Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review of the film Kissan.

Review of the film Kissan.

Sohail Khan had come up with a serious subject this time in his new film Kissan. In the film Jackie Shroff, a villager of Punjab brought up his two sons in two ways.

He gave good schooling to Arbaaz Khan, his elder son. Later on he became a lawyer with urbanized background. The younger son Sohail Khan, could not study due to lack of financial support. He ended up helping is father as a farmer in the plot of land where he cultivated crops in Punjab.

Dilip Tahil came to the village and persuaded the villagers of the region to sell their lands for his own personal gains. As most of the villagers were uneducated or half-educated it was not difficult for him to convince them.

Jackie Shroff’s family showed the maximum resistance against such evil plan. For while they were united their fight against saving their land they got disintegrated by more problems accruing due to the issues raised by Dia Mirza and Nauheed Cyrusi. The film took a turn after they entered the drama.

In respect of performance Jackie Shroff did an extremely good job in the character role. Sohail Khan had shown that he had matured as an actor. Arbaaz Khan got a favourable script and did well. Diya Mirza was equally sublime in her respective role.

The director Puneet Sira had experimented with a very remote subject. A lot of films had been made on similar subjects before. Ronnie Screwala and Zarine Mehta were the other producers other than Sohail Khan. The film is expected to do well.

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