Monday, February 2, 2009

Directors these days never take risks like Salaam-e-ishq any more.

Directors these days never take risks like Salaam – e –ishq any more.

The directors and producers of bollywood films hardly take any more risk of multistarrer films like that of Salaam –e –ishq anymore. It was not a two-starrer or three – starrer film but had around 6 superstars getting involved in separate love stories each.

On one hand John Abraham got involved with a muslim girl played by Vidya Balan in the film. His family members never accepted the marriage. To make matters worst Vidya Balan lost her memory in an accident and could not get back her memory. John Abraham tried everything possible but could not help her to regain any memory. Yet their relationship survived amidst odds.

Salman Khan did playacting by playing the character Rahul who was involved with an item girl Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka wanted a scandal to become famous and get a major role in Karan Johar’s film. In the process she started loving Salman Khan and at the end of the film their dramatic relationship matured into marriage. Salman Khan was sublime in giving lips in Sonu Nigam’s song “salaam- e-ishq” and “tenu le”.

On the other hand their was comedy relationship between Sohail Khan and Isha Kopikaar. They were married in a joint family and whenever they approached to come close to each other it ended up in an accident in one form or the other. Akshay Khanna also could not marry Ayesha Takia taking into consideration the liabilities of a married person. But he could not disown his weakness towards Ayesha Takia in the entire film.

Anil Kapoor got attached to a young girl which led to disharmony in his family life with his wife Juhi Chawla. His relationship with the girl was revealed to Juhi Chawla who wanted to leave him. At the last scene Anil Kapoor stopped Juhi Chawla from boarding a flight and leaving the place. Anil Kapoor was brilliant in his performance as usual.

The relationship that touched the viewers the most included Govinda’s relationship with a foreigner. The lady came to India without knowing any hindi or any local language. She was attached to an Indian person who loved her in the foreign but declined to marry her due to family restrictions.

Govinda took the girl in his taxi to the desired destination and during the travel started loving her. He tried his best to get her married to her boyfriend, but when he failed in his mission he accepted the foreigner as his own wife. The simplicity of Govinda in the role of an uneducated taxi-driver appealed to the viewers more than any other’s performance.

Salaam-e-ishq did good business in India and oversees, but the cost of production was so high that it never ended up being a blockbuster.

These days bollywood producers and directors experiment with two or three stars together in one film but not 6 actors and actresses in major roles like Salaam-e-ishq any more.

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