Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunil Dutt – the cultured actor of bollywood.

Sunil Dutt – the cultured actor of bollywood.

sunil dutt
Sunil Dutt is one of the cultured actors of bollywood who always has been respected by a large section of the filmlovers. He got decent role in Bimal Roy’s Sujata, opposite Nutan, where he was considerate for the poor girl. Talat’s song “jalte hai jiske liye” composed by SD Burman was very successful. He acted in a dynamic role in Mother India as the son of Nargis, who was turbulent and unmanageable. But Nargis never compromised with the situations and even fired at Sunil Dutt, at times when she thought he was wrong.

In the 60s he acted in multi-starrer films of BR chopra like Waqt and Humraaz with Raj Kumar and all these films stormed bollywood with their romantic presentations and melodious songs composed by Ravi. Sunil Dutt was brilliant in Raj Khosla’s film Mera Saya, opposite Sadhna. It was a crime thriller where Sadhna had died and the song “tu jaha jaha chalega” haunted him. He gave brilliant lips in the song “aap ke pehlu me akar ro liye” composed by Madan Mohan and sung by Rafi. He brought out his soft expression also in the film Chirag, opposite Asha Parekh, and his lips in the song “teri aankho ke siva duniya me rakha kya hai” composed by Madan Mohan and sung by Rafi was extraordinary.

sunil dutt
At the same time Sunil Dutt is known for providing adequate expression in the role of dacoits. He was brilliant opposite Wahida Rehman in films like Mujhe Jeene Do and Reshma aur Shera. Most of these films had the flavour of folk music composed by Jaidev and showed the difficulties faced by women in rural India. Sunil Dutt had also done well in the film Gumrah, opposite Mala Sinha, where the song “chalo ek baar fir se” is considered as one of the best romantic songs sung by Mahendra Kapoor. He was sublime in his role in the film Ghazal, opposite Meena Kumari, with legendary songs composed by Madan Mohan and sung by Rafi including “rang aur noor ki baraat”.

sunil dutt
Even in the 80s Sunil Dutt, made his presence felt in films like Shaan, where he was the elder brother of Big B and Shashi Kapoor, an was killed in a dramatic manner by Kulbhushan in the role of Shakaal. He received public acclamation for his soft subject-matter in the film Dard ka rishta, which was based on the subject of cancer. He could not forget the death of his wife Nargis due to cancer and made a film on that subject.

As an MP also, Sunil Dutt is respected for his work on social welfare that he had done over the years. He is considered as a decent, cultured, soft human being and the history of bollywood films remains incomplete without him.


Rumi said...

Sunil Dutt gave adequate lips in Rafi's song "radheke tune bansuri"which was based on bhajan.
He had done well in Kshatriya also.
Rumi Chatterji.

A S MURTY said...

Sunil Dutt one of the most versatile actors to have donned the film industry was perhaps the most sincere of them all, with no airs for party-bashing or publicity-seeking episodes in his entire career. He could play any kind of role with utmost ease for instance the roles in Humraz and Milan are so different from one another. So also Khandaan provided with him with the role of physically handicapped 'hero' which is generally a taboo in our films. But he played it so superbly. His roles as the 'ultimate dakoo' leave a lasting impression on our minds. He was also endowed with the most vocal patriotic zeal which provoked him to launch padyatras in his political career.

Supriya said...

Sunil Dutt had good comedy conception which he displayed in the film Parosan. He was a honest, simple, innocent person who loved Saira Banu. his innocent performance stands out along with powerful performance of Kishore and Mehmood.
Supriya Chatterji.