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Rishi Kapoor and Rafi.

Rishi Kapoor and Rafi.

mohammed rafi
Rishi Kapoor had created a great combination with Rafi in the mid-70s, when most of the other actors for whom Rafi had given playback had shifted to character acting. In Laila Majnu, all the songs of Rafi like “likhe tera naam”, “tere dar pe aya hoon”, “barbad mohabbat”, composed by Madanmohan and Jaidev, became hits. Rishi always had given excellent lips in the songs that were picturised on him.

Rishi Kapoor
In Amar Akbar Anthony, all the songs of Rafi were hits, including “parda hai parda”, “shirdiwali saibaba”, “humto tumse ho gaya hai pyar”, etc. All the compositions of Laxmikant Pyarelal in the film were big hits. Besides Rishi’s character in the film was that of a qawalli singer. He was at his best and did justice to Rafi’s songs.

Rafi’s songs in the film Sargam, composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal, were also equally successful. The leading songs include “koel boli”, “dafliwale dafli baja”, “ramjiki nikli sawari” were big hits, where most of them were duet songs with Lata. Rishi played the dafli in style and complimented Jaya Prada’s outstanding choreography in the film.

mohammed rafi
Even in Karz, Rafi’s song was extremely successful with Rishi giving splendid lips in the song “dard-e-dil”, which was composed by LP. Rishi again played the role of a popular singer in the film which was directed by Subhash Ghai in style.

Rafi also did sing successful songs for Rishi, in films where RD Burman had given landmark tunes. For example, in Zamane ko Dikhana, Hai, Rafi’s song “sochenge pyar kya hua” with Asha was extremely melodious.

Rishi Kapoor
Also in Hum kisi Se Kam Nahi, the title song sung by Rafi, “hya agar dushman zamana” was one of the leading qawallies of that time. Due to Rishi’s extraordinary capability to give lips and Rafi’s sweet voice the directors could afford to give qawallies in the films of late 70s.

Had Rafi survived for more number of years, the combination could have given even more hits. The songs should be restored for their epic value.

By: CR Chatterji.

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Supriya said...

The craze for creating qawallies faded away in the early 80s, because none of the other actors produced the same standard of excellence which Rishi Kapoor and Rafi produced in films like Amar Akbar Anthony, Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahi, etc.
Rishi Kapoor.

Supriya said...

Rafi had sung melodious songs in the films of Rishi Kapoor, even where thre lips were given by other actors, for example, "yeh ladka hai alla" with Asha, was picturised in Rishi's film hum Kisi Se kum Nahi, but the lips were given by Tariq.
Supriya Chatterji.

Anonymous said...

Great article and good topic also like Rishi kapoor and Rafisahab. I like all the songs of the film Sargam. Like "Dafli wale, koyal bholi, mujhe mat roko mujhe jaane do and hum to chale pardes. what a great singer he was. Really Rafisahab is rafisahab only. no other rafi will come again.

shashank chickermane

Chitta said...

In addition to what Shashank Chickermane had said that Rishi Kapoor's lips had contributed in Rafi's comeback in the mid-70s. Shashank Chickermane had made valuable contribution on Rafi and I agree with his comment that Rafi was unparallel.
CR Chatterji.