Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prospect of Kareena Kapoor in 2009.

Prospect of Kareena Kapoor in 2009.

2009 is definitely going to be a testing year for Kareena Kapoor. As it has been said a number of times that the task of retaining the number one position in bollywood industry is more difficult than reaching the number one position.

Kareena Kapoor has generally four competitors namely Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai and Lara Dutta. She has an edge over the other actresses in terms of her acting potentiality which she had proved a number of times.

But these days whenever any actress crosses 30 years, or gets married the producers and directors discard them. So the period of success of the leading actresses are getting reduced day by day. Madhuri Dixit ruled bollywood films for more than ten years. But after her retirement, every year Indian celluloid saw a new reigning queen.

In 2009, Kareena’s film Kambakht Ishq did fantastic business. Kareena’s combination with Akhay Kumar entertained the viewers to a great extent. In the same year she is appearing opposite Amir Khan in film The Three Idiots and Salman Khan in the film Mr and Mrs. Khanna.

Kareena also has to face the fact that she is a bit older than Katrina Kaif or Priyanka Chopra, so obviously her demand will gradually go down. So she is inclined to sign meaningful films at the moment and try to maintain her steady market.

It is fact that Kareena Kapoor had pulled on the legacy of Raj Kapoor after Rishi Kapoor, as none of the sons of Shammi Kapoor or Shashi Kapoor could be successful in bollywood films. Wherever Kareena Kapoor even did dance numbers, her performance was appreciated. For example her performance in Don in the dance number “yeh mera dil pyar ka diwana” amazed the viewers.
The viewers are looking forward to even better performance from Kareena Kapoor in 2009 itself

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