Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Films like Around the World created Oversees Market for Indian films.

Films like Around the World created Oversees Market for Indian films.

Indian films have a very strong oversees market. In the recent years films like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Dhoom 2, did fantastic business oversees, including US, UK and other countries.

But the oversees market of Indian films, especially bollywood films were created in the 60s, after Raj Kapoor’s acceptance in Russia and other countries with Awara, Shree 420 and other films. The coloured version of RK films started Sangam, and it broke all the records of hit films made till 1963. After Sangam, the director Pacchi, experimented with Raj Kapoor and Rajashree in the film Around the World.

The most significant part of Around the World lies in the depiction of the Niagara Fall all along the film. It forms one of the natural wonders created by God. At least half of the film Around the World had been shot in and around the Niagara Falls. There were shooting done in United States, there were shooting done in Canada, the shots were picturesque, romantic and colourful.

Shankar Jaikishan’s westernized music had always been a grand asset of Raj Kapoor’s films. There was no exception in the film Around the World. The songs “jane bhi de sanam” sung by Sharda, “kitna akela hoon main” sung by Mukesh, “chale jana” sung by Mukesh, matched the romantic mood created by the brilliant locations around Niagara Falls.

Eve the snow-covered regions of Buffalo in USA, were shown where Raj Kapoor and Rajashree were tied with handcuffs by Pran’s men. The scenic beauty cannot be expressed in words. Sir Frank Worrell, the legendary Captain of West Indies cricket tema was also interviewed by Om Prakash, when part of the film was shot in the Carribean Islands. Questions were asked by singer Mohammad Rafi, actor Shammi Kapoor to Sir Frank Worrell, and to everyone’s astonishment he gave correct answers.

The skiing and skating scenes in the snow-clad areas of Canada, ad Northern US created a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers.

The film did not do exceptional business, but created a roadway, whereby other directors started films in international locations. These days Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and other leading actors are seen shooting in different parts of the world. The scenes and the locations successfully depict the culture of the respective country as well. But Raj Kapoor was the trend-setter in respect of shooting in international locations. In that perspective director Pacchi’s Around the World in 1967 created an impressive trend and can be considered an important milestone in Indian film history.

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