Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar.

Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar.

By: Rumi Chatterji.

The admirers of Big B, argue that the appearance of Big B in bollywood films had brought a huge change in the musical career of Kishore Kumar. There is no doubt that he had sung maximum number of songs for Big B, and as the popularity of Big B, was unparallel, much of the success of KK is related with Big B.

But Rajesh Khanna had provided a platform for KK from where he never had to look back. The successful songs of the combination include “meri sapno ki rani”, and “roop tera mastana” from the film Aradhana, composed by SD Burman. The other films where KK contributed for Rajesh Khanna include Safar, where the song “zindagi ka safar” composed by Kalyanji Anandji became a landmark hit.

RD Burman contributed the most in the films of Rajesh Khanna and KK. The successful songs of the combination include “kuch to log kahenge”, “chingari koi bharke”, etc., from the film Amar Prem, “chala jata hoon” from the film Mere Jeevan Saathi, “diye jalte hai” from Namakharam, “karwate badalte rahe”, “jai jai shiv shankar”, “zindagi ke safar me”, etc., from the film Aap Ki Kasam, “tere naina sawan bhado” from the film Mehbooba, “ai shaam mastani” from the film Kati Patang, etc. The list can go on.

A number of successful songs of KK and Rajesh Khanna are also composed by LP. The prominent ones among them include “accha to hum chalte hai” from the film Aan Milo Sajna, “chal chal chal mere hathi” from the film Hathi Mere Saathi, “gore rang pena itna guma na kar” from Roti, etc.

With the domination of action films in the mid-70s, with Sholay, Dewaar, Don, Shaan, breaking previous records, Rajesh Khanna faded away from the film arena. But in the late 70s and also early 80s, KK’s songs for him in films like Anuraag, Sautan, etc., reached the audience.

The songs and the films should be restored as rich assets.


A S MURTY said...

There are scores of other songs by KK for RK and from both the RDB and LP bastions. Saccha Jhuta, Dushman too provided very melodious numbers by KK. Meri Pyari Behaniya from Saccha Jhuta was a cult song if you remember just like "Bindiya Chamkegi" by Lataji. "Vaada Tera Vaada" again by LP and KK/RK combination was again a super duper hit song. KK suited RK to the hilt and vice versa, although even Rafi Sahab's songs for RK were all superb. The voice is Kishore Kumar was much more crisp and sharp when compared to the smooth and silky voice of Rafi Sahab. Both had the perfect diction and clarity and base. Kishore had sung hundreds of songs before Rajesh Khanna arrived with a splash, but he was always in the shadows of Rafi Sahab and Mukesh. But 1969 and Araadhana changed the lot of Kishore Kumar and the first real superstar of Indian Cinema emerged in the form of Rajesh Khanna. KKs songs on RK are far more melodious and meaningful when compared to his songs on AB. Just compare the two styles and you will find that even if more number of songs on AB were composed and sung by KK, the quality of songs and the compostiions of KK-RK combine was musically correct, if I may say so.
Good article, providing for some food for thought.

Unknown said...

Kishoreda gave playbacks to most of the leading stars of his time including himself, but 95% songs sang by him for Rajesh Khanna are far far superb in comparison to others. Major real classics of Kishoreda are from films of Rajesh Khanna which are immortal. In fact after giving voice to RK, KK achieved the unbeatable position; Amit and others were just took advantage of his stature.

Anonymous said...

Please do not pen anything when you don't know much... Amitabh is the Damage to Hindi Films. The standard which we see today. KK was a industry by himself. Because of him many, or rather many more are still earning their bread. It wasn't who he sung for, but it was who was the lucky one to lip his voice on screen.

V. Manohar said...

Kishore Kumar had entertained the viewers with his multi-talented singing style for more than 30 years. Within that span he was specially indebted to Super Star Rajesh Khanna who had given him golden voice in bollywood. Kishore Kumar and Super Star Rajesh Khanna were made for each other and they were outstanding in the film industry.