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Sunil Shetty – the action star of bollywood.

Sunil Shetty – the action star of bollywood.

Sunil Shetty
Sunil Shetty
had been on of the leading action stars of the 90s. He created a positive impression in the film Mohra, where he was used by Naseer (who showed everyone that he is blind) to kill his rivals in the market. He came to know about the identity of Naseer at the end of the film. Ravina and Akshay supported Sunil Shetty in the film.

He played the role of an anti-hero in the film Dhadkan opposite Shilpa Shetty, where both himself and Akshay loved the same lady. The song in the film “tum dil ki dhadkan me” became a huge hit. Sunil Shetty impressed the viewers with his performance in the film Bhai, where he came from a village with his brother but the killing of his brother made him an underworld don and from that time he indulged in anti-social activities to kill the major offenders. Sonali Bendre and Pooja Batra had done well in the film.

Sunil Shetty
He performed in a double role in the film Gopi Kishen, opposite Karishma Kapoor and Shilpa Shirodkar. The characters included a police constable and an imposter. The constable was a fool, while the imposter took revenge against the offenders in the film.

Sunil Shetty had done well in the film Refugee, where he played the role of law enforcer in Pakistan, who also loved Kareena Kapoor. He did not like her affair with Abhishek Bacchan, who helped people to cross the border at different times. But at the end of the film Sunil Shetty helped the couple to get married.

In the film Aghaaz, Sunil Shetty played the role of simple villager who came to the city with his sister who was sexually harassed by the anti-socials of the society. He filed a suit against all the persons who lived in that colony and taught them how to be united in protesting against the misdeeds of the anti-socials. The people learnt to be brave and face the anti-socials which they did at the end of the film. He had done well in the film Hu tu tu, opposite Tabu.

Sunil Shetty
He is also comfortable in the comedy roles, the ones he played with Akshay in Hera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri. In both these films he was an honest character who was involved in the unlawful acts due to misdeeds of Akshay and silly acts of Paresh Rawal. Tabu and Bipasha Basu had done well in these films. His other notable films include Krishna, Rudraksh, etc. The viewers expect even better performance from him in the character roles along with this performance in the action films.
By: CR Chatterji.


Unknown said...

Sunil Shetty's other action films include Rakshak and Prithvi. his film Balwaan opposite Divya Bharati was successful.
CR Chatterji.

Rumi said...

Sunil Shetty provide a very cultured performance in the film Refugee. The film became successful not only due to the central characters but strong performance from Sunil Shetty, Jackie Shroff and Anupam Kher.
Rumi Chatterji.

Anonymous said...

Sunil shetty
His best performance Include in Rakshak & Best Movie. Because is that film is balance mixed with


Also best films are


Unknown said...

Sunil Shetty is not only thebest action star of bollywood but also he is a very humen being...

i've seen more then 90 movies of my fevourate hero sunil shetty (ANNA)and i love this name - ANNA


Unknown said...

sunil is very god hero of the world ever favorite al the times.i m from pakistan i always see sunil movies not others.karisna and rakshak were good movies also others.if i found oppertunity to meet sunil i ll avail whole heartdly.God bless u sunil you ara always favorite.