Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kangana Ranaut has a busy 2009.

Kangana Ranaut has a busy 2009.

Kangana Ranaut was a very happy actress in 2008 after bagging the filmfare award for the best supporting actress for her performance in the film Fashion. She was as prominent as Priyanka Chopra in the film and had been appreciated by critics as well.

2009 had been a very busy year for Kangana Ranaut. She did a marvelous job in the film Raaz – the mystery continues. That film started the series of horror films in bollywood in 2009. She played the role of a girl who was suffering from diseased due to the unsatisfied soul of Jackie Shroff being there in her body. Jackie had died and wanted to let the world know about the cause of his death. At the same time Imraan Hashmi knew about the entire thing. He was a painter and whatever was supposed to occur in future used to come in his mind and he used to paint it. At the end of the film Kangana was successful in letting the world know about the truth relating to murder of Jackie.

Kangana Ranaut was appreciated for her bold performance in the films Gangster and Life in a Metro. In fact she won the filmfare award for the best debutant for her performance in the film Gangster. Those films did fantastic business in India and the overseas market.

In 2009, Kangana’s three films will be released including Roshan, Kites and Happy New Year. Already Kites had created new much before its release. Barbara Mori, the bold actress in the film already entered into an affair with Hrithik Roshan for which the media became very curious. It was even published that the relationship of Hrithik Roshan with his wife became worst due to those events.

Director Rakesh Roshan always gave ample scope to the actors and actresses to show their skills in his film. Kangana Ranaut also has been used to perfection in the film Kites. It is a big budget film and the entire nation is waiting anxiously for the release of the film.

Happy New Year and Roshan are also interesting ventures and Kangana Ranaut will create good impression with her performance. Let us hope for the best.

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