Monday, September 7, 2009

Daddy Cool will do medium business.

Daddy Cool will do medium business.

Sunil Shetty’s new film Daddy Cool has hardly in prospect of doing great business. Director KM Rao experimented with the chaos that could have happened in the funeral of a respectable person in Goa.

Sunil Shetty, the son of the deceased father Sharat Saxena wanted to give him a memorable funeral by describing the rivers of Goa. He was a writer and tried to make it poetic. His brother Ashis Choudhary, who was even a more successful writer who resided in Mumbai, did not want to share the responsibility of his mother and told Sunil Shetty that he did not have to do it.

Vijay Patkar, an agent of Sunil Shetty’s wife Aarti Chabria wanted to give housing options to Sunil Shetty, so that he did not have to live with his mother Suhasini Mulay. Aftab Shivdasany came with Tulip Joshi and Chunkey Pandey, but behaved abnormally after consuming a hallucinogenic drug. Kim Sharma, who suspected her husband Javed Jaffery about illicit relationship with others, had a hard time to see him get involved with the model Sophie Choudhury.

Vrajesh Hirjee tried to impress Maria in the funeral. It did not even matter to him that a funeral was related to tragic feelings and praying for the departed to soul to rest in peace. It was followed up by a blackmailer Rajpal Yadav who told Sunil Shetty about the scandalous secret of his father. Prem Chopra, an old uncle also played his part.

The comedy elements in the film did not work that well. The script was not that supportive in nature. The music of the film was also not that impressive. If the film does ordinary business it is more than enough. Neither the story is new as it has similarities with the film Buddha Mar Gaya, nor the performances very unique. Sunil Shetty did well in his role.

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