Friday, February 15, 2008

Om Puri – the greatest actor of bollywood of all times.

Om Puri – the greatest actor of bollywood of all times.

Om Puri
Om Puri is the greatest actor of bollywood films of all times. If people think about popularity the names of Big B, Dilip Kumar or Shahrukh Khan will come in their minds. But when the acting criteria is weighed there is no second opinion that he had shown his conception in all types of roles given to him for the last 30 years.

In Satyajit Ray’s Satgati, he played the dynamic role of a lower caste villagers in north Indian village who used to cremate dead bodies. He faced the oppression of the zaminder and died at the end of the film while cremating a dead body. He was brilliant in Akrosh directed by Govind Nihalini where his tongue was cut and he was falsely charged for the murder of his wife Smita Patil. He did not speak in the film and balanced the powerful performance of Nasir as the defense counsel who tried to save him.

Om Puri
He was outstanding as a police officer in the film Ghayal, where he was given the responsibility to save Amrish Puri from Sunny Deol who threatened him to be killed within 24 hours. After conducting the investigation he concluded that Amrish Puri was an underworld don and Sunny was doing a good job in terms of destroying his establishment. In China gate, Om Puri amazed the viewers with his powerful performance of a military major who previously had left the army for failure in a particular mission. He made an army of retired officers and ended the rule of dacoits in the particular village in India. All the stalwarts of bollywood films including Nasir, Amrish Puri, Danny, Kulbhushan, etc. acted well, and Om Puri made the character real with his superlative performance. He showed tremendous personality as an investigative officer in the film Gupt, with Bobby Deol, where he unearthed the truth that Kajol had killed Raj Babbar and others.

Om Puri
In Sandip Ray’s Target, he acted as a poor villager who could use the gun very well and was used by the zaminder of the village played by Mohan Agase to kill tigers. He ultimately killed the zaminder to end the tyranny existing in the village. Om Puri has tremendous comedy conception which is evident in the films Jane Bhi Do Yaaron, Malamaal Weekly, etc. His face has spots showing he had smallpox at one time, he used the appearance in horror films like Raat, directed by Ram Gopal Verma, where he played the role of a tantrik who faced the unsatisfied soul of a person. As villain, he made notable contribution in films like Narsimha, Krishna, etc. Films like Ardhsatya, Tamas, Drohkaal, had become history due to sheer brilliance of Om Puri. He is indispensable in the film industry and viewers except his brilliant performance in every type of role that is offered to him in future.


Rumi said...

Om Puri was unparallel in Raat. He explained the unnatural conduct of Revati in the film very well. He was brilliant in Malamaal Weekly. All the expressions were effortlessly given.
Rumi Chatterji

Souvik Chatterji said...

Om Puri was brilliant in the bengali film Chokh meaning eye. He donated his eyes in the film. He was also impressive in Govind Nihalini's film Vijeta.
Souvik Chatterji.

Supriya said...

Om Puri was elegant in his performance in the film Ardha satya. He played the role of an honest police officer who had to face the corruption and undue influence of law breakers in the society on the police. He is unparallel in all the roles he had played.
Supriya Chatterji.