Thursday, December 25, 2008

Will Amir Khan' charishma pull on Ghajini?

Will Amir Khan’s charishma pull on Ghajini?

Amir Khan has remained the only actor in bollywood films who has addressed the concerns of the refined section of crowds of the country. These days the bollywood industry has very severe competition which is more severe than the 90s. In that age Amir Khan manages to act in least number of films every year and yet maintains his stardom. Tragedy King Dilip Kumar was known for acting in least number of films and act in meaningful films. But other than Amir Khan no other actor had dared to follow the footsteps of Dilip Kumar.

Where Akshay Kumar acted in three films in 2007, and with success in the films Welcome, Bhoobhulaiya and Namaste London, viewers wondered whether Amir Khan would get lost with his directorial venture Taren Zameen Par. But the result of the film was amazing. Every section of the audience including grandparents, parents and children appreciated the subject and Amir Khan received best director award last year. He had diverted his attention towards the cause of children with a bold subject-matter. The music, the story-telling of the film and performance of all the actors were very natural.

From that time onwards, viewers have a separate respect for the young man. Amir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist and the moment any of his films are released these days, viewers automatically understand that he had come up with a rightful cause. Shahrukh Khan may be King Khan and has the capability of addressing the young generation all across the world, but Amir Khan gets more regard and respect from the thoughtful audience.

With that introduction the debate is raised whether Amir Khan’s individual talent can pull on Ghajini? 1500 prints of the film are released in India and abroad and Amir Khan is very optimistic about the film. It is a remake of a South Indian film Ghajini which was very successful in South India.

The film is related to the story of revenge by a young man. Amir Khan had played the role of a young man whose girlfriend had been killed by a section of people. He suffered from a disease which led to losing his memory every 15 minutes. He thought about taking revenge against the perpetrators of the crime.

But as the memory of Amir Khan had been shown to be lasting for less than 15 minutes, he had to write the names of the killers in his own body. The film had been based on action and as Amir Khan had pointed out to be rightful action. Amir Khan had laboured very hard for more than a year to build his muscular body and it had been a painful exercise. It has been seen in Hollywood films that brilliant actors insist on makeovers of their body for the requirement of different roles. In India, Kamal Hassan and Anil Kapoor had done it in the past. But viewers got astonished with the effort of Amir Khan for more than a year to devote his entire time and attention towards building of the body only for the requirement of the character.

Amir Khan has mentioned in an interview that he is inclined to lose his muscles for the next film which does not require any muscular figure. Amir Khan had shown his tragic feelings for losing the body which he made with such an effort. He is so concerned with the acting that he said he would be very happy if the audience come out of halls and appreciate his acting rather than concentrate on his body.

The music of AR Rehman had been excellent as usual. Sonu Nigam’s song “hai guzarish” had already created waves across the country. The viewers are very excited about the film. The film is bound to bring in high revenue for bollywood industry and has all the possibility of becoming superhit.

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