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Review of Sanjay Dutt's Vijeta.

Review of Sanjay Dutt’s Vijeta.

Sanjay Dutt used to be considered the action king of bollywood films in the 90s, before he was arrested in relation to TADA Act and his career got affected. He entertained the viewers with many memorable action films like Sadak, Aatish, Yalgaar, etc.

Vijeta was one of his successful films with Raveena Tandon (directed by K. Muralimohan Rao) which had entertainment all along the film. He was a lawyer who was guided by Alok Nath an eminent lawyer who treated him like his son. While Alok Nath took the brief of an upright officer, Paresh Rawal, an eminent builders of the city with his men killed Alok Nath and took the evidence by force.

Sanjay Dutt first killed Paresh Rawal’s men one by one and then Paresh Rawal at the end of the film. Ravina Tandon was a police investigator who worked under the supervision of Amrish Puri. But Amrish Puri was also involved with Paresh Rawal and the unlawful group of promoters.

Ravina Tandon tried to stop Sanjay Dutt from killing Paresh Rawal’s men who had killed his guide Alok Nath. But she failed. Lastly she arrested Sanjay Dutt and imprisoned him. When he was in jail she went to arrest Paresh Rawal and Amrish Puri.

She got beaten up by the men of Paresh Rawal and Amrish Puri and Sanjay Dutt had to escape from the jail and he burned Amrish Puri when he tried to escape. Amrish Puri gave another spirited performance in the film and was the probably the best actor of the film. Besides there were character artists in the film like Annu Kapoor, who did well. Annu Kapoor’s own son who was a constable, was killed by Amrish Puri.

The music in the film given by Anand Milind was very impressive. The song “sherry mai ho gaya tumhara” was very impressive with foreign locations. Sanjay Dutt was the only action star other than Sunny Deol who was accepted by the viewers in the 90s and had been an inspiration for new action stars like Bobby Deol, Hrithik Roshan and others who did well in the last 10 years.

The film Vijeta should be restored for its powerful action sequences.

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