Sunday, June 21, 2009

Will Barbara Mori storm Indian films with Kites?

Will Barbara Mori storm Indian films with Kites?

Barbara Mori had created news in the Indian media for creating scandal with Hrithik Roshan during the shooting of upcoming film Kites. The Indian viewers still have to know the background of Barbara Mori.

Barbara Mori was born in Montivedio, Uruguay on February 2nd, 1978. She had Mexican, Japanese and Uruguay heritage. Due to divorce of her parents, her childhood was disturbed. While she worked as waitress at the age of 14, she was discovered by Fashion Designer Marcus Toledo. She learnt acting in El Centro de Estudios de Formacion Actoral. She started in Mexican Telenovela Al norte del Corazon. She also performed in comedy series Tric Tac and Mirada de mujer. She got the best new actress award for this film Mirada de Mujer.

She came to limelight in 1998 with the notable role ‘Azul’ in the series ‘Azul Tequila’ with Mauricio Ochmann. Her combination with Christian Meier was well appreciated in the series Me Meuro Porti in Miami. She also gave a landmark performance in the Mexican film Inspiracio in 2000. The other landmark performances included Amor Descerado and Rubi.

The following films of Barbara Mori made her superstar. In 2005 she gave a starring performance in blockbuster film La Mujer de mi hermano. Her viewers started recognizing her with the character Zoe. She gave scintillating performance in the film Pretendiendo.

Indian producer and director Rakesh Roshan utilized her immense talent in the film Kites to be released this year. She already created news by getting involved in emotional relationship with Hrithik Roshan. Viewers wonder whether Barbara can take the Indian audience by storm. Already Katrina Kaif had come from London and shaken up entire bollywood. Those who initially pointed their fingers at the hindi intonation of Katrina Kaif had been admirers themselves of the western beauty.

Barbara Mori had created a great level of curiosity for the viewers which can help Rakesh Roshan’s film a lot. The viewers expect a power pact performance from both Hrithik and Barbara in the film Kites and fantastic entertainment. Let us hope for the best.

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Anonymous said...

ive seen Kites ,and cld not take my eyes off Babara Mori....she is just adorable ,exciting...and what a dream