Friday, June 19, 2009

Ravina Tandon left films at a time when she learned acting.

Ravina Tandon left films at a time when she learned acting.

Ravina Tandon left films at a time when she learned acting. When she joined bollywood films her glamour appealed before the viewers more than her acting. She came to limelight with her appearance in the action film Mohra opposite Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty. The song “tu cheez bari hai mast mast” became super hit in the mid-90s.

From that time onwards her films opposite Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty always became super hit. Examples include Officer and Vinashak opposite Sunil Shetty and Dava opposite Akshay Kumar. He learned few action stunts also for sustaining in those types of films. The other hit films were opposite Sanjay Dutt like Vijeta and Aatish. In both these films her lips in leading songs like “sherry mai ho gaya diwana” became very popular.

But her maturity in acting came about in the later part of the career. She gave a lifetime performance in the film Shool, opposite Manoj Vajpai. Manoj Vajpai was a fearless police officer and faced the hardles from the ruling political parties in the state of Bihar. As the ruling party was corrupted they never wanted the police to investigate freely. When Manoj Bajpai was injured in the process Ravina Tandon gave moral support to him.

Ravina Tandon continued her good work in the film Jago opposite Sanjay Kapoor. Her daughter was raped in a local train in Mumbai. When the case was taken up by Manoj Bajpai he faced problems in getting testimony of witnesses who had seen the event. People feared the underworld gang who were involved with the atrocities. Ravina Tandon submitted before Court of Law that she was disgusted with the conscience of passersby in trains who had seen a small child being raped and yet failed to cooperate with the police to get the wrongdoers addressed and imprisoned.

Ravina Tandon got the national award for best performance in female role in the film Daman. When she left films around 10 years back, she was matured the most. The viewers expected that her enhanced standard of performances would enrich bollywood films. But she got married and begot a daughter and stopped acting. She is seen in television shows where she adjudicates dance performers.

But viewers expect her to make a comeback and still contribute in character roles.

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