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Review of Uttam Kumar's Bicharak.

Review of Uttam Kumar’s Bicharak.

Bicharak was Uttam Kumar’s successful film based on the story of legendary writer Tarashankar Bandhopadhyay and director Prabhat Mukherjee. Prabhat Mukherjee was the husband of Aristocrat actress Arundhuti Debi. He died at an early age and Arundhuti Debi married renowned director Tapan Sinha later.

Bicharak was the story where Uttam Kumar was unhappy with his marital life with the wife played by Deepti Roy. Arundhuti Debi was the cousin sister of Deepti Roy, who was highly educated, and upstart. She played tennis with Uttam Kumar. Deepti Roy became jealous about Arundhuti Debi and created unrest in the family with Uttam Kumar.

One day when fire broke out in the room of Deepti Roy, Uttam Kumar saved himself and fell to help his wife to come out of the fire. Uttam Kumar married Arundhuti Debi and settled as judge later one. One day he witnessed a case filed in his court having the same type of fact situation. Chabi Biswas made submission before the Court explaining the fact situation. The performance of Chabi Biswas in the respective role was brilliant by every acting standard.

He submitted before the judge that two brothers were attached to a girl and loved her equally. When both the brothers well travelling on boat, the brother who new swimming threw the other brother into the river knowing that he could not swim. He died as a result of it. In plain eyes it was a case of accident, but the circumstances proved the fact that it was a murder. There was motive present in the mind of the younger brother, that was to marry the girl, and for that reason he killed his brother.

While adjudicating this case Uttam Kumar recollected his experience, when his first wife Deepti Roy stretched her hand when fire broke out and he felled to save her. He shared his experience with Arundhuti Debi who asked him to pray to God to forgive him.

The film was based on reflections of mind and the intellectual crowd appreciated the film. Uttam Kumar, Arundhuti Debi and Deepti Roy were sublime in their respective roles. The music given by Timir Boron was also impressive with Rabindrasangeet like “jokhon prothom meliche koli amar mollikabone”.

The film should be restored to mark the grand creation of Prabhat Mukherjee, a creative director of Bengali films of the 50s.

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