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Amrish Puri - the most versatile villain of all times

Amrish Puri –the most versatile villain of all times.

Amrish Puri
Amrish Puri emerged as one of the most powerful character artists in notable films of Shyam Benegal and Govind Nihalini and used his experience of stage and parallel cinema in commercial films where he is considered as one of the most versatile actors of all times. His performance in films like Bhumika, Akrosh had created a great impact on viewers.

He playedtherole of a notorious smuggler in the film Shakti with the name JK. Dilip Kumar, an honest police officer in the film raided most of his unlawful godowns and seized the smuggled products stored by Amrish Puri. Amrish Puri killed Rakhee to take revenge against Dilip Kumar. Big B, the song of Dilip Kumar chased Amrish Puri and killed him in the Airport. The strong personality of Dilip Kumar was balance by the powerful performance of Amrish Puri.

Amrish Puri
Amrish Puri was sublime in his villainish performance in the film Mashal opposite Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar was a journalist in the film and Amrish Puri destroyed his house and his oppression led to death of Wahida Rehman, his wife without treatment. He reformed Anil Kapoor and he became a journalist at the end of the film. Amrish Puri kept the balance of the film with his criminal acts.

Amrish Puri gave a new dimension to the concept of negative roles by brilliant performance in the role of Mogambo in the film Mr. India. Anil Kapoor got a device by which he became invisible and Amrish Puri wanted the device so that he could rule the world. He dominated the film and his dialogues in the film became famous all over the world.

Amrish Puri
Amrish Puri played significant roles in the films Ghayal, Damini, etc., opposite Sunny Deol, sometimes as a corrupted industrialist and sometimes as wicked lawyer. He expressed his feelings relating to cruelty, fear, anxiety very well in these films. At one time he became indispensable in bollywood films and films like Andha Kanoon, Aaj Ka Arjun got added importance due to his performance. New actors should learn a lot from the powerful performances of Amrish Puri.

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