Monday, May 31, 2010

Shiulibari was a noble venture.

Shiulibari was a noble venture.

Shiulibari was a noble venture by director Pijush Bose. Pijush Bose learned work from eminent director Tapan Sinha. The story of the film was written by Subodh Ghosh.

Tapan Sinha wrote the script of the film on behalf of his assistant director Pijush Bose. Uttam Kumar and Arundhuti Debi was given the main roles or the lead casts. Uttam Kumar was the illegitimate son of the zamindar named Rudrababu. Uttam Kumar came to know about this fact after he grew up.

He left the place and went to Palamou in Bihar. Everyone came to know Uttam Kumar with the name Matibabu. He came in association with Arundhuti Debi whom he loved from childhood. Both married each other. They lived in a house which was named Shiulibari.

Uttam Kumar created his own name and fame in Palamou. But when the question came as to the marriage of his daughter Suchanda, again his illegitimacy of birth created controversy. Director Pijush Bose addressed this issue in style.

Uttam Kumar and Arundhuti Debi were excellent in respect of their performance. Pijush Bose later developed as one of the most outstanding assistants of Tapan Sinha who flourished with the same art of story-telling like Tapan Sinha. His films Sanyasi Raja, Bikele Bhorer Phool did excellent business in the mid-70s.

Shiulibari should be preserved and restored for his innovative story, strong direction, powerful casting and brilliant performance of Uttam Kumar and Arundhuti Debi.

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