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The music of Gumraah stormed bollywood in 1963.

The music of Gumraah stormed bollywood in 1963.

Many films in the 60s were known for their everlasting music. The tunes had remained immortal in the minds of the viewers and for those reason the film also did brilliant business. Gumrah was one of those films released in 1963 whose music had remaining evergreen.

It was a film of BR Chopra who had given thoughtful films like Kanoon and Dhool Ka Phool before. His films used to have very strong social messages. In this film Sunil Dutt, Mala Sinha and Ashok Kumar played the lead roles.

Although Sunil Dutt loved Mala Sinha and both met each other in hill station, their relationship did not end up in marriage. Mala Sinha married a famous lawyer played by Ashok Kumar in the film. Sunil Dutt was a painter in the film.

Shashikala approached Mala sinha and said that she was the wife of Sunil Dutt. She wanted to inform Ashok Kumar about the intimacy of Sunil Dutt and Mala Sinha. On that issue she blackmailed Mala Sinha. At the end of the film Mala Sinha came to know that Shashi Kala was Ashok Kumar’s secretary and Ashok Kumar did the act to convince Mala Sinha to restore matrimonial home. He did not like her intimacy with Sunil Dutt.

The music composed by Ravi in the film was of very high class. His soft romantic tunes were given adequate expression by Mahendra Kapoor. The landmark songs included “chalo ekbaar phir se ajnabee ban jaye humdono”, “in hawawo me in fizayon me tujhko mera pyar pukare”, “ yeh hawa yeh hawa ye hawa”, etc.

Probably Mahendra Kapoor sang the best songs of his life in the films of BR Chopra including Gumrah, Humraaz and Waqt. Almost all those songs were composed by Ravi who received a number of filmfare awards for his excellent music during the 60s. The film did excellent business too. The film and the songs should be restored.

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