Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review of Suno Na

Review of Suno Na.

Amy Thanawala, the director of the film Suno Na, had again experimented with the subject which was previously used in Preity Zinta’s film Kya Kehna. In that film the role that was played by Preity Zinta, the same role had been played by Tara Sharma in Suno Na.

In Kya Kehna, Preity Zinta was made pregnant by Saif Ali Khan, who engaged with her in an affair, but did not agree to marry her. But Preity Zinta wanted to give birth to the child even if the father denied the paternity of the child. Preity Zinta was thrown away from her family comprising of Anupam Kher and others.

At the end of the film Chandrachud Singh, who was a friend of Preity Zinta, agreed to marry her and accept her child. It was female-oriented film, where the strong performance of Preity Zinta was the backbone of the film.

In Suno Na, Tara Sharma interacted with her gay neighbor during the days when she was pregnant. The conservation allowed her to be relaxed, forgetting the attitude of the outside world in respect of her unwanted pregnancy. She also interacted with a timid Professor who kept her in good humour during the bad days.

At the end of the film Tara Sharma was relaxed to know that the Professor was ready to accept Tara Sharma’s child as his own child and also marry her. Tara Sharma’s performance in the film was as good as Dharmendra Gohil’s performance.

The story of the film was good. But the only problem in respect of these films getting box-office success lies in the repetitive subject-matter, which can hardly amaze the viewers. These days bollywood films had not seen wide success after recession. In that perspective middle-budget films has to come up with innovative subject matter if the audience are to be attracted.

The film may do moderate business in future.

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