well in the film Ghatak, where again, she was the silent witness of the evil deeds of Danny, and ultimately revolted against them along with the powerful performance of Sunny. She also did well in film Joshilay, opposite Anil Kapoor.

Meenakhsi Sheshadri
In Satyamev Jayate, she played the role of the wife of Vinod Khanna, who entered into misunderstanding that led to discontent. Their marital life was affected by that. At the end of the film it was settled and Vinod Khanna was successful in his mission. She was also sublime in her role in the film Meri Jung opposite Anil Kapoor. The viewers want her to make a comeback as she left bollywood films for some time and act in character roles and provide even better performances in future.

By: Rumi Chatterji.


Supriya said...

Meenakshi was brilliant in Damini. Her performance can be equated with any of the memorable performances of dimple Kapadia or Tabu. She got very good script and she used it to the fullest potential.
Supriya Chatterji.

Unknown said...

Meenakshi acted well in the film Meri Jung oppoiste Anil Kapoor. The court scene was very dramatic in the film.
CR Chatterji.