Monday, February 23, 2009

Irfan Khan was sublime in Billu Barber

Irfan Khan was sublime in Billu Barber.

Irfan Khan was sublime in his challenging role in the film Billu Barber. Although has banked his resources on the popularity of superstar Shahrukh Khan, the acting in the film had mainly being done by Irfan Khan who made people cry with his realistic performance.

In parallel cinema, those actors who show least amount of mannerisms are considered to be real actors. Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri created an identity as legendary parallel film actors through their natural performances. They used to understand the uniqueness of the characters they had portrayed in films like Akrosh, Drohkaal, Mirch Masala, to name a few. Irfan Khan belongs to that gharana of actors.

In Billu Barber, in the first part of the film he was not too happy to know that Shahrukh Khan had come to his village to shoot his new film. His children and wife Lara Dutta were excited about it and also told the other villagers about Irfan Khan’s association with Shahrukh Khan. Irfan Khan realized the change of status of himself with Shahrukh Khan and was reluctant to meet him.

When the news relating to his intimacy with Shahrukh Khan spread in the village, different sections of the society came to him and wanted them to be introduced to Shahrukh Khan with his reference. Om Puri even gave him costly equipments for restructuring his saloon which was there in a dilapidated condition. But with strong security created by the local police, Irfan Khan could not get access to meet Shahrukh Khan.

When the police arrested a number of villagers who tried to enter the shooting zone forcefully, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and others understood the fact that Irfan Khan had no closeness at all with Shahrukh Khan. Om Puri unnecessarily ransacked his saloon and took back all the expensive items which he gave to him on the understanding of getting introduced with Shahrukh Khan.

The striking part of Irfan Khan’s performance was that he kept his composure when the villagers misbehaved with him after not getting access to Shahrukh Khan. He even remained calm and never got elated when Shahrukh Khan disclosed the contribution of his friend Billu whom he searched a lot but could not find after he became a film star.

Irfan Khan could not even go and visit the speech of Shahrukh Khan that he gave in the school in the village, he heard his words from outside. His realistic performance is a learning experience for commercial actors who believe in mannerisms. Irfan Khan should better roles in refined commercial films in future.

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