Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blue is going to be the costliest film ever.

Blue is going to be the costliest film ever.

The film Blue which is going to be released later this year is going to be the costliest film made ever in the history of bollywood. It has a budget over 100 crores and the standard of underwater shooting being done in the film can envy Hollywood directors.

Director Anthony DeSouza got inspired by Jaws and The Deep and made a thriller titled Blue which is going to be released in the later part of the year 2009. There was treasure that was hidden underneath the sea, which three friends including Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar and Zayed Khan had tried to find.

Lara Dutta had worked with Sanjay Dutt in the film. Lara Dutta had been sublime with him previously in the film Zinda. She had proved her metal once again. She even trained herself with Scuva diving before doing the stunts relating to diving in the film.

Lorenze Gonzalves, a big builder of US had trained Sanjay Dutt for his stunts in the film. Hollywood mae up artist Nikoletta Skarlattos did the make up for Lara Dutta who looked a bit different in the film. Katrina Kaif also had gave a cameo performance in the film.

She had shown her beauty in other films in the past. In Blue the viewers will see her fitness and acrobatic ability. Sunil Shetty did a great a job in the film. Akshay Kumar was brilliant as usual.

While doing his stunts, once he even collided with the body of a ship and started bleeding. The entire crew helped him during the injury to recover. Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue will also be seen in the film who had exciting scenes with Akshay Kumar.

AR Rehman’s music in the film had been sensational and he also make Kylie Minogue sing for him in the film.

In a nutshell it is cracker entertainment that is awaiting release within next two months. Ashtavinayak Cinevision again had worked out for entertaining the audience. The big budget project can land up being the greatest hit of the years.

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