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Was Cleopatra as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor?

Was Cleopatra as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor?

In the early 60s, Elizabeth Taylor’s classic Hollywood film Cleopatra created history with its pomp, grandeur and outstanding acting of the leading characters. Elizabeth Taylor was considered as one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses of all times and Cleopatra raised her box-office popularity a lot. Besides, Richard Burton impressed the viewers with his manly performance in the role of Anthony.

The viewers associated Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen with Elizabeth Taylor and thought that she looked like Liz Taylor. A lot of curiosity was created with Cleopatra as she mesmerized both Julio Ceaser and Mark Anthony with her heavenly beauty. But eminent Egyptian historian Sally An Ashton at Cambridge University had given a different account of the features of Cleopatra.

The research showed that Cleopatra’s complexion was brownish, as opposed the reddish complexion of Elizabeth Taylor. She had both Greek and Egyptian features. Even her forehead was broader and cheeks were more pointed than Liz Taylor. Different descriptions of Cleopatra had been given by William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw and others.

The research of Sally An Ashton was based on gold ornaments, Egyptian statues, rings carrying the image of Cleopatra. Some of the ornaments were two thousand years old. The research is still going on. But it was disclosed before the media that other than the nose of Elizabeth Taylor there was hardly any similarity between Cleopatra.

Even if viewers accept the fact that Cleopatra had different features than Elizabeth Taylor, her epic performance still haunts viewers of Hollywood films. She had been considered as one of the princess who had lot of self-respect and the brilliant communication skills impressed both Julius Ceaser and Mark Anthony. In the Shakespearean play Julius Ceaser, he was killed by Brutus, Cassious and other conspirators of Rome who never wanted him to be the emperor. Mark Anthony was very loyal to Ceaser and after his death created public awareness about the brutal killing of Julius Ceaser.

Whenever Ceaser and Anthony went to Egypt they fell in love with Cleopatra, the Egyption queen. History apart, the film Cleopatra had exotic locations, romantic performance of the actors, actresses and colourful locations.

If the research is accepted worldwide, in that case a new Hollywood film should be made on the new description of Cleopatra given by Historian Sally An Ashton.

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