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Ravina Tandon –the dashing actress of bollywood films.

Ravina Tandon –the dashing actress of bollywood films.

Ravina Tandon
Ravina Tandon is one of the most dashing actresses who had made major contribution in bollywood films of 90s. She had done well in the film Mohra opposite Akshay Kumar, as human right activist. Although it was an action film where Sunil Shetty and Nasirruddin Shah had major roles to play, even then she had given adequate lips in the song “tu chis bari hai mast mast” composed by Viju Shah. She also acted powerfully in Sanjay Dutt’s Vijeta, where she was a police officer who had been given the charge of investigating a murder that was perpetrated by Sanjay Dutt. At the end of the film she discovered that Amrish Puri, her superior officer was the actual murderer.

Ravina Tandon
With passage of time she started acting in realistic films and got national award for best performance in the film Daman. She was brilliant in the film Jago opposite Sanjay Kapoor. In that film, her daughter was molested in a local train in Mumbai, and she strived for justice. The rampant corruption in the police department was evident, with an honest officer, Manoj Vajpayee, finding it difficult to conduct the investigation properly. She made powerful submission in the Court of law when the trial on the murder was held, because her daughter died in the hospital. She stressed on certainty of punishment when these types of crimes are committed.

Ravina Tandon
She acted in a number of films opposite Akshay Kumar and Govinda like Dava, Bare Miya Chote Miya. She was even elegant in soft characters like the one she played in the film Ladla, opposite Anil Kapoor, where Sri Devi played the role of the arrogant character. Anil Kapoor was a worker in Sheetal Industries, the organization led by Sri Devi and she married Anil Kapoor to show her superiority. Ravina Tandon sacrificed her love for Sri Devi.

Ravina Tandon
Ravina Tandon left films at a time when she was matured in acting, so it was a big loss for the industry,as her acting capability was natural as displayed in films like Aatish opposite Sanjay Dutt, Zidd, opposite Sunny Deol. If any actress is known for sheer acting capability other than Tabu in the 90s it is Ravina Tandon, because after any actress becomes a star in bollywood films, they concentrate on dance sequences and the acting capability is not exploited. The viewers expect her to make comeback and perform well in character roles in future.


Souvik Chatterji said...

Ravinda Tandon depicted the extent to which deprived women in the Indian society faces oppression. She had made realistic performance.
Souvik Chatterji

Unknown said...

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