Thursday, June 11, 2009

Importance of New York in Katrina Kaif's career.

Importance of New York in Katrina Kaif’s career.

Katrina Kaif had remained the uncrowned queen of bollywood films of the last 5 years. Her success in big budget films one after the other had given the number one position and producers and directors had relied upon her while experimenting with various subjects.

She was brilliant and gorgeous opposite Salman Khan in the film Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, gave electrifying performance opposite Akshay Kumar in the films Namaste London, Welcome, Singh is Kinng, was sublime opposite Govinda in the film Partner and Akshay Khanna in the film Race. With her gorgeous lips in romantic songs in all these films including “teri ore teri ore”, “allah duhayi hai”, “just chill chill”, etc., youngsters had become mad about her in the last few years.

She had also replaced Aishwarya Rai in a number of advertisements and became the brand ambassador herself. Superstars in the past had accepted the fact that reaching the summit of popularity is difficult, but it is more difficult to maintain the popularity. Katrina Kaif had attained the first feat but has to maintain the stardom.

In that respect Katrina’s fate is dependent on the success of the film New York. In 2009, her film is getting released for the first time, so lot of viewers have wide expectation from the film. In the film New York, Katrina Kaif had been asked to attend the birthday party by the crew members who were shooting a film in Philadelphia. Katrina was invited along with John Abraham and Kabir Khan.

Crew members who came in one car got entry, while the car where Katrina, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Kabir Khan came, entry was denied. Their identity was required. All of them said that they were popular artists in Indian films. But such identification did not suffice the requirement.

By the time, all the actors and actresses were successful to provide their identification, the party was over. The film was related to that subject.

Katrina Kaif looked gorgeous as ever just like other films. The viewers expect the film to be super hit, so that Katrina Kaif’s dream run continue and the bad time of bollywood during period of recession end.

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